September 23,  2004  Thursday

Iraqi Elections Will be Held on Time, Prime Minister Promises
Voice of America, DC -- 9-23-04
The interim prime minister of Iraq, Iyad Allawi, has told a joint session of the US Congress, elections scheduled for January will go ahead, saying the Iraqi ...


Crying hostage begs for his life
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia -- 9-23-04
The British and Iraqi governments have refused to bow to the demands of kidnappers threatening to kill a British captive, despite a desperate video message ...
Allawi asks Musharraf for troops
Daily Times, Pakistan -- 9-23-04
... Pakistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations, asked about Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi’s meeting with President Bush...

It does seem as though we are in a grade B movie.

"There are rumors that Dan Rather could lose his job over this. Wouldn't that be ironic? Another American losing his job due to President Bush!" –- Jay Leno

Lynchburg, Va. (IWR News Parody) -- At a $10,000 a plate Republican tent revival in Virginia last night, President Bush promised the snake handlers in attendance that he would do his best to ring Armageddon if he is reelected.

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Presidential Polls Glance  AP

Robert Redford said he is insulted when President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney tout their status as Westerners.

"I take particular offense as a Westerner when I see all the swagger and all the strutting. .... And I think, `What do they know about the West?'" said Redford, who has homes in California and Utah. "It's synthetic. It's fake."

“Daryn [Kagan], my former colleague at CNN and a heck of a good person, is dating Rush Limbaugh. Gasp.”
— Peter King

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"President Bush gave a speech at the United Nations. I don't want to say it was a hostile crowd, but they had Bush stand behind a screen made of chicken wire." –- Jay Leno

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"It looks like President Bush and John Kerry have agreed on three debates. Kerry wanted more but Bush said no; he thought three was a good even number." –- Jay Leno

Click here to see the Top Secret Debate Contract Addendum

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Jimmy Swaggart says he thinks it’d be fun to kill a gay man who looks at him the wrong way, then apologizes for remark.

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 Bush/Cheney: Where are we going?
And what are we doing in this hand basket?  

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"Children", a sculpture by Duane Hanson, American photorealist sculptor, 1925-96.