September 22, 2004  Wednesday

Bush's Speech to UN Wins Few Plaudits in Europe
New York Times -  9-22-04
The editorial cartoon in the Times of London newspaper today was derisive: the first panel has President Bush telling the United Nations General Assembly, "Friends, our ...

Bush Ad Mocks Kerry Shift on Positions
ABC News - Reuters - 9-22-04
WASHINGTON Sept. 22, 2004 - John Kerry windsurfs left and right in a new television ad from President Bush's campaign that says the Democrat's positions on Iraq, education and health care shift "whichever way the wind blows.

Bush, in Shift, Taps Into Emergency Iraq Funds

Reuters - 9-22-04

The Pentagon has begun tapping into its $25 billion emergency fund for the Iraq war…despite the White House's initial insistence that it had enough money.


W should read How To Win Friends & Influence People.



"Bush pointed to positive signs in Iraq, like how the economy is taking off, thanks to a booming car bomb business." -- Drew Carey


"We begin tonight with a simple, indisputable fact: as a young man, President George W. Bush benefited from family connections to get a place in the Texas Air National Guard, thus avoiding service in Vietnam. As you would guess, this has led to calls for the resignation of Dan Rather." -- Jon Stewart

The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


Disturbing News


Subject: Smart Bombs


I'm so happy to hear you and Dave are well and made it through "Ivan".
I was very concerned for your well being.

In [yesterday's] AHNC, you have a headline about the USA selling "Smart Bombs
to Israel. The article says 5000 bombs at a price of about
$319,000,000 or about $68,000 dollars each. I did some quick research and came up
with the following: "During Desert Storm, a laser-guided bomb cost between $120,000 and  $240,000." ref:

Are we making them a hell of a deal or what?? Bend over, taxpayer.

Ron F.

Hollywood should make a movie -- The Son of  Iran-Contra

Thanks for writing Ron. AHNC readers attention to detail amazes me.

Today's issue was a bit late due to Internet access problems here.  The roof is being covered as I write. Thanks for asking.

Republican Shenanigans

McAuliffe: Will GOP Answer If They Know Whether Stone, Others Had Involvement With CBS Documents?

Good News

"But if Kerry has been sacked for Lambert Field, it was Democrats' turn to chortle Thursday when Bush gave a speech at Dick Putz Field in St. Cloud, Minn." Dana Milbank – Washington Post Columnist

"As for the president, spokesman Scott McClellan, speaking from the meadow out past the abandoned tracks behind the White House, said CBS's retraction should only be the beginning, adding, '... And there are also quite a few serious questions that need to not be looked into fully. And that's my job."' -- Jon Stewart

Biz/Tech News

"What happened to John Edwards? You know, I thought you weren't supposed to go into your secret location until after you're vice president!" --Jay Leno

 Jay Leno should read more and so should the cable news shows whose lack of coverage is glaring.

Bush-Prison-Torture News

"The President declared a victory in the 'War on Rather."' -- Drew Carey 

Go-F*** -Yourself News

Passenger Cat Stevens Gets Plane Diverted  AP

Kerry/Edwards News


 Graphic by Bill Tyler

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America The Beautiful. Image Credit: NASA/JPL