September 22,  2003  Monday

Bush Insists on Orderly Transfer in Iraq
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, FL - 8-22-03

..."The key on any resolution," Bush said, "is not to get in the way of an orderly transfer of sovereignty based upon a logical series of steps. And that's constitution, elections, and then the transfer of authority." ...

Taliban control Afghan town since August
The New Nation, Bangladesh -9-22-03
... Afghan and US officials have reported seeing assailants ... At least 10 government militiamen were killed in last ... a large supply of weapons, according to soldiers ...
Three US Soldiers Killed in Iraq
FOX News -9-22-03
... In a sign of the country's ongoing security crisis, the US military reported two
soldiers from the 205th Military Intelligence Brigade were killed when mortars ...


Iraq is unstable.  Afghanistan is unstable. America is unstable. Bush is unstable. 

Zelda Morgan




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"How is it a man can find the kitten in the dark and he can't find a twelve inch oval in a brightly lit bathroom?" - Anita Beer back to work at AHNC with a shiny, new contract.

Welcome back, Anita!

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Psalm  of the 43rd  

The Bush is my shepherd, I shall lack everything.
He makes me sacrifice for privileged class tax breaks,
He leads me beside the polluted waters,
He restores my lack of faith in humanity.
He guides me in the paths of deception for his family name's sake.
As the nation walks through the valley of the shadow of terrorism,
I will fear much evil,
for Bush is in command;
His plastic and duct tape, they horrify me.

Bush prepares a table for his cronies before me in the presence of newly established enemies.
Bush anoints his pre-meditated wars with oil;
Halliburton's cup runneth over.
Surely conflict and hate will follow our country all the days of our lives because of Bush,
And we will dwell in an absolute hell forever.  Amen.


A Satire by Loren Adams  -  Fayetteville AR USA  -  September 20, 2003
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All Hat No Cattle Trivia Question: 

What do George H. W. Bush and Congressman Bill Janklow (R-SD), who was just charged with vehicular homicide, have in common?

Answer: Ex-president George H. W Bush in 2002 gave $2,000 in donations to Bill Janklow. Bush gave to only three candidates, and twice to Janklow.  I wonder if they are friends?

Total campaign contributions from George H. W. Bush to candidates in 2002  





Cornyn, John





Sununu, John E





Janklow, Bill





Janklow, Bill




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Bush goes AWOL when soldiers need care

By George McEvoy, Palm Beach Post Columnist
Saturday, September 20, 2003

"I went into a public-'ouse to get a pint of beer,

The publican 'e up and sez,

'We serve no red-coats here.'

The girls behind the bar they laughed and giggled fit to die,

I outs into the street again an' to myself sez I:

'O it's Tommy this an' Tommy that, an' Tommy go away'';

But it's, 'Thank you, Mister Atkins,' when the band begins to play... "

Tommy Atkins is what the British have called their typical soldier in the ranks since the Duke of Wellington coined the term in 1843. Rudyard Kipling, in his poem Tommy, wanted to show how civilians treat the military as heroes in time of war, and as drains on the taxpayers once peace is won.

The words of that old poem flashed through my mind a week ago Friday as I watched President Bush greet members of the Army's combat-weary Third Division and welcome them back from Iraq. As the soldiers, wearing berets and camouflage fatigues, sat in bleachers at Fort Stewart, Ga., Mr. Bush strode onstage with that John Wayne walk he assumes when he's playing here for rest of column

George is an old family friend and one of the best reporter/columnists around.  I recommend visiting his column often, he is a walking encyclopedia of history.


Brit Hume playing footsie with Bushie in his interview - to air on Fox News tonite. Miss it.

I'd rather read or to get their interpretation of BushSpeak.

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Ah, remember those heady days when the Moron & The Dickster appeared like Real Men when they referred to New York Times reporter Adam Clymer as a 'major league asshole' because he was one of the few in the Media who wasn't writing flattering articles about them?

How sweet when the tables are turned.

Integrity and Honor...the Moron and Rummy are now furiously backpedaling and claiming they NEVER linked Saddam with 9/11. Technically maybe...but neither of them ever let a sentence or chance go by when they didn't mention 9/11 and Saddam in the same breath. Kind of makes one long for the days of arguing about the definition of 'is', doesn't it? At least no one died and the treasury wasn't looted because of that semantic nonsense. And honor and integrity? How about the fact that the Dickster has been getting paid by Halliburton all the while he's been VP?

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I always feel better after reading Bob's commentaries.  It is cathartic for me.

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Dear Lisa:
If Thomas Jefferson had asked for $87,000,000,000.00, he could have done the Louisiana Purchase 5800 times over.
At 828,000 square miles for the Louisiana Purchase, that would mean that Jefferson could have purchased 4,802,400,000 square miles of land...except the Earth only has 57,258,500 miles of land. He could have bought all the land on Earth.......83.85 times over.
Had he felt like a swim, he could have bought the 139,668,500 square miles of water 34.38 times over
If Jefferson had gone for the whole enchilada, he could have bought the entire surface of the Earth 24.14 times.
Had he only been interested in buying Iraq, he could have done so 11,013 times and still had more than enough left over to buy Kuwait.
With that, I think I'll lift a glass of Bordeaux and thank the French for being the best friend America ever had.
With Kindest Regards,

Dear Kevin, Here's another thought, add the population of Iraq, about 26 million and the population of Afghanistan, about 17 million, then divide the total 41 million into 87 billion, and each Afghani and Iraqi would get about $2,122.00.

Do the same by dividing the US population, about 280 million into 87 billion and that equals about $310 per American.  Isn't that about the tax cut amount we are supposed to receive for each child in our home?  I haven't received my tax cut yet,  Have any of you?

Dear Viewers,

I said I would have MP3 music and our Strip Mall up today but my dog really ate my laptop, well, sort of. Details are really ugly, so I'll spare you. But tomorrow is another day and I will hopefully fulfill my obligations to you--unless Anita shows up.





Hurricane Isabel seen from a ship that seems to be going the wrong way.

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