September 2,  2004 Thursday

Miller: Democrats' thinking is 'warped'
CNN -- 9-2-04
NEW YORK -- Democratic Sen. Zell Miller, saying that "family is more important than my party," told delegates to the Republican ...


TV swamps convention with blather
USA Today -- 9-2-04
... had to say from the podium Wednesday could distract O'Reilly from the evening's appointed tasks: flattering Rudy Giuliani, patronizing Bono, attacking "left ...
Cheney family together, but not all in spotlight
KAIT, AR -- 9-2-04
NEW YORK -- Vice President Cheney's wife says she knows why so many Americans have told her they're glad George Bush and Dick Cheney

Don't you feel the love?

"Earlier this week, the Republican party held a reception for black Republicans. Apparently the reception was a big success: They both showed up." -- Conan O'Brien

"This is the man who wants to be the commander in chief of the U.S. armed forces? U.S. forces armed with what? Spitballs?" -- Zell Miller

"Earlier tonight at the Republican Convention, listen to this lineup, they had Dick Cheney, they had Zell Miller and Mitt Romney. That's right, it was 'Old White Guy Wednesday.' "  -- David Letterman

The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

"The left wing hates George Bush the most because he believes in God," -- Compassionate Conservative Youngstown Mayor George McKelvey


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"I'm sorry that I stole your line when I said I was humping your show." -– Former President George Bush on the IMUS  Show, 9-1-04

Disturbing News


Bush Origami

Papa Bush News and Quotes

“Without trying to act like a hero, I got my distinguished, fine cross from his dad, John McCain, Admiral John McCain II.”
Former President George “I can brag about my medals” Bush on the IMUS Show

“[T]he veterans of foreign wars endorsed Bill Clinton over me. Now if the matrix or the base for that ought to be that you served your country with honor, I would have thought maybe I would be endorsed by the veterans of foreign wars.” --Former President George “I can brag about my medals, again” Bush

Imus: “Do you think the country is [better off today]?”

Bush: “I think the country is better off, yeah. I think they ought to ask a few guys in Iraq instead of people who are waving these signs around here. The question ought to be, do you want Saddam Hussein back, back to the status quo or are you happier the way it is now? Sure there are some growing pains and it’s tough any time you lose a life, but you are talking to a guy in World War II that covered the landing in Guam and Saipan and saw these Marines gunned down by the thousands in one day…

Click here for entire transcript of former president Bush bragging about his military record

What a guy!

Republican Shenanigans


Peaceful protest after violent night
New York Newsday, NY -- Sept. 1, 2004
Thousands of protesters waving pink fliers that read "The Next Pink Slip Might Be Yours ... got a scare on the MSNBC set in Herald Square when a protester hopped a ...

"Who in the hell is Karl Rove, talking about John Kerry's war record? -- Retired Air Force Gen. Merrill McPeak

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 Bush-Prison-Torture News

"Word now is circulating that the Republicans are not tipping the hotel staff where they stay, and I'm thinking come on folks, what about it, spread some of that Halliburton loot around, let's go." -- David Letterman

Go-F*** -Yourself News

 George W. Bush, Pope John Paul and a hippie were all flying together in the same airplane. As they sat in their seats the pilot and co-pilot of the plane ran into the passenger area. "We are about to crash! There are two other parachutes!" they screamed as they  jumped out of the plane with their own parachutes. George Bush immediately jumped up, grabbed a bag and shouted "I'm the most important man in the world! I'm the most important man in the world! It's my parachute!" He put on the bag and jumped out of the plane. The Pope turned to the hippie and said "Go ahead. My soul is prepared to be taken. You take the parachute." The hippie replied, "No, no. Don't worry. He just put on my backpack."

The Purple Heartless Project

Republicans Insult Wounded Veterans

Intervention Magazine

A combat veteran awarded the Purple Heart is outraged that Republicans have mocked his medal and dishonored all Americans wounded in war...

Kerry/Edwards News

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"On Monday, President Bush said that we can't win the war on terrorism, that's what he said on Monday. Then on Tuesday he said 'We will win' the war on terrorism, and earlier today he predicted a tie." -- David Letterman

Odd News

“John Kerry went windsurfing the other day and there was no wind…and why does Kerry wear that spandex?” – Zell Miller flip flopping for the GOP on Imus 9-2-04

Batten down the hatches, red states.  Here comes Frances. (NOAA)