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Fiorina: Candidates not CEO material
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA - 9-17-08
In a week in which the presidential campaigns have refocused on major economic woes, the McCain campaign's leading economic spokeswoman, Carly Fiorina...


5 legislators sue to end inquiry into Palin firing safety commissioner
Boston Globe, United States - 9-17-08
JUNEAU, Alaska - Five Republican legislators sued yesterday to end the bipartisan investigation into Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's firing of the state's

Move over, Al Gore: John McCain invented the BlackBerry
Los Angeles Times - 9-17-08
A McCain campaign staffer attributes the creation of the technological device to the work of the Senate commerce committee -- of which McCain is a veteran member


"Did you see the Sarah Palin interview on ABC? This state trooper from Alaska says that Palin lied in the interview. She lied on national television. I’d say someone's ready for the White House!" --Craig Ferguson



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Meanwhile Back In Yemen


Islamist militants are claiming responsibility for a car bomb explosion outside the U.S. Embassy in Yemen's capital, Sanaa, that has killed at least 16 people.


 They interviewed Sarah Palin’s father. And Sarah Palin’s father says that they shoot 90 percent of the meat their family eats. Yeah, the other 10 percent, they hit with their pickup truck. - Conan O'Brien





Disturbing News


We're all POW's: Prisoners Of Washington - Grant Gerver, comedy writer



It's Sexism When You Question a GOP Woman!!


In a war of words reminiscent of Vice President Dan Quayle taking on television character Murphy Brown in the 1992 presidential election, John McCain’s camp is slamming Tina Fey’s impersonation of Governor Sarah Palin on “Saturday Night Live,” while Cindy McCain is calling out the ladies of “The View.”...McCain advisor Carly Fiorina told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Monday. “I think that continues the line of argument that is disrespectful in the extreme, and yes I would say sexist.”


"This weekend, Karl Rove said John McCain's attack ads have gone too far. When Karl Rove says you've gone too far, that's like Mel Gibson saying you’ve had too much to drink." --Craig Ferguson






Republican-Shenanigans News


Both campaigns use phony ads to drive message Politico


Sarah Palin's History of Indifference to Sexual Assault


Obama Charged 30 Grand to See Obama and Streisand, McCain Charged 50 Grand to see McCain


Senator McCain raised an impressive 5.1 million dollars at his own fundraising dinner late Monday in Florida, the Republican's campaign said.
Supporters paid 50,000 dollars a ticket to attend the buffet dinner in Miami's InterContinental hotel, taking McCain's total fundraising in Florida to date to 26.2 million dollars.



"Sarah Palin is going from an interview with Gibson on ABC to one with Sean Hannity on Fox. Woo! That should be hard-hitting! It's like going from hard ball to t-ball!" --Jay Leno

Rock-The-Voter News




Make Out Prank During Live CNN Breaking News Report 


More Of The Same Bush Politics: Answer No Questions


GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is effectively turning over questions about her record as Alaska's governor to John McCain's political campaign, part of an ambitious Republican strategy to limit any embarrassing disclosures and carefully shape her image for voters in the rest of the country.


"I predict that Senator Obama will win and win handily. ... You can take it from the president of the United States. He knows a little something about politics" - President Bill Clinton





"Experts say we're going through what's known as a lock, stock and barrel financial phase. You know what that is, and how that works? People are locked out of their homes, their stocks are worthless, and the oil companies have us over a barrel. That's how it works." --Jay Leno

Biz-Tech News


"Both presidential candidates reacted to the market turmoil today. Barack Obama laid out a detailed five-part plan, but John McCain's plan is much simpler. He’s just going to have his wife fix it." --Craig Ferguson





That’s why they’re called brokers. After they take your money, you’re broker. You see? - Jay Leno



Bush-Prison-Torture News


"Well, in the Gibson interview, a lot of people thought Charlie Gibson was unfair to her, thought he was talking down to [Sarah Palin]. That was one of the comments. Like when he asked about the so-called Bush doctrine? Most people are not familiar with the Bush doctrine, right?. Well, we are. Well, we are, we know it by it's other name, Murphy's Law." --Jay Leno



But John McCain’s campaign said that Sarah Palin will not talk to the media, this is a quote, “until reporters can address her with respect and deference.” Oh, what is she running for, vice president or queen? - Jay Leno


Go-F**k-Yourself News

Freedom of Baggy Pants Preserved




A Florida judge has deemed unconstitutional a law banning baggy pants that show off the wearer's underwear, local media reported Tuesday.


Name That Toon Winners!








Two wrongs don't make a right - Jonathan



Caption Finalists


“...because you can’t handle the truth”

“Change you can dis-believe in”

“There really are monsters, aren’t there?” - Gordon



No, really, who'd he choose? - Anita


Why not,,how much Worse can it get? - Rick


You may think we're McDifferent but we're McCain't _Pudgeboy


Their God says "Lying is NOT A SIN". - Connie

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Odd News




He Pingping from Inner Mongolia, China's autonomous region, the world's smallest man sits underneath Svetlana Pankratova from Russia, the Queen of Longest Legs, as they pose at Trafalgar Square in London, Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2008. Pingping, born with primordial dwarfism, holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest man at 74.61 cms (2 feet and 5.37 inches) and Pankratova holds the Guinness World Record for the longest leg of any woman at 132 cms (4 feet 4 inches) in length.
Photo/Sang Tan