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Thursday edition - September 15, 2011




Senate wrangling threatens transport shutdowns

A senator's objection to federal spending on bike paths and scenic projects threatened on Wednesday to hold up action by Congress that would avert shutdowns of aviation and highway programs and a lapse of gasoline taxes.
The maneuver by Republican Tom Coburn raised the prospect of Congress failing for the second time this summer to meet its own deadline

Pro-Life Extremist Santorum Says People Are Living Too Long

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum told supporters in Lancaster, South Carolina Tuesday that the Social Security retirement age had to be increased because "people are living too long."
"Does anybody in this room believe that somebody that 62 years old is too old to work in America today?"

Bachmann courts AZ's tough anti-immigrant sheriff

If you're running for president, how do you convince supporters you are tough enough on immigration? Get the endorsement of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the self-proclaimed


Threatening messages were posted on the White House Facebook page. Secret Service takes this very seriously and they’re warning that whoever is responsible runs the risk of being unfriended.- Jay Leno



US Blames BP: 50 Years Of Legal Wrangling To Follow


The United States heaped the lion's share of blame for the country's biggest ever offshore oil spill on BP on Wednesday as the government issued its final assessment of last year's Gulf disaster.



Some tea party members at the Republican debate cheered the idea of a sick uninsured person being left to die. In fairness, the person in question was one of the moms from “Toddlers & Tiaras.”

- Conan

Republican Shenanigans



The Wasilla Soap Continues


Levi Johnston , the former boyfriend of Bristol Palin and the father of her son Tripp, has come under fire from his ex and her mother, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Johnston is firing back with his book, "Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs."

The book is being called Johnston's revenge. Sarah Palin taught him well. It's how people in Camp Palin air their differences. Not content to splash it on Facebook, tweet about it or hash it out within the family the old-fashioned way, the Palins broadcast their issues in books.



The GOP presidential nominees are running so far to the right, it could end up the only moderate Republican candidate in the race will be Barack Obama.- Will Durst




Rock-The-Voter News

Obviously the US Has Problems With Marrying A Non-American


Michael Giesey spent thousands of dollars in immigration fees to try to keep his German-born wife as a legal resident of the United States. For a while, Giesey thought all the money and time spent on forms and interviews would finally pay off. He and his wife and their 7-year-old daughter were going to be able to stay in Florida and help take care of his brother, a Fort Lauderdale firefighter who was injured on the job.

But an e-mail arrived on July 30 from Citizen and Immigration Services. In it, Marina, Giesey's wife of more than 10 years, was asked to leave the country within 30 days.





Instead of sending in a written resume, a man in California recently got a job because of a YouTube video he made. As opposed to most people, who lose their job because of a YouTube video they made.- Jimmy Fallon


Business News

Interfering With Canada's Freedoms


Canada plans to fight the Buy American provisions in the new U.S. jobs package proposed by President Barack Obama and is surprised and frustrated that the issue has come up again, Canada's trade minister said Wednesday.



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Panasonic's "Evolta" run robot, powered by the company's Evolta rechargable batteries, is demonstrated during a news conference in Tokyo September 15, 2011. The company said three types of Evolta robots, developed to swim, bike and run, will challenge to complete an Ironman triathlon course in Hawaii, a total of about 230 km, within one week or 168 hours from October 24, 2011, powered by three AA-size rechargeable Evolta batteries, the company said. Photo/Yuriko Nakao





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