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Another strong primary night for Palin

The former governor racked up some big wins for her endorsees-from a long-shot Tea Partier to a former Real World castmate. The outlook for these winners' general election chances, however, is decidedly mixed.


Survey: Obama retains wide approval in Europe

President Barack Obama's popular support has softened at home, but he still has plenty of fans in Europe, a poll released Wednesday found

Rove: O'Donnell 'nutty'

Karl Rove sounded a depressing tone for Republicans late Tuesday night, warning that surprise Delaware GOP Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell’s history of saying “nutty things” has ruined the party’s chances of winning the seat.


[Sarah Palin's] got a show on the Learning Channel. That's like me having a show on the Christian Broadcasting Network. - Bill Maher



The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Koran UnBurning Violence Continues


A demonstration in Kabul over nixed plans by a Florida pastor to burn Korans turned violent Wednesday morning as police officers and demonstrators exchanged gunfire, Afghan officials said.





Disturbing News


Rush Limbaugh said about the oil spill, it's as natural as the ocean water is. Mercury is natural, too. You don't put it in your Cheerios. -  Bill Maher


A Spy Among Us


Ernest Withers, a revered civil rights photographer who captured iconic images of Martin Luther King Jr. on the night King was shot in Memphis, actually played a different role the day before: FBI informant.





Republican-Shenanigans News


 Newt Gingrich says this is what he believes, that Obama is getting his philosophy from his father who he spent about a month with in his whole life when he was 8 years ago old.  And that his father was a loud tribesman from Kenya who was mad at white people. And so Newt says that he's anti-colonial like that's a bad thing? You know like George Washington was fighting the British? - Bill Maher


Conservative Chaos


Fresh from a stunning primary win in Delaware, Republican Christine O'Donnell said Wednesday she can win a Senate seat in November with or without help from party officialdom in Washington.



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Rock-The-Voter News


We do have two Americas. We have the America that's living in reality. The people who understand that Obama is a centrist liberal from Hawaii who is trying to dig us out of the hole we're in.
And then we have this other FOX/Matt Drudge/Rush Limbaugh reality where he is a Muslim sleeper cell, Manchurian candidate who was sent over by his Kenyan father.
- Bill Maher




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Biz-Tech News

BP CEO: The Great Defender


Outgoing BP CEO Tony Hayward defended his company's safety record Wednesday in the face of questions from British lawmakers, and said the Gulf of Mexico oil spill should not lead to a universal ban on deepwater drilling.





Experts say the decrease in crime could be due to the aging of the population, increased incarceration, and many criminals finding jobs in the banking industry and on Wall Street.- Jimmy Kimmel


Bush-Prison-Torture News

Does Bristol Palin Know This?


The government says nearly all U.S. teens have had formal sex education, but only about two-thirds have been taught about birth control methods.




Go-F**k-Yourself News


A new report found that Asian-American students have the best SAT scores. In second place — anyone sitting behind the Asian-American students during the test. - Jimmy Fallon




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Odd News

To Help You Deflate Photo



An Australian plant called "Meet Eater" is fed via Facebook. The real plant is watered when Facebook users become fans and post on its wall. The adage "killing with kindness" has been proven through the Queensland University project with fans of the plant literally loving it to death through overwatering, researchers said.

Photo/Queensland University





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