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September 13-14,  2003   Late Weekend Edition

AHNC Trivia: "COVER TO COVER: NEVER BOUND BY THE TRUTH" --The motto on the Florida Sun, the weekly paper Joe ran while US Congressman.


Joe-TV produced from Pensacola
Pensacola News Journal, FL - 9-14-03

He`s amazed at how much freedom the network has given him, especially given their creative differences.

He knows this will shock Pensacola folks, but the network used to "jump on him" for being too sedate.


 They wanted Scarborough to rant and rave. To wave his arms and get upset.


Finally, Scarborough told them: This isn`t working. It`s not me. If I`m upset, I`ll act upset. But if not, I`m not going to act like a crazy man....


Radioactive water flowed to thousands of homes


Thousands of people in Pensacola and Gulf Breeze drank water contaminated with high levels of radioactive material for more than four years...

I guess Joe and his family drank this radioactive water too--at least they ate in restaurants that boiled the radioactive water to cook the shrimp that was earlier swimming in radioactive water.

Joe Scarborough has been a bad, bad boy

AHNC - 9-13-03

Zelda Morgan's column today explores beady eyed Joe and the smoke and mirrors performance he has mastered as a true mercenary "journalist." Joe misled his viewers.  Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post even shares Zelda's views.  A must read.


Oh my God, I have been drinking radioactive water.  I moved from Ft. Lauderdale in 1989 to escape the cocaine cowboy crime and thought I was moving to a safer place.  I think my health odds would have been better in Lauderdale--I probably would have just sustained  a couple of gun shot wounds.

I have been researching if any of the people involved in this horrible environmental disaster donated to beady eyed Joe, but I haven't found any connection.  If anyone knows anything of interest about the radioactive water disaster done to NW Florida residents -- please send it to me in my anonymous machine box below.

Zelda Morgan



Proud Liberals


"Fascism, which was not afraid to call itself reactionary ... does not hesitate to call itself illiberal and anti-liberal."
--Benito Mussolini

"Get up, stand up. Stand up for your rights."

- Rasta Mon.

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"Last night, on the eve of the 9/11 anniversary, Osama bin Laden released a video urging Muslims to devour the Americans. Let me be the first to say, hey, eat me." —Jay Leno


I love the freedom of information on the Net.  Liberal minds are like that.

Below is an interesting donation from the County of Okaloosa, FL to Joe Scarborough's 2000 Campaign for US Congressman.  Okaloosa County was Joe's top contributor. Joe lives two counties away, in Pensacola. Oh, by the way, Okaloosa County, is where Joe's dead aide was found. I am not stating any connection, just calling this an interesting connection, sort of like that new FBI phrase, "Joe is a person of interest".

The information is from

Top Contributors
1 Okaloosa County $11,000
2 United Parcel Service $10,200
3 National Beer Wholesalers Assn $10,000
3 Southern Co $10,000
3 Assn of Trial Lawyers of America $10,000
3 American Medical Assn $10,000
3 Harris Corp $10,000
8 Carr, Riggs & Ingraham CPA $8,000
9 Network Telephone $7,000
9 National Assn of Realtors $7,000
9 Southern Wine & Spirits $7,000
12 American Neurological Surgery PAC $6,972
13 Levin & Middlebrooks $6,500
13 National Auto Dealers Assn $6,500
15 Terhaar & Cronley Contractors $6,000
15 St Joe Co $6,000
15 American Society of Anesthesiologists $6,000
15 Emerald Coast Bank $6,000
19 Csr Zarco $5,200
20 National Rural Letter Carriers Assn $5,000
20 American Assn of Physician Specialists $5,000

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"Barbie dolls have now been banned in Saudi Arabia. It seems Saudi Arabia's leaders fear that Barbie threatens the morality of their country. It's OK to have 18 wives, just no Barbie dolls." —Jay Leno

Lisa, Hillary and Zelda not baking cookies, but dressing with style.

Thanks Doc.


Reliable informed sources say it is now only a matter of hours before the last American resistance collapses and the Iraqi people regain full control of their capital.

Welcome back, David!

"Last night's Democratic debate was on the Fox News Channel. It was on Fox and it was sponsored by the Black Congressional Caucus. And it was on Fox. So, I guess my point is that's like the plantation sponsoring some kind of planting festival. I'm not sure what Fox's angle is, but I'm pretty sure it's evil." —Jon Stewart

  An email from Austria -- my pal Erich


What an idiot... but that´s nothing new really: bush wrote a letter to our president Klestil, in which he told him that "we (the americans) share the mourning of the austrian citizens about their dead people" - but: not one austrian died on 9/11 .... furthermore he said: no country can be neutral, we all have to fight against the enemy
but: austria IS a neutral country, the contract between udssr usa france + britain was never cancelled sad when such a fool thinks he can rule the world.

Thanks for writing, Erich.  What is the udssr? And thanks for the art you did above.


GOPig Email:
Subject: Your Site


I must admit,your site is pretty f*cking pathetic,you c*nts ought to really get a f*cking life and move on,bill was and IS a f*cking convicted PERJURER among a lot of things from a COWARD to a f*cking franken is a has been as are most if NOT ALL the dips that support dems...


Ed.Note: The asterisk replaces the letter U,   We prefer to keep profanity where it belongs--in the  mouth of the unrighteous right.  Thanks for writing and the affirmation.


Uncle Bam cartoon for 9/12/03


Bob is my kind of guy.


For Philip





The Ring Nebula.  Philip suggested we send Bush to the Lagoon Nebula in yesterday's edition. (NASA )







The more I look at this nebula the more I think it should be dubbed "Ashcroft's Relic Eye" -JAJOT

(NASA Photo)


Peace. Have a good weekend.

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