September 12,  2003  TGIF

Tax Cuts Split the Democratic Presidential Field
New York Times - 9-12-03

At nearly every campaign stop, Howard Dean says most Americans would happily pay as much taxes as they paid under Bill Clinton if they could have the same economy they had in the Clinton years.

Dr. Dean, former governor of Vermont, advocates repealing all of President Bush's tax cuts and using the money for universal health insurance, domestic security and job creation...


Taking risks brings some rewards for Dean's campaign manager
Boston Globe, MA -9-12-03
... - On a recent afternoon, the architect of Howard Dean's ... Dean, former governor of Vermont, has pulled ahead in polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, a position many ...
Clark rules out vice presidential bid for now
CNN - 9-12-03
NEW YORK (CNN) -- Former NATO commander Wesley Clark said Friday he will make a decision "sometime pretty soon" about whether he'll seek the Democratic ...

This is not an endorsement of Dr. Howard Dean, yet.  Zelda and I will feature all the Democrat candidates for president, eventually, minus Lieberman, since he is no longer a Democrat.


The Doctor is In

(The Howard Dean Song)

by Dan Tyler  Click here and then click on Listen

This is foot tappin" music.  I just love it.  Dan Tyler is an accomplished musician and a very talented Democrat to boot. Please check him out and find more about this wonderful fellow Democrat  

Tell Us what you think 87 Billion Buckaroos will Buy

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What 87 Billion Buckaroos Can Do

CAUTION: Blonde doing math and stretching atrophied, algebraic limbs.

87 Billion bucks will buy:

$ - 29,000,000,000 long-neck beers in a beach bar.

$ - Three bags of Mexican marijuana for every man, woman and child in the nation.

$ - 250,000,000 weekends at a Gulf Coast Casino with a spa appointment.

$ - 87,000,000,000 average Pay Pal donations to All Hat No Cattle.

$ - 64,444,444 pairs of Carlos Santana boots.

$ - 48,603,351,000 gallons of Sweet Tea.

$ - One year's supply of microwave popcorn and Pepsi for every house in the nation.

$ - One loaf of cheap, white bread for everybody on the planet or a loaf of the good, pumpernickel sliced by the bakery for the top, 20 percent elite.

$ - A Barbie Doll with a nice wardrobe for every little girl on the planet.

$ - A new CD/tape player installed in every car registered in the United States.

Okay, this is getting boring on my own.

Everybody, sing with me.

Tell us what you think 87 billion buckaroos will buy ... come to mama. Fill in your thoughts in box on the left.

"The U.S. Mint is printing $20 dollar bills in peach. I think this is a fantastic idea. The government is hoping this will distract us from the fact that we have fewer of them." óDavid Letterman

Sent in by Tom


Saddam never had this Weapon of Mass Destruction but North Korea does.



Do we have enough soldiers left to fight North Korea, if needed?

"This foreign policy stuff is a little frustrating."

 óGeorge W. Bush, as quoted by the New York Daily News, April 23, 2002

God, please save us from this man.

Sent in by Ed J

 An Elephant in a Donkey Suit

Ed Koch: Bush Haters Should be 'Horse-whipped' - 9-12-03
Democratic Party elder statesman and former New York City Mayor Ed Koch said Thursday
that he was outraged by some of the anti-Bush protesters he saw while on ...


Ed Koch should be horse-whipped or better yet he should join the GOPigs.

Bush has turned the world against us, including our own country according to the latest polls.  I wish the presidential election was November 2003.  November 2004 may be too late.





The large majestic Lagoon Nebula is home for many young stars and hot gas. Spanning 100 light years across while lying only about 5000 light years distant, the Lagoon Nebulae is so big and bright that it can be seen without a telescope toward the constellation of Sagittarius. Many bright stars are visible from NGC 6530, an open cluster that formed in the nebula only several million years ago. (NASA)