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Muslim group to distribute replacement Qurans in response to planned burning
By the CNN Wire Staff (CNN) -- A major Islamic group will announce an initiative Thursday to distribute 200000 Qurans to replace what it says are 200 copies that a Florida church plans to burn in a gesture that has sparked controversy worldwide...


New mosque in Kentucky an oasis of calm
... the rise of the Muslim Community Center of Louisville and the expansion of other local mosques have taken place with relatively little fanfare or debate.

Fla. pastor, imam at odds over Quran-burning deal

Two religious leaders are at odds about whether a deal was struck to stop a Quran-burning at a tiny church in exchange for moving the location of a mosque planned near ground zero, with the church's pastor leaving the door open to still go through with his plan.

I missed posting an edition yesterday because of my lousy Internet connection. Thank you for visiting.

Today is my birthday. Sixty one years on this beautiful planet.


Poetic Justice: Ground Zero Mosque to Move Next to Terry Jones’ Church!

By Don Davis


The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Changes in Cuba?


Cuba's communist economic model has come in for criticism from an unlikely source: Fidel Castro.

The revolutionary leader told a visiting American journalist and a U.S.-Cuba policy expert that the island's state-dominated system is in need of change, a rare comment on domestic affairs






Disturbing News


Big Dog Nails It


 Former President Bill Clinton said Wednesday it would be a mistake for voters to give in to "anger, apathy and amnesia" and deprive Arkansas of the Senate Agriculture chairmanship by defeating Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln.




Apathy, Schmapathy — Dems Still Have To Vote!

Hey Dems, if you’re feeling disappointed, disgusted, and apathetic, you’re not alone. I feel your pain, and so do lots of other Democrats.

The enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans is huge and growing every day. And this could have dire results: Republicans, the very people who got us into this mess, might very well take over both the House and the Senate.

You think you’re miserable now? Just imagine how depressed you’ll feel in November, if Democrats are no-shows at the voting booths, handing both Congressional houses over to the GOP.

That leads me to my latest limerick:

Apathy, Schmapathy — Dems Still Have To Vote!
By Madeleine Begun Kane

The voters are feeling enraged.
Disappointment’s made Dems disengaged.
But a GOP win
Would be tragic — a sin.
So a voting war has to be waged.




Obama has a plan to rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure. Maybe we can start by filling those potholes big enough to have their own area code.- Will Durst



Republican-Shenanigans News


This is an important time of the year for fashion rules.

You know, "Don't wear white after Labor Day," "Don't wear a Sombrero in Arizona"...

- Craig Ferguson


The Unaccountables



During the past week, as the US president Barack Obama announced the withdrawal of US combat forces from Iraq, there was considerable media commentary focusing on the lies that had been utilized to build public support for the war....Before the invasion began, for example, Bill O’Reilly, a commentator of Fox News, wagered “the best dinner in the gaslight district of San Diego that military action will not last more than a week”.

A similarly euphoric (and ultimately equally misleading) statement by Bill Kristol, the editor of the Weekly Standard, soon followed: “There is a certain amount of pop psychology in America that the Shia can’t get along with the Sunni . . . There’s almost no evidence of that at all.” Finally, journalist Fred Barnes, another host of a program on Fox News, chimed in: “The war was the hard part . . . It gets easier. I mean, setting up a democracy is hard, but not as hard as winning a war.”


Rock-The-Voter News

Stephen Colbert


A hot dog vending cart was wheeled back and forth. Cocktail waitresses hurried past with trays full of beer. Vice President Joe Biden led New York Yankees great Yogi Berra by the arm.

Such was the bizarre, red-white-and-blue circus backstage at comedian Stephen Colbert's celebration of U.S. troops' return from Iraq. The Comedy Central host pulled out all the stops Wednesday night for the first part of his two-episode special, "Been There: Won That: The Returnification of the American-Do Troopscape."



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Congressional candidates have raised record amounts of money this election cycle. Nice to know that at least influence peddling is recession proof. - Will Durst





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Biz-Tech News

MPs To Grill BPs CEO


British Members of Parliament (MPs) will next week grill outgoing BP Plc Chief Executive Tony Hayward, as part of an investigation into risks around deepwater drilling in the North Sea.




GOP Seeks to Turn Labor Day Into ‘Day Labor’

By Don Davis


Bush-Prison-Torture News



Legalizing Drugs in Mexico?


 A debate about legalizing marijuana and possibly other drugs — once a taboo suggestion — is percolating in Mexico , a national exhausted by runaway violence and a deadly drug war.

The debate is only likely to grow more animated if Californians approve an initiative on Nov. 2 to legalize marijuana for recreational use in their state.

Mexicans are keeping a close eye on the vote, seeing it as a bellwether.


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Researchers in Cyprus have developed an unmanned aircraft able to withstand severe weather conditions by changing shape, filling a safety void in rescue operations frequently hampered by extreme weather.






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