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Wilson's heckle raises hackles on Facebook, Twitter

CNN - 9-10-09

(CNN) -- Two words, delivered with index finger punctuating the air and directed at the president of the United States, made a little-known South Carolina congressman one of the most reviled men on the Internet -- at least Wednesday heading into Thursday.


Dick Cheney 'put airline bomb plot case in jeopardy with arrest ...
Times Online - ‎Sep 8, 2009‎
Dick Cheney, the former US Vice President, nearly destroyed Britain's efforts to bring the airline bomb plotters to justice, police and intelligence experts

Obama looks for new momentum on healthcare
Reuters -9-10-09
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic leaders promised swift action on a healthcare overhaul on Thursday after a high-stakes speech by President Barack Obama that earned good public reviews but appeared to change few minds in Congress



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The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Baghdad Bucks


Federal investigators are searching for suspicious transactions in the personal bank records of a retired Army colonel who ran the contracting office in Baghdad during the early stages of Iraq's $125 billion reconstruction.






Disturbing News



"President Obama delivered a speech to America's schoolchildren. And he encouraged them to work hard and study hard. Yeah, then he said if that doesn't work, grab the seat next to the Asian kid." --Conan O'Brien




Republican-Shenanigans News



"Some Republicans were so mad about Obama's speech to schoolchildren, they had Dick Cheney give a rebuttal. He showed kids the proper way to stuff a geek into a locker." --Craig Ferguson



Former Bush White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card said Wednesday he is "thinking very seriously" about launching a campaign for the Senate seat left vacant by the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy.


Rock-The-Voter News




"President Obama addressed the United States schoolchildren. He had like a speech and it went right to the classes and the kids. Then I thought, wait a minute. He might be trying a little too hard. You know what I'm talking about? At the end he invited all the kids to the White House for a beer." --David Letterman

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Biz-Tech News


"Labor Day is the great American holiday where we honor American workers by going out and buying products made in China." --David Letterman



Bush-Prison-Torture News


"There's rumors that Dick Cheney, Vice President Dick Cheney, may run for president in 2012. 2012. No, no. That's his cholesterol." --David Letterman


Go-F**k-Yourself News


"The President also said that kids -- he told them if they study hard, the United States will continue to prosper. Then he added, 'But just to be safe, bone up on your Chinese.'" --Jimmy Fallon



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To Help You Deflate Photo



This image provided by NASA, released Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2009, taken by the refurbished Hubble Space Telescope, shows a celestial object that looks like a delicate butterfly.





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