September 10  2003 Wednesday

Texas Governor Orders Session
Washington Post, DC - 9-10-03
...The Democrats, who had been in New Mexico for six weeks, had vowed to remain out of state to deny Republicans the quorum they need to adopt a new map that could give Texas the largest bloc of GOP votes in Congress. But one of the renegades -- veteran state Sen. John Whitmire of Houston -- defected last week, robbing the Democrats of their crucial, quorum-busting 11th member and forcing the remaining holdouts to abandon the standoff...
       Texas Democratic senators end boycott on redistricting - Centre Daily Times
       GOP prepares for redistricting session - Dallas Morning News (subscription)
Protesters gather at Fort Lauderdale to criticize Bush on Iraq
Sarasota Herald-Tribune, FL - 9-9-03
... Karl Rove, Bush's top political adviser, has called Florida "ground zero" in next
year's race. Several protesters at the Fort Lauderdale event criticized ...

       President Bush raises $6-million - St. Petersburg Times
ACLU: Anti-Bush Protesters Exiled to Distant Zones
FOX News - Sep 4, 2003
... “A favorite tactic of the Bush administration has been to herd protestors at presidential appearances into ‘designated protest zones,’ out of sight of [the president's] motorcade, and to arrest people who refuse to be moved. The policy, applied only to those with dissenting views, has been used to suppress dissent nationwide,” the ACLU wrote in a May 2003 report...

The Great Fundraising Vacationing President .

September 11 will probably be the only day out of the year he isn't at a fundraiser. 

Zelda Morgan




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We Will Not Be Undone By Nine One One


"Religion is for those who don't have the brains to avoid evil." - Flannery O'Connor.

While we are wining and dining Anita Beer through the contract negotiations between her legal staff and our two, law students; we are lifting from the classics.



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"He's here raising money for his campaign, but he hasn't been to Walter Reed Hospital once to visit any amputees and he hasn't been to any memorial services at Arlington or anywhere else"

- Robert Weiss, 42, of Loxahatchee, FL. commenting on George Bush's 16th visit to Florida.

An Officer and A Connecticut Cowboy

Decision due on Belgian lawsuit against US general
Tue Sep 9, 2:18 PM ET

BRUSSELS (AFP) - A Belgian tribunal will rule later this month whether to allow a lawsuit against US General Tommy Franks to proceed under a disputed law which has strained Brussels' diplomatic ties, officials said...

No wonder Tommy Franks retired in the middle of a war.

"No one has ever been healed in America because of a frivolous lawsuits."

-George W. Bush, 9-9-03 Slaughtering the English language and patient's rights in Florida

Chandra X-ray Observatory "Hears" A Black Hole For First Time
Science Daily - 9-10-03
NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory detected sound waves, for the first time, from a super-massive black hole. The "note" is the deepest ...
       Black Hole Sings Deepest Note - Discovery Channel
       Black Hole Strikes Deepest Musical Note Ever Heard - Yahoo News

Link sent in by Mark Loveless- Thanks Mark.

"President Bush is asking Congress for $80 billion dollars to re-build Iraq. And when you make out that check, remember there are two L's in Halliburton." —David Letterman

Viewer Email:

Subject: Your site

Your political leanings are obvious judging from your site content, so why the "Fair and Balanced Or Wholly Without Merit, You Decide." at the top? Fair and Balanced? Nope. Wholly without merit? Absolutely.


You obviously are a compassionate conservative without a sense of humor or good judgment.  There are many medications to help you. If you don't like us, don't visit.

But we are always at your service -- that is why we posted your email. We are Fair and Balanced.


Dear Lisa:
Was at your site...see your new co-author Zelda...Your site is really great...

A couple weeks ago on the PBS hour show (originally McNeill Lehrer) of the guests referred to someone in Bush admin or however it came up as "all hat, no cattle"...still love the name.

Met Ann Richards on Jackson Square when she was still governor of Texas...cute woman...sounds like something she would have said..

Is it possible to detest these Bush people more every day...I'm going for Howard Dean...
Vivian Westerman 

Good to hear from you again Vivian.  Hope all is well with you.

Ann Richards is the bomb.  She is the one who gave me the idea to name this site when I heard her call W, All Hat No Cattle.

Remember when Ann said Papa Bush was born with a silver foot in his mouth?  I think W has silver feet in all of his orifices.

FROM: "Marsha Gaul"

Dear Lisa,

Rush "not very intelligent nor professional."??? Lisa, how can anyone take you seriously, (I know, it's comedy..right??) when you make such asinine statements. Like Rush says, "half his brain tied behind his back, just to make it fair."

BTW, speaking of sophomoric, it's rather transparent that you post the email addresses of those who are critical of your site, but don't bother posting email addresses of those offering praise. What's up with that? Maybe all those "fans" don't really exist?? A few imaginary friends, perhaps? A la Anita Beer/Zelda Morgan? Makes one wonder, you know?

I confess, I have to agree with you on the USS Hillary Clinton idea. That would be an intimidating ship for our fleet. Everyone knows Hillary is the biggest, 'baddest' Battle AXE going. Who would want to screw with her? Just ask Mr. Bill...

At least you have one loyal, although oppositional, reader..

:-)) Marsha

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha--Rush is an opportunist and a liar who "uses" humor to spread hate. That is not very intelligent.

I don't post email addresses of fans who ask that I don't.

I have 497 emails that I have yet to answer and have posted hundreds of emails with their addresses from fans.  Maybe you should pay attention more to what is actually contained in this website, instead of making erroneous statements.

Last time I looked, Bill and Hillary are still married. I think she deserves sainthood.  Isn't Newt on his 3rd wife, the one he was cheating with while leading the impeachment charge against Clinton?

Marsha, you are a right winger if you'd rather screw the country than an intern. AllHatNoCattle Contest Winner

You are welcome to continue torturing yourself by visiting our site. By the way, are there any political comedy sites for Republicans, like ours? Oh yeah, I forgot, there is Fair and Balanced FoxNews.

       I steal a lot of stuff off your website and send it on to every Bible pukin', Fox watchin, Limbjob worshiping wrong winger I know, and I know plenty.  Spent a good deal of time with them in the Nam and since.  Brother's in Arms syndrome ya know.   Can't understand why anyone who has ever been to war would support the nitwit's more war for oil program and then brag about how many of their kids are in I-wreck and Afgonetohellistan fighting for Halliburton er....ah, truth, justice and the American way. 
       They hate me, but tell me that Jesus forgives me.  I tell them that I don't need forgiven ever since a quite lengthy '68 Tet fire fight when I had that big talk with God and boy was she pissed!  They doubt me, call me a sinner and a heathen liberal. 
       I can't send you cash cause the government takes most of the frostin' off my cake.  However, I can send you bits of inspiration that God passes on to me.  She's so cool!  Here's one from her today.
       I love my country,
       I support our troops,
       F*ck B*sh!
             _Swami Damnam Bandanaman; Pissed, armed, and dangerous.

Dear Swami, You aren't alone.  The unrighteous right does not know the difference between right and wrong because they are too busy flipping through the Bible.  Bush knows that and uses them to kill in the name of God. We should be asking God not to bless America but to save it.  Thanks for writing. And thanks for your service. Do you know Al Rockoff?


"Yesterday, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said that people who criticize our president and our country are encouraging our enemies and preventing us from winning. Or was it Saddam that said that? I can't remember." —Jay Leno




A planetary nebulae, like this one, is the glowing relic of a dying, Sun-like star. They are misnamed because early astronomers thought they looked like Jupiter when seen in crude telescopes. (NASA)