August 6  2003 Wednesday

Palestinians' Abbas cancels Sharon talks
Charleston Post Courier, SC - 8-6-03

JERUSALEM--Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday canceled talks scheduled for today with his Israeli counterpart, Ariel Sharon, to protest a planned release of Palestinian prisoners as a damaging diplomatic stunt, Palestinian officials said.

       Prisoner List Disappoints Palestinians
       Israel begins releasing Palestinian prisoners - ABC Online
       Personal, political turmoil may mean early end to Sharon's run - Chicago Sun Times
       Abbas - Sharon meeting cancelled . - Hi Pakistan

Bush has been sitting on this fence for over a year and now threatens to hold aid from Israel?: Read 6-17-02 story below.

CBC News: Israel begins building controversial security fence
Last Updated Mon, 17 Jun 2002 19:41:06
JERUSALEM - Israeli bulldozers began levelling ground Sunday to prepare the way for a security fence to block Palestinian suicide bombers from entering Israel.

North Korea, Iran May Cooperate on Nuclear Arms, Sankei Reports
Bloomberg - 8-6-03

(Bloomberg) -- North Korea and Iran are planning to form an alliance to develop
long-range ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads, the Sankei newspaper said ...

       Report: North Korea, Iran planning joint nuclear development; ...  - Albawaba Middle East News
       North Korea plans missile exports to Iran - IranMania News
       North Korea to export missiles - paper - Cape Argus

The Bush "Piece" Plan is more like a puzzle a spoiled eight year old is putting together.  Considering the amount of lies and egregious exaggerations from his administration, I tend to believe the opposite of what he says.

 Doesn't it make you feel safe that Kim Jong II , the North Korean leader with the world's worst hairstyle, is making nukes (a reaction to W's name calling), while W still can't find Osama, Saddam or the WMD?


Palestinian Children Day Dream







Democrats Are Just

Plain Better

"I wonder if Richard Mellon Scaife wears the tin foil on his head shiny side in or out." - Anita Beer at the Mean Dean Cleaning Machine Meetup and Bush Beatup.

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Massive Tax Cuts Create Three New Jobs

"...Last month I met with Mike Gendich, who owns a part-making company in Michigan called Metalmite. Mike's customers are keeping him busier than he has been in three years, giving him reason to hire three new workers. Tax relief has given him reason to invest in new equipment, to keep those workers productive. In Mike's words, tax relief, "can be the difference between making an investment or not." When small business owners like Mike make new investments, that can also be the difference between someone finding work or not..."

Presidiot Bush, in his weekly radio announcement on August 2, 2003; boasts of the creation of three (count ''em all) new jobs in the United States. I just had to share this good news with you.







Colin Powell arrived at the Crawford Texas White House, he was invited by the president for a working vacation.

(Photo by AHNC Satellite -Lisa Casey)

Neocon Coup at the Department d'État

NYTIMES - Maureen Dowd

The scene was reminiscent of last August in Crawford, when Mr. Bush dismissed press "churning" that the administration was on the verge of striking Iraq, saying, "When I say I'm a patient man, I mean I'm a patient man and that we will look at all options and we will consider all technologies available to us, and diplomacy and intelligence."

We all know how that turned out.

When the neocons want something done, they'll get it done, no matter what Mr. Bush thinks. And they think Mr. Powell has downgraded the top cabinet post into a human resources job,.....


Celebrity Justice for Caustic CNN Journalist

CNN's Cafferty pleads guilty to hit-run in New York


NEW YORK -- Like most journalists, CNN morning anchor Jack Cafferty would prefer to cover news than make it.
Especially when it's bad news...

...About five people tried to stop Cafferty by running after the car, according to the complaint, but the newsman continued through at least two red lights, while dragging the bicycle underneath the vehicle. Maldonado, 48, who was knocked to the ground, suffered bruises and some bone damage.

Cafferty was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving, assault and harassment. He was allowed to plead guilty to a traffic violation: Operating a motor vehicle knowing or having cause to know property damage had been caused. He was sentenced to 70 hours of community service, with six months to complete it, and a $250 fine...

Ok, let me get this straight.  This CNN cranky old conservative commits a hit-run, runs two red lights while still dragging the bike (Thank God, not Mr. Maldonado), and gets a hand slap? If the injured Mr. Maldonado doesn't file a civil suit against Mr. Cranky, then Mr. Cranky must have paid him off quite well -- po$$ibly an exclu$ive interview about hi$ accident?

Talking about payoffs....

Payments for Perle
by Ari Berman - The Nation

An odd thing happened in February when a European television station approached Richard Perle for an interview. Millions of antiwar protesters had rocked the globe a week prior, and the station badly wanted Perle, as chairman of the influential Defense Policy Board, to articulate the Pentagon's Iraq policy. But Perle, as he continues to do today, demanded a fee. Though startled by the request, the news station violated its strict no-pay policy for interviews and obliged the chairman...According to the Pentagon, all thirty members of the Defense Policy Board--which advises the Defense Secretary--though unpaid, are considered "special government employees" (SGE) and are banned from using their public office for private gain...

Why do I have this suspicion that Perle will be treated just liked Cafferty?  Compassionate Conservatism, of course.
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From the Department of Dumb Decisions

Security clearance is revoked
Pentagon employee loses access despite lobbying by officials

Military: The Army Cleans House


Aug. 11 issue — In a move widely seen within the Pentagon as a purge, a dozen or more Army generals are being ushered into retirement as the Army’s new chief of staff, Gen. Peter Schoomaker, takes over.

Uncle Sam shocks some veterans with recall to duty

Sunday, August 3, 2003 By TOM DAVIS STAFF WRITER

Army Capt. Richard Hinman says he's a "draftee" serving in a volunteer army.

Think about it, says Hinman. The West Point graduate, who left the military in 1999, didn't want to go to Iraq and Kuwait. But he got his orders on Feb. 8 and was sent overseas in May.

The majority of the world is pissed at us and now Bush is pissing off the military too.  Geez, one shouldn't bite the arm that protects you--and I didn't even post a story on all the veteran and military cutbacks.


Monkey Brothers

US Backs Fla. Counterterrorism Database, FL - 8-6-03
Authorities in Florida are creating a counterterrorism database that will give law
enforcement agencies around the country a new tool to analyze billions of ...
       US Backs Florida's New Counterterrorism Database - Washington Post
       Counterterrorism database approved - Contra Costa Times
       US may adopt Fla. antiterror database - Boston Globe
       MSNBC - San Francisco Chronicle - and more »

Church and Debate
Slate - 8-6-03
... The WP fronts a look at a counterterrorism database under development in Florida
that will combine police records with commercially available databases of ...


Guess what?  Napalm is Back!


Report: Marines dropped devices similar to Napalm on Iraqi troops
San Jose Mercury News, CA - 8-6-03

SAN DIEGO - Marine Corps fighter pilots and commanders say they dropped firebombs similar to napalm on Iraqi troops earlier this year, according to a report ...



I guess we don't have pictures of the "Napalmed" Iraqi soldiers like we did during the Vietnam war (above photo) .


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