August 6,  2004 TGIF/Weekend Edition

Washington's Gift to Bomb Makers
New York Times, NY --  8-6-04

There is no bigger and more urgent threat to the security of every American than the possibility of nuclear bomb materials falling into the wrong hands. That is why it is astonishing, and frightening, that the Bush administration is now pushing to strip the teeth from a proposed new treaty aimed at expanding the current international bans on the production of weapons-grade uranium and plutonium...

Santa Fe New Mexican, NM -- 8-6-04
LOS ALAMOS — In a rare opportunity, a handful of people from Santa Fe and Albuquerque took a free flight Thursday to see the buildings, tunnels and waste ...
Hiroshima mayor blasts US nuclear policy
Fort Frances Times, Canada -- 8-6-04
The mayor of Hiroshima marked the anniversary of the world’s first atomic bomb attack today by lashing out at the United States for its pursuit of next ...

I don't trust Bush with a football, baseball or pretzel.

"Do you know what happened on this day 4 years ago? Well, whatever it was, the Department of Homeland Security just found out today."  -- Jay Leno


Dave Casey


The Large Editor -



 AHNC responds to terror alert




In response to the elevated terror alert announced recently by the Department of Homeland Security, the staff of All Hat No Cattle has duct-taped all the gaps between the bamboo-stalk walls of its Central American Bureau.

AHNC personnel also are wearing beekeeper hats and mosquito net shrouds because of unconfirmed reports that Al-Qaeda operatives in Costa Rica may be planning suicide insect attacks. You can never be too prepared.

The past three weeks spent in the “Switzerland of the Americas” have been highly educational for AHNC staffers.

In Costa Rica, citizens and resident foreigners are not deemed unpatriotic or treasonous for expressing disagreement with government policy. Hearty political debate is encouraged.

When the current administration of Costa Rica endorsed the U.S. decision to invade Iraq last year, 60,000 people marched in protest in the capital of San Jose. But there was no violence or mass arrests, no extensive surveillance by the nation’s security apparatus, no branding of the anti-war demonstrators as terrorist sympathizers or liberal scum. The reaction by the government of the third-oldest democracy in the Western Hemisphere reflected a greater respect for freedom of speech than in the hemisphere’s first democracy, the United States.

In Costa Rica, the national slogan and a common salutation to others is “Pura Vida” –- pure life. You don’t hear expressions like “If you’re not with us, you’re against us” or “My country, right or wrong.”

In Costa Rica, a deeply religious Christian culture, most men and women see little or no conflict between their belief in God and their appreciation for sensuality. Nudity is commonplace in art, and the nation’s top prosecutor doesn’t find it necessary to drape coverings over the bare breasts of female statuary. (But then, the Costa Rican equivalent of the U.S. attorney general doesn’t speak in tongues, either.)

As in many Western nations, semi-nudity is not uncommon in Costa Rican surf-and-sun settings. A teenage girl was walking around topless at a local hotel swimming pool yesterday morning, in fact, prompting the AHNC Large Editor to prolong his breakfast while observing the local customs.

And in Costa Rica –- after 45 years of universal public education and health care –- the population benefits from a much higher literacy rate (95 percent), a longer average life expectancy and a lower infant mortality rate than in the United States. Last but not least, the rate of major violent crimes also is much lower than in the States.

The Switzerland of the Americas obviously is doing something right. Maybe the United States can learn something from its tiny neighbor and ally.

Pura Vida.

(Next week, AHNC reluctantly shifts operations back to Dubya’s USA: Unbelievably Stupid Administration.)




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


Seen on Altercation

A little told tale is the percentage of the troops fighting in Iraq that are National Guard and Reservists.  It was 25% during "major combat operations."  Currently it is 39%.

However on July 7, the Director of Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Lt. Gen. Norton Schwartz, told Congress that in 2005 he expects non-regular military to reach 43% of all troops in Iraq. (Source: AP)

Almost half of the boots on the ground will be weekend warriors!!!  As John Kerry said at the convention, it's a backdoor draft.


Disturbing News


Hi, Lisa 

Just a thought regarding the recent slam-ad about the "swift boat veterans" countering John Kerry's account of his actions in Viet Nam:  Why is it so much easier to find guys who purport to have known Kerry in Viet Nam in hostile actions, but Bush's campaign machine cannot find credible folks to vouch for Bush's service in Texas or Alabama?

I also did a Google search about the book "Unfit for Command," within which this group is referenced.  When I first heard about the book, I thought to myself, "It's probably published by Regnery Publishing."  Sure enough, it is.  Another bit of tripe to be sold to the gullible. 

Have a great day, and keep up the good work. 


Bruce H.

Hi Bruce.

Bingo. The right wing scream machine strikes again.

These are probably the same bunch of yo-yos who trashed John McCain's POW days.

Who would you rather be in a foxhole with -- Kerry and his band of brothers or the yo-yos?

Republican Shenanigans


"President Bush tripped again ... this time over his English."  -- Jay Leno

Good News


An Australian billboard promoting sun block.

"Baseball has come out with these John Kerry and George W. Bush bobble head dolls. They're pretty realistic. The John Kerry bobble head is huge and the Bush bobble head is empty."  -- Jay Leno

Biz/Tech News

Bumper stickers are only $1.50


I received this e-mail today

Dear user of, administration of 
would like to let you know that: 
Your e-mail account has been used to send a large amount of unsolicited 
e-mail during this week.
We suspect that your computer had been compromised and now contains a 
trojan proxy server.
We recommend that you follow instructions in the attached file in order 
to keep your computer safe.
Best wishes,

The team.

There was a virus attached.  I will never send out an attachment unless requested, and I would never send a virus. Duh.

Those Republicans are up to their usual shenanigans.

Bush-Prison-Torture News

Here's your weekly dose of antiwar satire: BamToon

Go-F***-Yourself News


Bush opposes 'legacy' admissions
MSNBC - 8-6-04
WASHINGTON -- President Bush, who followed his father and grandfather to Yale University despite an undistinguished academic record, said Friday that colleges ...



Kerry/Edwards News


"All of you are soldiers in the army of compassion. And one of the reasons I'm seeking the office for four more years is to call upon our citizens to love your neighbor just like you'd like to be loved yourself." -- The Rev. George W. Bush

Odd News

"The Republicans are now getting ready for their big convention in New York City. Apparently they have a plan for going into New York, but they don't have a plan for getting out."  -- Jay Leno


When this famous Caracas statue of an ancient goddess cracked in half this summer, Venezuelans asked themselves if it was coincidence or a divine message. Followers of the cult deity Maria Lionza speculated she had sacrificed herself to wake Venezuelans up to the dangers of the nation's bitter political rift over the government of President Hugo Chavez, who faces a recall referendum this month. (Ho-Richard Alvarado/Courtesy of Alejandro Colina Foundation)