August 5,  2004 THURSDAY

Kerry Waves Corn, Bush Eats It Raw

Reuters -- Aug 5

Competing for votes in corn-growing Iowa, John Kerry waved to crowds with one ear in each hand. Not to be outdone by his Democratic rival, President Bush ate one raw...


It's Bush who's the flip-flopper

New York Daily News -- 8-5-04

…Bush also declared himself a determined unilateralist, kissing off treaties and understandings and even spurning NATO help in Afghanistan. Now, though, the unilateralist of old is sending Secretary of State Powell around the world, seeking alms and arms for Iraq. Flip-flop….

CACI Gets New Interrogation Contract
Washington Post, DC -- 8-5-04
By Ellen McCarthy. CACI International Inc. was awarded a new contract for its controversial interrogation services in Iraq, the Army said yesterday. ...


The corn-eating flip-flopper's Pentagon awards a new no-bid contract to the torture interrogators.



According to a new report, Al Qaeda is trying to bring down our U.S. financial institutions. Let me tell you, that will not be easy to destroy. There's a lot of competition -- Enron, Adelphia, Global Crossing. -- Jay Leno



"I am concerned that every time something happens that's not good for President Bush he plays this trump card, which is terrorism. ... It's just impossible to know how much of this is real and how much of this is politics." –- Howard Dean


The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


A few years ago, while the pretender was destroying the state of Texas for fun and profit, I had the pleasure of being on the end of a rejection by his "goon squads." As a history teacher in a small rural school district less than fifty miles from his retirement home in the big metropolis of Crawford, I wrote and called his office inviting the W to come to our school and speak to the students. I received the following response: " We do not have any interest in small rural areas, and the governor would not have enough time to write or visit." Great response from his staff! On the other hand a very nice lady was asked to visit our students but was unable to due to her health. She sent a hand written letter and a package of information on her pet project, Texas wildflowers, to my students. This was the ever-gracious Ladybird Johnson!                


Disturbing News


  REHASHING TERROR THREATS? Sources: Al Qaeda linked to bank threat CNN April 2002

Katherine Harris is back!

Harris Regrets Bogus Terror Plot Claim
Guardian, UK - 8-5-04
By WILL LESTER. WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republican Rep. Katherine Harris said Wednesday she regrets concerns caused by her claim that a ...

Don't you feel all warm and fuzzy inside now that Katherine Harris has gone from being in charge of Florida's election process to being a Congressional expert on terror threats?

Republican Shenanigans

Senator Said To Leak Secret Info
CBS News - 8-5-04
Federal investigators have concluded that Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., leaked classified intercepted messages to Fox News ...

"Have you noticed how the Republicans and Democrats try to copy each other at their conventions? Like at the Democratic Convention, Kerry's daughter told a story about how her dad once gave CPR to her hamster. At the Republican Convention, the Bush girls are going to tell the story of how, when their hamster was bad, their dad built them a little electric chair.'' -- Jay Leno

"This ain't no rag, it's a flag and we don't wear it on our heads. It's a symbol of the land where the good guys live. Are you listening to what I said?" -- Charlie Daniels, the man who wrote and sang "This Ain't No Rag, It's a Flag," is drawing heat from Arab-Americans who say it refers to a derogatory term used against them

The Large Editor made this comment when he read the above quote: Charlie Daniels’ concept of foreign policy is learning how to deal with them damn Yankees.

Subject: Freudian slip or bad speechwriter?

This is an excerpt from the text of W's speech before signing the defense appropriations act for 2005 ...does he mean what he says? See the whole speech at:
Third, this bill meets our commitment to America's Armed Forces by preparing them to meet the threats of tomorrow. Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we. We must never stop thinking about how best to defend our country when we all must always be forward-thinking.


Good News

"President Bush said the other side, meaning Kerry and Edwards, just 'talks a good game.' Well, at least nobody can accuse Bush of that.'' -- Jay Leno

Bush-Prison-Torture News

Go-F*** -Yourself News

"Cheney's knowledge of the oil business is limited. I mean, he can't even remember the names of the industry executives he met with in 2001 to secretly formulate America's energy policy. But yesterday, Cheney used a campaign stop in Arkansas to offer this explanation for our current shortage:

Cheney: "We don't drill off the East Coast. We don't drill off the West Coast. We don't drill in Alaska. Large parts of the Rocky Mountain West are off limits."

That's Dick Cheney: the Woody Guthrie of fossil fuel exploitation.'' -- Jon Stewart

Biz/Tech News


"According to the Drudge Report, a domestic centerpiece of the Republican agenda for the second Bush term is getting rid of the Internal Revenue Service. They want to do away with the IRS. Whew! So I guess they are serious about going after terrorist organizations!''  -- Jay Leno

Kerry/Edwards News

“This is the new Kerry/Edwards book. It says, ‘Our plan for America -- shampoo, rinse, repeat.’ ” Jay Leno

Odd News

 "Had I been reading to children and had my top aide whispered in my ear that America is under attack, I would have told those kids very nicely and politely that the president of the United States has something that he needs to attend to." --John Kerry


A circular hole about 165 feet across is seen in the ice cap on the summit of Mount Spurr about 80 miles west of Anchorage, Alaska. Scientists have become interested in the volcano, which last erupted in 1992, after a swarm of tiny earthquakes were noted. The Alaska Volcano Observatory has raised its level of concern to yellow, meaning the volcano could erupt. (Alaska Volcano Observatory)