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Obama: combat mission in Iraq to end this month

President Barack Obama vowed on Monday to make good on his promise to end U.S. combat operations in Iraq by the end of August, despite a dangerous political deadlock in Baghdad and a recent surge in militant violence.


Study ties civilian deaths to attacks on US forces

Each time U.S. or NATO forces accidentally kill Afghan civilians, insurgents and their sympathizers typically retaliate with six additional assaults on foreign forces over the next six weeks

Political killing stokes tensions in Pakistan city

KARACHI, Pakistan - The ruling party in Pakistan's largest city accused its main political rival of supporting Islamist militants suspected of assassinating a party leader, further stoking tensions


Iran says that the West taints cigarettes with pigs' blood and nuclear material in a conspiracy against their country. I think they might be confusing our cigarettes with our hot dogs.



The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam


Jeb Bush told a Louisville TV station he's not running for president in the next election.
It was a disappointment. Americans have always been mildly curious about what a Bush
would do in the White House if Iraq was already invaded when he got there.
- Argus Hamilton, host comedian at The Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA


Bush Tax Cuts


IF there were such a thing as Chapter 11 for politicians, the Republican push to extend the unaffordable Bush tax cuts would amount to a bankruptcy filing.





Disturbing News

Being John McCain



A spokeswoman for Sen. John McCain says the senator is blocking President Barack Obama's nominee to be the director of national intelligence.

Spokeswoman Brooke Buchanan says the Arizona Republican has requested a specific report from retired Air Force Gen. James R. Clapper. Buchanan declined to provide any details about the report but said it was not related to Clapper or his views.




Republican-Shenanigans News


Meg Whitman didn't bother voting in 27 consecutive elections because she was too busy making enough money to buy the 28th. -
Will Durst



Why So “Liberal” With Charlie Rangel Coverage?
By Madeleine Begun Kane

I’ve a question dear journos — a gem.
And kindly don’t haw and don’t hem.
Where’s your cov’rage of Ensign?
You sure love dispensin’
The dirt on Rep. Rangel — the Dem.



Rock-The-Voter News


America: Nation of drunkards?


Note: The image with the above article is of Hillary Clinton. Silly me, when I think drunkard, I think George Bush. I would have used the image below.


China And Costa Rica: A Marriage Made in Money


During the meeting China’s Foreign Minister, Yang Jiechi, Costa Rica’s president, Laura Chinchilla, is following the steps of her predecessor and mentor, Oscar Arias, sticking out her hand for more money from the Asiatic giant.

China is already building the new national stadium, an us$80 million dollar plus donation to the people of Costa Rica. China has also donated some 200 new police cars made in China and for use by the Fuerza Pública and many other donations in the last three years since Costa Rica and China restored diplomatic relations...the presidenta hit up Jiechi for us$221 million dollars to expand the 108 kilometres of the carretera Río Frío-Limón to four lanes.



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Biz-Tech News

BP: Insider Trading?


 U.S. securities regulators are investigating whether people may have illegally profited from trading on nonpublic information at BP Plc (BP.L) (BP.N) in the weeks and months following the disastrous Gulf of Mexico oil spill, two sources familiar with the investigation said on Monday.



A company in Georgia has just come out with a new safety device that completely disables texting and emailing when driving. They say it is a lot better than the old way of stopping it - an airbag exploding in your face.- Jay Leno


Bush-Prison-Torture News

A Flash from the Past



Go-F**k-Yourself News

Skywatcher Alert



Skywatchers at high latitudes could be in for a spectacular treat of northern lights, the aurora borealis, Tuesday and Wednesday: After a relatively quiet stretch, it appears the sun is ramping up its activity.

The sun's surface erupted early Sunday, blasting - tons of plasma (ionized atoms) into space. These atoms are headed toward Earth and could create a stunning light show in the process.

"This eruption is directed right at us and is expected to get here early in the day on Aug. 4th,"



Diplomacy is the art of knowing what not to say. - Matthew Trump




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Odd News

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Although Spaniards and other Europeans brought horses to the Americas, Peruvians say their national horse, the Caballo de Paso Peruano, or Peruvian Walking Horse, is unique and developed over five centuries. The horses are not bred for speed or rustling cattle, but for comfort -- with a soft gait that keeps the rider from jostling up and down on long rides. Photo/Mariana Bazo





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