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It's unanimous: Democrats nominate Obama by acclamation
San Jose Mercury News - 8-28-08
DENVER - Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois completed an improbable and historic journey Wednesday when he was nominated by acclamation as the Democratic candidate for president, becoming the first African-American to lead a...


Hillary Clinton wins! (In the ratings)
New York Daily News - 8-28-08
She may not get the White House, but Sen. Hillary Clinton turned out to be a pretty big draw in the Nielsen department. An estimated 25.97 million viewers tuned in to watch Clinton's speech Tuesday night at...

Thousands stage anti-war protest march
The Associated Press - 8-28-08
DENVER (AP) — A column of people three blocks long, led by members of the Iraq Veterans Against the War, streamed from the Denver Coliseum on Wednesday in


John McCain’s campaign told President Bush that despite his low popularity he will be allowed to speak at the first night of the Republican convention. They also told Bush that the convention starts in December.- Conan O'Brien




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Just What Baghdad Needs: A Ferris Wheel!


Iraq is calling on companies to submit designs to build a giant Ferris wheel in Baghdad - the latest in a string of lavish proposals to show the capital as a leisure friendly city.

The Ferris wheel will be about 200 meters (650 feet) high with air-conditioned compartments that would each carry up to 30 passengers, Adel al-Ardawi, a media official with Baghdad's municipality, said yesterday.


Disturbing News



"So, humanize your family, check. Does Michelle Obama need to do anything else? [on-screen: various pundits talking about the need for her to express patriotism]. She's got to, she's a Democrat. She must prove she loves America. As opposed to Republicans, who everyone knows loves America, they just hate half the people living in it." --Jon Stewart




Subject: Your website


 If ever we needed proof it's going baaad with the US of A we here in Olden Europe only have to take a look at your donate - o - meter, it ain't going backwards yet but it's close. I guess that after the monthly struggle to pay for the gas to drive to work & to keep the family home a bit longer not many people have what left to put some food on your family. Now as a rule I prefer not to have too strong an opinion on other countries politics, everybody should mind his business & I mind mine. But with the world having become such a small place, the wrong kind of president-on-a-string pushing all the wrong buttons is MY business too. Since you can't remind your fellow voters that THEY decide who is the decider while you are hungry, i'll sent some coin your way. I trust you use it wisely.

Hi fellow Europeans/rest of the world

The politics/policy of the USA do influence US but we have no say in it since we can neither vote for nor in any other way support a policy WE can agree with. All we can do is shut up & put up.
This is NOT right.
Since what the USA does has an impact on us, we have a RIGHT to make our voice heard, in any way we can. All Hat, No Cattle is fun, informative and in some way gives us too a way to voice our concerns. Last election was a matter of 49.9 vs 50.1. It Even if we can't change elections, we can keep our voice talking. Donations to AHNC please.

Change We Too Can Believe In



Thank you for a beautiful letter. You touched my heart.

Everyone loves to feel appreciated, including me. Especially considering my sad fundraiser which seems to be drying up. I just don't want AHNC to dry up but I don't know how much longer I can produce AHNC without sufficient financial support. I have a huge audience but few bother to donate.

I love "Olden Europe" - I was stupefied when Donald Rumsfeld insulted all of Europe by using that description -- which I am sure was his intent.

I am so grateful for your viewership and for your concern for the US and my website.

Thank you very much, J., for everything.








Republican-Shenanigans News


Guess Who's Coming For Seder?


Bob Novak Writes In To Advocate Against "Lieberman Disaster"


Republican strategist Karl Rove called Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) late last week and urged him to contact John McCain to withdraw his name from vice presidential consideration, according to three sources familiar with the conversation.Lieberman dismissed the request, these sources agreed.




In fact, while Michelle Obama gave her speech, Barack Obama watched the whole thing from a family’s living room in Missouri. I mean, I know it’s tough getting a hotel room in Denver right now, but come on. - Jay Leno


Rock-The-Voter News




"And as you know, Barack Obama has chosen Delaware Senator Joseph Biden as his running mate. Well, Biden has 35 years of experience in Washington. So between the two of them, that's almost 36 years of experience." " --Jay Leno



Biz-Tech News

KBR Sued For Human Trafficking!


KBR Inc and its Jordanian contractor are being sued for human trafficking by a Nepalese survivor and the families of 12 other employees who were killed while being transported, allegedly against their will, to work in a U.S. military base in Iraq.



"Nation, today is the 88th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. So, big surprise, tonight the Democrats chose to have Senator Hillary Clinton to give a speech. Now I love women, in fact, some of my best parents are women. But marking this anniversary is the most blatant pandering to female voters since the creation of female voters. You know, however long ago that happened. It is not the only anniversary the Democrats are exploiting this week. Thursday night, Barack Obama will honor the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King's 'I Have A Dream' speech, and all Democrats will honor the 25th anniversary of John McCain's 1983 vote against Martin Luther King Day." --Stephen Colbert


Bush-Prison-Torture News

Vice President Dick Cheney defended the Bush administration's record on prisoner interrogations, telling a veterans' group that its use of "alternative" techniques against suspects was legal and proper.

Go-F**k-Yourself News




Subject: fundraiser


sorry to
hear the fundraiser is a bust. i'm wondering, though, if it might be an
idea to make your site a members-only one with yearly dues. surely
there would be enough who would gladly kick in maybe five or ten a year
and you wouldn't have to worry about fundraising. do you think that
would work? you could offer a free week to get folks hooked. ;-) just a

 Less than 1/2 of one percent of my viewers have donated, about 400 total over the years. If I had 100 subscribers pay $10 a month I would never have to beg for money again. But $10 a year for the max who have donated to me is only $4000 a year. But thanks so much for your suggestion, Kathy.


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Revellers take a picture in tomato pulp during the annual "Tomatina" (tomato fight) in the Mediterranean village of Bunol, near Valencia, Spain, August 27, 2008. The origin of the tomato fight is disputed - everyone in Bunol seems to have a favorite story - but most agree it started around 1940, in the early years of the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco.
Photo/Heino Kalis