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August 28   2003  Thursday

3 US troops killed in Iraq
The New Nation, Bangladesh - 8-28-03
... Wednesday, the US-led civilian administration in Iraq ... X, reminding Iraqis that they were killed ... $10,000 reward for significant information leading US troops ...
       More US troops killed in postwar Iraq than in war - The Scotsman

US Won't Hold Solo Talks With N. Korea
New Orleans, LA - 8-28-03
The United States insists it's not going to hold any one-on-one formal meetings with North Korea. The two sides did have a half-hour ...

New EPA rule draws flak, smog
WXXI, NY 8-28-03

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issues a ruling this week allowing thousands of power plants, refineries, and industrial facilities to upgrade without reducing the pollution they emit.

And the winner to our Name That Toon Contest is Marty!  Congrats!

What a bunch of fabulous entries we received.  Thank you all for making me laugh--I like this ying yang thing.

In fact, I have 2 more Name That Toon Winners below the fold.  Three 1st Place Winners!

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"My career objective is a position where I can write three or four witty quotes per week. I would like full time benefits and a lucrative income in return for my services." - Anita Beer's original job application to All Hat No Cattle.


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I just love his work.



President Bush is supporting Arnold, but a lot of Republicans are not, because he is actually quite liberal. Karl Rove said if his father wasn't a Nazi, he wouldn't have any credibility with conservatives at all.

-- Bill Maher


Thanks to Andrea




Israel kills one Palestinian, 16 wounded, houses demolished
Arabic News - 8-28-03
... Ariel Sharon following the air raid on Gaza which caused the death of one Palestinian and wounding other 23rd, escalated its attacks against the Palestinians ...
       Palestinians protest Israel's West Bank barrier - MSNBC
       Diary: Divided Jerusalem - BBC News
       Israeli Troops Arrest 21 Palestinians in Ramallah - Palestine Chronicle

Take away their statehood and turn them into an outpatient clinic.

-- Lewis Black, on the California Recall

Zelda and Lisa Incognito

Celebrating the anniversary of the "I Have a Dream" speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.

"We have a long way to go, baby." - Lisa

Under California election law, virtually anybody can run for governor, except, of course, smokers.

-- Dave Barry

On This Day in History:  August 28

On this day:

In 1938, Northwestern University awarded an honorary degree to Edgar Bergen's dummy, Charlie McCarthy.

In 1944, the last German forces in Toulon and Marseilles surrendered to the Allies, opening up the port of Marseilles.

In 1955, in a case that injected momentum into the civil rights movement, black Chicago teenager Emmett Till was kidnapped from his uncle's home in Money, Mississippi by two white men after he allegedly whistled at a white woman. Till was found murdered three days later.

In 1957, South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond began his 24 hour filibuster against the civil rights bill.

In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered his famous "I Have a Dream" speech at a civil rights rally in Washington, D.C. Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Mahalia Jackson and Peter Paul and Mary were among the artists who performed before an estimated 200-thousand civil rights marchers who gathered for the rally.

In 1996, the Democratic Party nominated President Bill Clinton for a second term.



Thanks Jason.


Thought about you guys today, watching Dean say Bush is "All Hat, & No Cattle." That was simply awesome!

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Dear Phil,

Good to hear from you.  I hope lots of people visit your site.  It is getting better and better!

Musgrove, Barbour say Mississippi should take Alabama's Ten Commandments
Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA - 8-28-03
... Ronnie Musgrove and his Republican rival Haley Barbour said Mississippi would take the Ten Commandments monument that was removed Wednesday from a public area ...
       Ten Commandments stalemate broken - Arkansas Democrat Gazette
       Ala. Ten Commandments monument taken away - Arizona Daily Sun
       Ten Commandments marker removed, but debate goes on - Buffalo News

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Republican Congressman Darrell Issa funded the recall campaign with money he made selling car alarms. So this isn't the first time annoying millions of people for him.

-- Craig Kilborn


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Whales for Democrats.