August 27  2003



Dean Surges to 21-Point Lead Over Kerry
Newsday - 8-27-03

By WILL LESTER. WASHINGTON -- Democrat Howard Dean has jumped out to a commanding 21-point lead over rival John Kerry in the latest New Hampshire poll. ...

Dean Airs Political Ads in Six States
Guardian, UK - 8-27-03
WASHINGTON (AP) - Democrat Howard Dean is spending $1 million for television ads in six early voting states, declaring his a nationwide campaign while rivals ...

Democrat stuns with cash drive
The Australian, Australia - 8-27-03
US presidential challenger Howard Dean once again stunned his rivals, positioning
himself yesterday to shatter Democrat fundraising records set by former US ...
If Clark runs, all bets are off
Boston Globe, MA - 8-27-03
WESLEY CLARK has told associates that he will decide in the next few weeks whether
to declare for president. If he does, it would transform the race. ...

I thought I'd bring you some happy news about Democrats, since most of it is reduced to a brief on page 88D of the newspaper.

This is not an endorsement for any candidate, yet. 






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"My career objective is a position where I can write three or four witty quotes per week. I would like full time benefits and a lucrative income in return for my services." - Anita Beer's original job application to All Hat No Cattle.


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"The problem with the French is that they don't have a word for entrepreneur."

 —George W. Bush, discussing the decline of the French economy with British Prime Minister Tony Blair




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Your Site Is fantastic!

I love the term 'mercenary journalist'...

Just a note to let you know one of Dean's comments at his NY speech:
"When it comes to Defense, Mr. Bush is All Hat and No Cattle."

Take care,


Thanks for writing Lynn!  Please don't ask how much I had to pay Dean to say that!

When the going gets tough, republicans take a vacation...

Bremer: Billons needed for Iraq
MSNBC - 8-27-03

... Bremer met yesterday with national security adviser Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of State Colin L. Powell before starting vacation, taking his first days off since he was dispatched to run Iraq nearly four months ago. He is pressing for support at a perilous and pivotal time....

"Have you ever wondered what religion God is?"

-Carlos Santana on CNN

What is it about these Bush republicans taking vacations during wartime,  Bremer has been on the job for four months and he needs time off?  I bet the Troops suggested that Bremer should take a vacation, don't you?


Classified Spending On the Rise
Report: Defense to Get $23.2 Billion

By Dan Morgan - Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, August 27, 2003

"Black," or classified, programs requested in President Bush's 2004 defense budget are at the highest level since 1988, according to a report prepared by the independent Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

"The Alabama Supreme Court ruled that a court house must remove the Ten Commandments. Or, as they're known here in Hollywood, the three suggestions." —Craig Kilborn

 Subject: Constructive Criticism

Love your site -- keep hammering Smirky!
One comment: please get the its/it's thing straight. "Its" is a possessive. "It's" is a contraction. There is a very simple trick.
Try saying "it is" in your sentence instead of "its/it's".
If "it is" makes sense, use "it's". (e.g. It's a nice day.)
If "it is" doesn't make sense, use "its". (e.g. The dog wagged its tail.)

Peace Now,

You are absolutely correct. I am grammatically challenged. Blonde hair blue eyes do that to my editing abilities. I need an editor--I just can't afford one.
I will try and do my best from now on. Many mea culpas.<is that correct?
Thanks for writing.




They can't go home again
Salon (subscription) - 8-27-03
Hunkered down in a New Mexico Marriott with the 11 Texas Democrats whose heroic
stand against Tom DeLay's power grab is going into its second mont
h. ...
       Texas Standoff - New York Times
       Democrats to make fast trip to Texas - Houston Chronicle
       Fugitives again stall GOP plan for Texas - Boston Globe


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Moon over Manhattan during the Blackout of 2003.