August 25  2003  Monday


Darkness Visible
Multiply the blackout by months, and what you’d have is Iraq

By Christopher Dickey-Newsweek

...The phones, which are provided exclusively by the bankrupt but well-connected American company MCI....For a few days at the end of July, a couple of companies from Bahrain and Kuwait actually did set up a working cell-phone network for the public. But Bremer shut it down right away. According to the briefer sent out to meet the press, the “illegal” Bahrain and Kuwait phone service was interfering with U.S. military communications and the MCI network...  The problem—is that when an elite lives in a world utterly out of touch with the people around it, letting them languish without modern necessities that they think are their right (like electricity, airports, phones, and sometimes water) then anger’s the inevitable consequence...

 The article below is from June 2000 while Clinton was president.  Bremer's recommendations were prophetic in some cases and frightening in others.

 US Panel: Civil Liberties not jeopardized by anti-terror

CNN`-June 5, 2000

"We think there's a chance terrorists will try to stage a catastrophic event in the United States in the future," said Bremer, a former State Department ambassador-at-large for counterterrorism....

Among the commission's recommendations:

• Track international students in America..

• Allow the military to lead the response to any major terrorist attack on U.S. soil, as opposed to the FBI or the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

...Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder told CNN ..."I'd be wary of involving the military unless there's some strong showing that the civilian law enforcement has not been doing their job."

Bremer: Iraq Has Become Battlefield of War on Terrorism
Voice of America - Aug 23, 2003

The American civil administrator in Iraq says the country has become one of the battlefields
in the war on terrorism following ... The remarks by Paul Bremer ...
       Bremer: Iraq a Battlefield in War on Terrorism - Voice of America
       Why the UN's Baghdad office was bombed - Green Left*

I wonder if Bremer drives a Beamer?

This man's mentality matches the machinations of militaristic manipulation of the masses.

Just imagine being without our Internet access. The blackout did that in 9 seconds for millions here in the US.

Just Keep Them Stupid.


I wonder if Sergio de Mello was offed? And by whom? Bremer immediately stated that on CNN, that de Mello  was the target. How did he know so quickly?  An attack of that magnitude upon UN members hasn't happened for decades. Zelda wonders too.






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"I have my fingers on the keyboard, my eyes on the screen and my ears on FOX News. I am waiting for them to do a special interest piece on frivolous lawsuits and the many merits of tort reform." - Anita Beer grinding and twisting the knife in the right wing chat room, Member Rooms - "Scarborough Country and Western Chat." 


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Do you know anyone who bought the Bush pretzel injury explanation?


      Lord, deliver us from these people.  


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Dear Lisa and Zelda,

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SUBJECT: Is this true??



Someone on an internet board said that people were losing jobs because of a recession which started before President Bush's election. Is this true? I was originally talking about state funded jobs like Policemen, Firemen and Library Workers. Im not sure exactly what hes talking about. Is it the dotcoms? If so it wasnt exactly Bill's fault it was more of the companies fault. Tell me if I'm right but I think it's because of all the cost of the war and then the tax cuts. Because of that there is less government given money to the states which is used to distribute to cities? I think that's right. This guy is a hardcore Republican I think. And as you said "If all else fails... Blame Clinton." He never answered my "USA for Christ" paragraph either. I think a lot of Republicans are in denial and just want to think that Bush is a good president. That's what I was doing before the war thing was going on and then I was like "wooo wait a minute" and became very active. Anyways... tell me if the whole "Recession" thing is true or if I'm right. Feel free to post this on AHNC's website so he can get a taste of his own medicine!

~ Eric


Dear Eric,

The last president to lose so many jobs for Americans under his watch was Woodrow Wilson. Have your Hardcore republican board poster put hat in his pipe and see how he spins it.  The dotcom jobs were lost under Clinton's watch and he still gave us 22 million plus jobs.

Facts are facts...GOPigs blame Clinton Mantra #1, Democrats Mantra#2 and Liberals Mantra #3.

That's why they never look in mirrors. They'd crack.


Spinning for Democracy,


Subject: Sharon is a danger to US Troops and Hopes in Iraq


So what's new??? Sharon assassinates Palestinian leaders, knowing full well they will come back at Israel. It's bye, bye to any hope for the peace agreement!!.
He did it a while back, when a peace agreement was close to being accepted by both sides. As a discredited, former Israeli Defense minister, he led an entourage of his right wing supporters, into east Jerusalem to visit the temple on the mount during a Muslim Holy Day. Bye, Bye to another peace Initiative!
He did it again, when as prime Minister, he ordered a missile strike against Hamus leaders, killing a bunch of them, the day before Bush's peace negotiator arrived to finalize another peace plan!!!
Wake up America!! Bush, Blair and Sharon are leading America, Israel and the world down the wrong road.
Is it Stupidity on Bush's part, or is it treason????
Tom T.,3858,4738542-103677,00.html 


Watching the death and destruction in Israel and to occupied Palestine has worsened under Bush.  He must want it that way.  Sharon and their religious right is as dangerous as Bush and his religious right.  Where is the diplomacy?  Where is the leadership?  It left with the last administration.

The Democrats need to step up to the podium and pave a real road to peace because the ChickenHawks are sacrificing more than our beloved troops.  Treason is in the eye of whomever holds the power.

Thanks for the rant, Tom, I needed it.




Bush Blames Osama for pretzel

incident instead of Clinton!!!



"President Bush just came to California. He was here to try and raise money. Good luck. What are we, $38 billion in debt? We should be hitting him up for some dough." —Jay Leno


Why does that MONEY, MONEY, That's all I want song pop into my mind?


The question should be Why didn't Saddam use his weapons

of mass destruction, not why can't they be found. Don't you think, Mary?




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Hurricane Ignacio terrorizing Mexico. (NASA)