TGIF/Weekend edition - August 22-24, 2008


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Survey: Americans feel churches shouldn't meddle in politics
CNN - 8-22-08
The new figures bring Republican views into line with those of Democrats and independents. A 14-point gap between Republican and Democratic views on the..


Chicago Sun-Times, United States - 8-22-08
 WASHINGTON -- John McCain's campaign socked Barack Obama with Tony Rezko on Thursday, convinced they can tie Obama to his...

Obama raps McCain for ignorance of his own houses
The Associated Press - 8-22-08
WASHINGTON (AP) — John McCain may have created his own housing crisis. Hours after a report that the Republican presidential nominee-in-waiting didn't know...


This spring John McCain launched his campaign tour of the “forgotten places” in America. Who knew he was talking about his houses? - Laugh Lines




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Wow, A Timetable For Withdrawal


 U.S. and Iraqi negotiators have reached agreement on a proposal calling for a complete U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq by the end of 2011, the head Iraqi negotiator said Friday.


McCain Thought They Were Asking How Many Combs He Owns
By Madeleine Begun Kane

McCain is confused. Stop the presses!
And if stumped by a query, he guesses.
He’s not up to the task
When this question they ask:
Just how many homes he possesses.


Disturbing News



Meanwhile, Back In Georgia


Russia said it was on course to complete a partial pullback of troops from Georgia by Friday night but that a number of "peacekeeping forces" would stay in the country, something bound to anger the West.







Republican-Shenanigans News

Overcoming the Obamarama

When the political world descends on Denver for the Democratic National Convention next week, John McCain is going to find it very difficult to get noticed.

The presumptive Republican nominee has planned an active schedule intended to counter Obama’s much-discussed nomination extravaganza. But even his campaign acknowledges that it is the equivalent of the lonely sitcom playing opposite the Super Bowl.

Rock-The-Voter News



Comedians Avoid Obama


A hilarious new study of late-night political jokes, due to be released later today, finds the network comedians clearly avoiding humor about Democratic candidate Barack Obama, while piling the jokes on President Bush and Sens. John McCain and Hillary Clinton.






Biz-Tech News


“Analysts say a weak economy is causing less energy use, resulting in falling oil prices. So basically, the worse the economy is, the lower the oil prices, to which Bush said, ‘That’s been my energy plan all along!’ This guy is a genius!”- Jay leno


Playing the Missile Card


Moscow is downplaying the possibility of an arms deal to put Russian missiles on Syrian soil, in response to Israeli concerns over the destabilizing effect such a sale would have on the Middle East




Bush-Prison-Torture News


Switzerland and Guantanamo


The human rights organization Amnesty International has called on Switzerland to accept three Guantanamo inmates held by the United States for more than six years.


Go-F**k-Yourself News




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Odd News


In this photo released by the N. C. Wildlife Resources Commission, David Hayes holds his state record-breaking channel catfish while his three-year-old granddaughter Alyssa holds the Barbie rod and reel that Hayes used to reel in the 21-pound, 1 ounce fish in Elkin, N.C.
Photo/N. C. Wildlife Resources Commission


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