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Four 9-11 Moms Battle Bush

New York Observer-Gail Sheehy- 8-25-03 Edition

..."I couldn’t stop watching the President sitting there, listening to second graders, while my husband was burning in a building," she said.

Mindy pieced together the actions of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld...After being informed of the two attacks on the World Trade Center, he proceeded with his briefing until the third hijacked plane struck the Pentagon...

"Can you believe this? Two planes hitting the Twin Towers in New York City did not rise to the level of Rumsfeld’s leaving his office and going to the war room to check out just what the hell went wrong."..."This is my President. This is my Secretary of Defense. You mean to tell me Rumsfeld had to get up from his desk and look out his window at the burning Pentagon before he knew anything was wrong? How can that be?"...


Hero Sandwiches-Troops get death and pay cuts while Bush gobbles barbecue, rakes in dough
by Alan Bisbort - HartfordAdvocate- August 21, 2003

...the temperature in Iraq is 30 degrees hotter than it is in Crawford, Texas, and 20 degrees hotter than what killed 3,000 French people and hundreds of other Europeans. Iraq is, in fact, so hot that official meteorological data has been blocked from the media by the Department of Defense, presumably so that Americans won't know that our troops are the human equivalent of down-home barbecue....


Saudi Arabia's Teachers of Terror
Washington Post - By Jon Kyl and Charles Schumer 8-18-03

The House of Saud has for decades played a double game with the United States, on the one hand acting as our ally, on the other supporting a movement -- Wahhabism -- that seeks our society's destruction..President Bush...said: "Every nation will have a choice to make: Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists." It is time for Saudi Arabia to make that choice...

The four 9-11 Moms in the above story have done a better job of asking questions than the entire DC Press Corp.  I highly recommend reading every word. 

I always wondered why Bush just sat there and read to those kids while America was being attacked. 


Both Bush and Rumsfeld are entirely without ruth and their empathy is empty. These four brave women are kicking butt and taking go girls.  Zelda and I tip our hats to you and thank you.

"I'm telling you Mr. Navy Seal, there's no Osama, Saddam or WMDs here."

Obituary backs 'removal of Bush'
Woman 'thought he was a liar' 8-21-03

...What her children decided to include in the obituary was this: "Memorials in her honor can be made to any organization working for the removal of President Bush."


"She thought he was a liar," Baron's daughter, Maureen Bettilyon, said. "I think his personality, just standing there with that smirk on his face, and acting like he's this holy Christian, that's what really got her."


Sally Baron 1932-2003

Iraq Weapons Expert Predicted 'Death in Woods'
Reuters, UK - 8-22-03
LONDON (Reuters) - Iraq weapons expert David Kelly eerily predicted his death ... if
Baghdad was attacked he would be found "dead in the woods ...

Breaking News:

Bush Blames Bill for Eruption

If all else fails-blame Clinton   GOP Mantra #2


US Backs Colombia on Attacking Drug Planes
New York Times - Aug 19, 2003
...Such a policy, which has been criticized by human rights groups, was suspended in Colombia and Peru after a Peruvian jet fighter mistakenly shot down a private plane carrying American missionaries, killing two people, one an infant, in 2001...

Ireland tightens drinking laws, bans "happy hour"
Mon Aug 18, 6:50 PM ET

DUBLIN (AFP) - New measures aimed at curbing drunkenness which tighten up enforcement of the licensing laws for Ireland's pubs and ban "happy hours" came into effect.

Most Irish eyes have ceased smiling.


Prevent the spread of Bushes.

"Alabama Judge Defiant on Commandments' Display"

My first and only profound thought is, WHERE ARE THOSE HUNGRY LIONS WHEN YOU NEED THEM?-Bob Witkowski


For Sale in Birmingham, Alabama by Judge Roy Moore





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"Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and Presidiot Bush is from The Planet of the Apes." - Anita Beer sitting by the side of the road, getting drunk with the truck driver who stopped to help her fix her car.





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Mars, bottom right is seen with our moon.  Thirty-four million miles is a long haul.
But when that's the distance between Earth and Mars, it is a remarkably close encounter.
So astronomers and Red Planet fans around the world have been aiming telescopes at the southeastern evening sky

for several weeks, gearing up for Wednesday, August 27,  when Mars and Earth will make their closest approach in about 60,000 years.