August 21  2003  Thursday

Email Sent to Bill O'Reilly - FoxNews


I am Zelda Morgan and I am your worst liberal nightmare.

Keep lying, Bill, we are watching every word.

We have a list of lies you have told and a bigger list of lies from Bush.

We have a longer list of the dead soldiers and civilians.

We are keeping all manner of lists for you.

Create Peace!
The Fabulous Zelda Morgan - AHNC Mercenary Journalist

PS. I am Fair and Balanced. Will you please sue me?

Ann Coulter bolts from Conason & Bill O'Reilly won't factor Joe into his talk show
New York Daily News, NY -8-21-03
... Meanwhile, we hear fellow right-wing tough guy Bill O'Reilly won't even let Conason on his show. (The Fox News Channel star - fingered ...  (scroll down )

Tart humor gets its day in court
Christian Science Monitor - 
... But in legal documents, the network argues that the use of its trademark - along with similarities to the covers of books by Fox commentator Bill O'Reilly, who ...

Fox Sues Al Franken For Use Of Phrase "Al Franken"
News Hax (Satire) - 9-21-03
... It insists that Franken is trying to confuse the public into mistaking
Al Franken for popular Fox talk-show host Bill O'Reilly. (more...). ...


Zelda is no "girlie girl".  As Ahhnold would say.  But, of course, I did wish she would have consulted the AHNC legal team before she wrote O'Reilly.  I immediately called our shysters after reading her email and they said Bring 'em on--but of course they said that, they are republicans.


Texas Democrats amend federal lawsuit
Dallas Morning News (subscription), TX - 8-20-03
ALBUQUERQUE, NM The 11 Democrats boycotting the Texas Senate over congressional redistricting asked a federal court Wednesday to determine whether the ...
Texas Democrats demand Republicans lift sanctions or face 'legal ...  - San Francisco Chronicle
Fines Pile Up for Missing Texas Democrats

I just love these brave Texas Democrats.  We need them in Washington to stand up to Bush Inc.





Sidney Blumenthal and Zelda dancing the night away.

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"Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and Presidiot Bush is from The Planet of the Apes." - Anita Beer sitting by the side of the road, getting drunk with the truck driver who stopped to help her fix her car.





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While watching TV this morning, Joe Scarborough appears in a local ad (No, not for MSNBC) but for the law firm he works(?) at in the Pensacola, Florida area.  He was praising his firm and how his family lives here in lovely Pensacola and how we should use their legal services.


Joe Scarborough resigned from the US Congress 5 months (in May 2001) after he was reelected, to spend more time with his family, or so he said.  Now Joe Scab lives 1300 miles away from his family in New Jersey or is it New York? 


Two months after he resigned his congressional seat, his 28 year old female aide, Lori Klausutis, was found dead, in his Ft. Walton Beach office.  Did you ever hear about that in the national media? Probably not, since the press was too busy covering the Democrat Congressman, Gary Condit who just knew a missing intern.


But if you read this website, I covered that event as soon as it occurred. Click here


He appears to me, as my ex-congressman, to be sleazy guy.  But sleazy republicans get rewarded with talk shows on MSNBC and a host of other media outlets.


Oddly enough I received 3 emails from a friend of Lori Klausutis' this morning. See below.


EMAIL: (edited version)

Subject: Lori Klausutis


I have looked over your web site a few times and I had a few questions.

1. Why is it so important that you could not find photos of Lori? Not  everyone posts photos of themselves on the web. This seems to be a big issue to you and others on the web. I do not understand, please explain.

2. Why is her obituary of issue? The family wrote it in a time of great stress. I am still not sure why this is an issue either. Could you please explain you reasoning on this one also.

Thanks in advance.



1. Lori was obviously a popular active young woman, involved in politics, acting, marathons and a host of other activities listed on various websites and no picture was available of her, except at the University of West Florida website, and then that photo just disappeared right around the time Joe was getting involved with MSNBC about Feb of 2003.  Why take her picture down after 2 yrs?


2. Possibly the family just forgot to mention she had worked for US Congressman Joe Scarborough since 1999 in her obituary? Quite a feather in her cap to omit.

Since the coroner, Michael Berkland was fired recently for horrible record keeping and was previously fired as a coroner in Missouri (I think) for falsifying records, don't you question the accuracy of her autopsy?


Maybe you should be questioning your local officials to find out what happened to your friend Lori--instead of me, a political cartoon comedy site, who just gathered public information  provided by the Northwest Florida Daily News. The Pensacola News Journal only ran a couple of stories. (Which I found to be curious, since Joe lived in Pensacola)


I  was instantly curious when the police said no foul play was involved the day she was found. See link below. A conscientious police dept. would have said, "We can make no comment until we fully investigate the death scene and the get the autopsy results."


Northwest Florida Daily News
... Scarborough aide dies. Police have found no evidence of foul play in the death of
Lori Klausutis. By JEFF AYRES, Daily News Staff Writer An employee of US Rep. ... - 10k -


Suggestion:   Maybe you should start your own website and answer the dozens of questions you asked me in the 3 emails you sent today--as a tribute to your friend and her widower.


I think she deserves to be remembered for more than being a dead aide found in Joe Scarborough's office.


But, while Chandra Levy was being dragged through the mud, and Gary Condit's career was destroyed, Joe got a free pass from the authorities and the national media. Didn't that disturb you?


I wish you and Lori's widower the best.  My concern was and still is, knowing what happened to her. Maybe someone reading this website will have information to send to you.


Thank you for writing.


Reuters Camerman Buried in Hebron
Editor & Publisher - 8-21-03
Mazen Dana, 41, was killed while on assignment in Iraq for the news agency Reuters. Many of the mourners carried Palestinian flags or photographs of Dana. ...
The "unconscionable" death of Mazen Dana
Salon (subscription) - Aug 20, 2003
... On Aug. 17, Palestinian cameraman Mazen Dana became the second Reuters journalist to be killed by US soldiers since the start of the Iraq war in March. ...
       Journalists in Iraq jittery after killing - Asia Pacific Media Network

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Patients to get cannabis in hospital
Guardian, UK - 8-21-03
... The MRC trials will use a capsule holding a standardised extract of the entire cannabis plant. Patients awaiting surgery in at least 36 British hospitals will ...
       UK Surgery Patients to Take Cannabis in Pain Study - Yahoo News
       Hospital in cannabis research - East Anglian Daily Times









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