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Friday edition - August 19, 2010




Rush Limbaugh Goes Full-Tilt Racial Slur with "Or-Bam-eo" Cookies

Limbaugh started talking about the new line of Triple Double Oreo cookies from Kraft and began insinuating President Obama into the mix..."The Triple Double Oreo," he continued. "You wait, it isn't going to be long before it's called the Or-Bam-eo, or something like this. Well, it's a biracial cookie...



 Memento, Starring Michele Bachmann

... Mother Jones' Tim Murphy reports that for years the Republican presidential candidate referred to herself as "Dr. Michele Bachmann." The problem? She's not a doctor. And that's not the only detail from her past that Bachmann has -- to put it charitably -- trouble remembering.

Ron Paul: Rick Perry makes me look moderate

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, the national drumbeater against the Federal Reserve, said Wednesday that compared to "some southern governor" (a clear reference to fellow contender Rick Perry) Paul looks more like a moderate. "I'll tell you what, he makes me sound like a moderate,"


Poll Shows Majorities Would Vote for the Wizard of Oz

By Don Davis



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

·         Taliban attack on British office in Kabul kills at least 4

·         Official: 40 dead in Pakistan mosque bombing

·         Pakistani man tied to Times Square bomber pleads guilty

·         Obama accuses Assad of "slaughtering" Syrian people

·         New Chinese stealth jet starts talk of Russian help


This Place Is A Time Bomb


Gunmen who crossed from the Egyptian desert launched a series of attacks in southern Israel, killing eight people and threatening to destabilize a volatile border region that includes the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip and Egypt's increasingly lawless Sinai Peninsula.


Republican Shenanigans

·         Doctors question Perry's stem cell back treatment

·         Bachmann wrapping up 3-day South Carolina trip

·         Palin Doesn't Think Bachmann Newsweek Cover Is Sexist

·         Christine O’Donnell: Would Piers Morgan ask Obama about masturbation?



Subject; A Thursday Cartoon


Lisa, I got an extra special laugh at one of your cartoons posted in the Thursday edition. It's the one where Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are standing on the pier,,,watching Uncle Sam and Barack Obama as they're drowning.

It reminded me of a quip from many years ago by Mort Sahl (yeah, that far back!) when he described Republican philosophy. I can't quote him verbatim and I've also updated it to reflect todays Republican Party but it goes something like this:

"If the Middle Class and working families were drowning 20 feet from shore, Republicans would toss them a 15 foot rope,,,then hold press conference after press conference on Fox News proudly proclaiming that they met them MORE than halfway while trying to save them."

It's scary that a quote from 50 years ago still describes Republicans perfectly.

Best wishes on your struggles with cancer, dear lady. I don't know how you can keep up a sense of humor, knowing what you're dealing with. You have my deepest admiration and respect. You are an inspiration to us all.

I wish you all the very best of luck, laughter, and love,,,,,

Mike in Indiana


Thanks for writing, Mike.


The exact quote you were referring to is this: Nixon's the kind of guy that if you were drowning 50 feet off shore, he'd throw you a 30 foot rope. Then Kissinger would go on TV the next night and say that the President had met you more than half-way. - Mort Sahl (1973)


Your interpretation of that quote today and the GOP is spot on.


I just pray that I can return to my healthcare, home and business in Costa Rica someday. Sigh. Thank you for your good wishes and concern.


Reagan won because he ran against Jimmy Carter. If he ran unopposed he would have lost- Mort Sahl




"There is no coordination between Colbert Super PAC and the Perry campaign; that would be wrong and illegal. They are as separate as church and state under a Perry Administration." -- Stephen Colbert


Rock-The-Voter News

·         Education secretary says he feels ‘very badly’ for children in Texas schools

·         White House orders agencies to cut their budgets

·         Did Biden’s loquaciousness spark a fight in China?





This Is Why The Rich Get Richer


 Large employers expect big increases in healthcare costs in 2012, and say they'll pass more and more of those costs on to their workers. That's the result of a new survey by the National Business Group on Health, a trade group for these large companies.




"Michele Bachmann said that when she is president, gas prices will come down to less than $2 a gallon. When asked how she’ll make that happen, she said she'll hunt down the CEO of Exxon and stare at him." –Conan O'Brien




Crack In The Texas Tea Pot


Let's just say Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas and 2012 Republican presidential nomination candidate, is 3-for-3, and not in the most laudable kind of way, to put it diplomatically.



The White House is pointing out that all presidents take vacation. Teddy Roosevelt took trips to Long Island, Harry Truman would go to Key West, and George Bush would go to Legoland. - Conan




Subject: If McCain Was President


The goddamn Democrats would have been fighting tooth and nail every effort to eviscerate the safety net instead of acquiescing to its evisceration because Obama supports it.

Vince - Costa Rica





Georgetown makes up with Chinese team after bench-clearing brawl


Business News

·         China confident in U.S. economy: vice president Xi

·         Morgan Stanley cuts global growth view, eyes ECB

·         Starbucks CEO "stunned" by aftermath of his call to boycott




Subject: If We Had President McCain


The population of Canada and many other countries would have gone up QUICKLY. Peace, Dan


But, but, but....Sarah Palin says abstinence works!


Hoosier Judge: Teenage Porn Is OKey Dokey


An Indiana judge has ruled that racy photographs posted online by teenagers should be considered free speech, and are therefore protected by the United States Constitution, reports Above The Law. Because of the First Amendment guarantee, schools may not, in any way, discipline students who post lewd photos of themselves online.





Freedom of speech isn't free.


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Odd News

·         China-U.S. basketball "friendly" erupts into brawl

·         Giant lobster avoids becoming lunch and finds home on Coney Island

·         Billowing dust storm engulfs downtown Phoenix

·         Snake bites man in car after yard sale purchase

·         Huge fish spurs call to 're-reverse' Chicago River


 A scuba diver takes a picture as a four meter giant manta ray swims just outside Hanifaru Bay of Maldives' remote Baa Atoll, August 11, 2011. Every year, hundreds of whale sharks and giant manta rays gather for their annual feeding frenzy of plankton in July and August, in the geologically unique Hanifaru Bay. For reasons of conservation, Maldives is likely to shut down Hanifaru Bay to divers, making this the last season divers can see this one-of-a-kind phenomenon. Photo/Tan Shung Sin

Best wishes for a peaceful weekend.


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