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Obama Makes Surprise VP Choice!




Clinton Is VP Favorite Among Delegates
CBS News, NY - 8-19-08
(CBS) Senator Hillary Clinton is by far the favorite choice for the number two spot on the Democratic ticket, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll of ...


In Musharraf’s Wake, US Faces Political Disarray
New York Times - 8-19-08
Pervez Musharraf on Monday after announcing his resignation as the Pakistani president, as he left his offices in Islamabad

Oil's Washington juggernaut
CNNMoney.com - 8-19-08
Under fire for high gas prices, the industry is spending record amounts on influence in Washington. Plus: How it's playing in the presidential race.


Musharraf will always be known by his countrymen as "The George Bush of Pakistan." - Grant Gerver, www.seriouskidding.com




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Iraq Natural Gas Negotiations


Iraq is in the final stages of negotiations with a large global oil company on a joint venture to produce and export natural gas, Oil Minister Hussain al-Shahristani was quoted as saying on Tuesday...Shahristani did not mention the name of the company involved.

Disturbing News


Iraq Election Workers

Masked gunmen ambushed a bus carrying election workers in southern Iraq yesterday, killing two of them, including an official known for resisting interference by Shi'ite religious extremists, authorities said...






Republican-Shenanigans News





Subject: Vice President for Obama


Hi Lisa,

What is wrong with American Democrats?

The second most popular Democrat behind Obama is Hillary Clinton and no one else can bring more votes to Obama as his vice president. Period.

Today I saw an article on Obama's short list ( Evan Bayh, Joe Biden and Tim Kaine on short list to run with Obama
New York Daily News) and it really disturbed me. Who are these people? Never heard of them.

I live in London and I bet either of the Clintons could be elected to the top office of many European countries  (if possible!) and your American Democrat party won't even consider her for VP. Where is your loyalty to two people who have done so much, not only for their country, but the world?

Lisa, you recently wrote that Democrats are masochists. I think you are very right.

I hate for your country to elect another Republican, because life was better in Europe while Clinton was president. That is why he is so popular here.

If I can forgive Prince Charles for marrying his mistress--then Americans can forgive Bill for cheating on Hillary.

What a shame your country does not appreciate the Clintons.

What a bloody shame.



Thank you for writing, Liz.

Life was much better here in the states under Clinton, too.

I can't blame the Democrats completely. I lay some blame on our media who have continuously bashed the Clintons from day one.  Our mainstream media resembles your Fleet Street.

What can we expect from the U.S. media who were more interested in a Monica Lewinsky than a Valerie Plame?



Rock-The-Voter News

Harry and Louise Return to Stir Up Health Care Debate

The National Federation of Independent Business has teamed up with several other organizations to sponsor a health-care advertisement to be televised during the Democratic and Republican national political conventions.

The ad will feature "Harry and Louise," who became famous in the early and mid 1990s for their roles in ads to defeat health care reform.


Biz-Tech News


Russia says that their pullout of Georgia begins today. One guy. Going out for some decent borscht. – Will Durst


Bush-Prison-Torture News

Go-F**k-Yourself News


Why you shouldn't go kite boarding during a tropical storm - YouTube





No evidence has emerged to support claims made last week by two men who said they found the corpse of a seven-foot-tall (two-meter-tall) Bigfoot—an apelike creature of North American legend—in the woods of northern Georgia.




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A finished eyeglass frame lies next to rolls of movies in Zakarias Tipton's workshop in central Budapest on August 5, 2008. Tipton, with his brother, makes so-called 'cinematique frames', recycling strips of famous movies into trendy eye glasses.
Photo/Karoly Arvai