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POWER OUTAGE TRACED TO DIM BULB IN WHITE HOUSE  The Tale of The Brits Who Swiped 800 Jobs From New York, Carted Off $90 Million, Then Turned Off Our Lights

By Greg Palast

I can tell you all about the ne're-do-wells that put out our lights tonight. I came up against these characters -- the Niagara Mohawk Power Company -- some years back. You see, before I was a journalist, I worked for a living, as an investigator of corporate racketeers. In the 1980s, "NiMo" built a nuclear plant, Nine Mile Point, a brutally costly piece of hot junk for which NiMo and its partner companies charged billions to New York State's electricity ratepayers...

Utility deregulation possible villain in blackout
Newsday - 8-16-03
... modernizing its power systems. "We do not need any more deregulation of the energy grid," she said. Mohammed Safiuddin, professor of ...

Blackout Investigators' Backgrounds Vary
Guardian, UK - 8-16-03
... mathematicians and computer specialists have started to comb through hundreds of millions of pieces of data in an effort to reconstruct the largest blackout in ...

Greg Palast says it all--Power Outage Traced to Dim Bulb in the White House.





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Dean Hartwell's Perspective:
Show Up and Stand Out


What if a group held a debate and one of the participants did not show up?

This question presented itself to me recently at a local chamber of commerce meeting. I attended the meeting planning to debate in opposition to the recall of Governor Gray Davis of California against a recall here for more

The 'Zero Dropout' Miracle: Alas! Alack! A Texas Tall Tale

ROBERT KIMBALL, an assistant principal at Sharpstown High School, sat smack in the middle of the "Texas miracle." His poor, mostly minority high school of 1,650 students had a freshman class of 1,000 that dwindled to fewer than 300 students by senior year. And yet — and this is the miracle — not one dropout to report!...In February, with the help of Dr. Kimball, the local television station KHOU broke the news that Sharpstown High had falsified its dropout data...

Man on Motorized Bar Stool Pulled Over
Wed Aug 13, 2003

RENO, Nev. - Police pulled over a man on a bar stool — after a slow-speed pursuit on one of Reno's busier streets.
It started Monday when an officer saw a man riding the motorized bar stool at 35 mph. He was being followed closely by a woman in a Mustang.
Both driver and rider were pulled over.

Why do I think Anita Beer was involved with this?

"As this gets closer, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a lot of challenges ahead of him. At some point he's going to have to pronounce the word 'gubernatorial.'" —Jay Leno

Graphic by BH48

Savage Beatnik
Infoshop News - Aug 9, 2003
... Savage was recently fired after he told a prank caller, who he characterized as a "Sodomite," to "get AIDS and die." MSNBC's hiring and firing of Savage has sparked more interest in his counter-culture past. Prior to reading a July 10 San Jose Mercury-News article about Michael Savage's counter-culture past

Have you visited ?

"President Bush came to California today. He's here to try and raise money. Good luck. What are we, $38 billion in debt? We should be hitting him up for some dough." —Jay Leno

I just needed to see a picture of a family who is decent. Enjoy.


"Republicans in the Texas State Senate have voted to fine Democrats $5,000 a day to force them to return [from] New Mexico. They've been hiding out in New Mexico to avoid voting on some bill ... $5,000 a day. Hey, if Democrats had that kind of dough, they'd be Republicans." —Jay Leno


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