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Cartoonist Fired for Critical Cartoons of Israel - Malcolm Evans Worked for the New Zealand Herald (one of his cartoons below)

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Sacked cartoonist stands firm
The Age, Australia - 8-15-03

Dumped award-winning cartoonist Malcolm Evans said he would take the same stand regardless of the subject of his cartoon if he was directed by an editor on what he could and could not draw...
Cartoonist sacked after being accused of anti-Semitism - Sydney Morning Herald

Aussie cartoonist draws fire, New Zealand -

Israeli doctor writes of appalling human and medical condition in refugee camps

By Zvi Bentwich


Last Saturday I took part in the Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) visit to the Nur A-Shams refugee camp on the outskirts of Tul Karm. Once again, I was struck by the appalling human and medical conditions there. There is an acute shortage of medication and routine treatment for chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure and arthritic problems...


The writer is an internal medicine professor at the Hebrew University's medical school and a member of Physicians for Human Rights.

In the Fired Cartoonists Own Words -

I received this in a newsletter from Daryl Cagle-Lisa

Dear Daryl -
Thanks so much for taking the time to drop me a line. The response to my situation has been overwhelming and so, while on the one hand I have never felt so alone, at the same time so surrounded by friends.
I am by nature, as I think many of our fraternity are, a relatively solitary person and so didn't go looking for this fight. However, as you correctly report, it came looking for me in the form of an ultimatum, that I must desist from supplying anti -Israel cartoons to the paper, if I wished to remain employed.

A New Zealand paper fires a cartoonist for being critical of Israel.  The Secret Service investigated a conservative cartoonist, Michael Ramirez (LA Times), for a cartoon he did of Bush.

All Hat No Cattle is now even more devoted to kicking butt and taking names. 


Blackout's cause eludes experts
Sacramento Bee, CA - 8-15-03
... Bush said he suspected that the nation's electrical grid ...While terrorism was swiftly ruled out by President Bush and other officials, there was scant indication of what had caused the outage, which began on the cusp of Thursday's afternoon rush hour in Eastern cities...


Ok, let me get this straight.  Bush said this wasn't an act of terrorism, but he suspected the nation's electrical grid?  So h is  now an electrical engineer, too? Oy vay!

Dave's Top Ten things overheard during George W. Bush's vacation

10. "This vacation is flying by -- only 33 days left"

9. "Dang, Springer's a rerun"

8. "These margaritas are weapons of mass destruction"

7. "Whoever's in charge really screwed up the economy"

6. "My God! Mars is coming right at us!"

5. "Don't worry, George. In 17 months, you'll have the longest vacation of your life"

4. "Better start making stuff up for the State of the Union Address"

3. "I'm itching to declare another war"

2. "Proceed with 'Operation Letterman.' Make it look like an accident"

1. "Sitting around doing nothing reminds me of being president"


Sent in by Doc

"Have you heard of this porn star named Mary Carey who is running for governor? Carey is running on a platform of taxing breast implants, which, of course, are California's largest natural resource." —Jay Leno

(AHNC Photo-SandTrapCam)

Pay cut plan outrages Bay Area relatives
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - Aug 14, 2003
Washington -- The Pentagon wants to cut the pay of its 148,000 U.S. troops in Iraq, who are already contending with guerrilla-style attacks, homesickness and 120- degree-plus heat...

       Troops face pay cut - Bennington Banner
       Troops Face Pay Cut -


"President Bush is on a 35-day vacation, and before he left he had his annual physical and it turns out his cholesterol now is lower than his approval rating." —David Letterman



"It's very interesting when you think about it, the slaves who left here to go to America, because of their steadfast and their religion and their belief in freedom, helped change America." —George W. Bush, Dakar, Senegal, July 8, 2003

Dubya's view of history is quite different from the Africans who were ripped away from their loved ones and got lucky to be slaves for rich white men in "Merica. Lord, save us from this megalomaniac.


Pic sent in by Doc. Thanks Dude.

Today's Top Five Headlines on

If Bush Really Wants to Investigate the Cause of the Largest Blackout in American History, He Should Start with the Vice-President, Tom DeLay and Himself - A BuzzFlash News Analysis

Bush Cartel Was Informed that Democracy in Iraq Might be Impossible At This Time

The bottom line: Anytime you hear an elected official say the word "deregulation" - hold onto to your wallet. 8/15

The Northeast Blackout, The Largest Outage in History, Happened on Bush's Watch. Now, You Know How Gray Davis Feels Battling the Bush Cartel Utilities.

From the Archives: Labor Leaders and Dems Blamed Deregulation for the Deterioration of the Electrical Grid. Cheney and the Bush Cartel Pushed for More Deregulation. Now the Biggest Blackout in History. It's the Bush Legacy in a Nutshell. 8/15

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And you think you had a bad day yesterday?

People were stuck in this roller coaster ride at Cedar Point

Amusement Park in Ohio when the lights went out in Sandusky.








Power Coming Back Slowly in US, Canada
Voice of America - 8-15-03
Power is slowly being restored Friday, across the northeastern United States and Canada, where a huge power grid failure cut electricity service to 50 million people from New York to Toronto to Detroit.
US, Canada Struggle to Recover from Blackout Reuters
US and Canada battle more power outage chaos Channel News Asia

San Jose Mercury News, CA - 8-15-03
... The East's blackouts may boost Gov. Gray Davis' efforts to beat a recall ... New power
plants and transmission lines are not keeping pace with demand. ...
       It could happen here, expert warns - San Francisco Chronicle
       Blackout grounds several West Coast flights - Oakland Tribune














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A computerized reconstruction of the face believed to belong to famed Egyptian beauty Queen Nefertiti is seen in this handout photo issued Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2003. Built from a mummy discovered by British Egyptologist Joann Fletcher, the face is revealed as part of a Sept. 7, 2003, program on the Discovery Channel following Fletcher's work in uncovering what she believes is the tomb of Nefertiti. (Discovery Channel, HO)






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