August 14  2003  Evening Edition

Electricity Out in NYC, Many Other Eastern Cities
ABC News - 8-14-03
At about 3:45 pm ET, people in New York City, Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio, Albany, NY, Detroit, and parts of New Jersey reported power outages. In Canada, Toronto and Ontario also suffered outages. Most cell phone service was also affected.
Power Outage Shuts Down Some Travel
Power outage hits Ottawa, Toronto Forbes

Eastern blackout cripples major centres
CBC Edmonton, Canada - 8-14-03
... One report says the Niagara-Mohawk power grid is overloaded, and that
could be the explanation for the power outage. However, it ...
Businesses shut, commuters scramble
MSNBC - 8-14-03
“Right now the power outage is affecting all of our operations. We have no buses, no trains, no subways running....

The Child Tax Credit May Not Spur Huge Back-to-School Spending ...
ABC News - Aug 13, 2003
... will receive a total of $1,200, plan to spend their refund ... million checks to families getting up to $400-per-child tax credits as part of President Bush's ...

Actor gets expert help on finance: Warren Buffett
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - 8-14-03

... A Democrat, Buffett slammed the Senate's recent lifting of the dividend tax and backed Hillary Clinton's bid for the New York Senate seat. Those stands could come back to bite Schwarzenegger if they turn off conservative Republicans....

       Buffett Joins Schwarzenegger Campaign as Adviser - Washington Post

Candidates find help in Calif. race
BY VINCENT J. SCHODOLSKI-Chicago Tribune- 8-14-03
LOS ANGELES - (KRT) - California's gubernatorial recall election started looking a little less crazy and a bit more like a real political campaign Wednesday... PeteWilson is co-chairman of the actor's campaign...Wilson also backed legislation that deregulated California's electricity industry, which many say led to the state's energy crisis...

The Conan Confidence Can Collapse California.  Hiring Warren Buffet is a great move but hiring Pete Wilson as campaign manager (the last governor who deregulated energy prices that led to Enron and others raping the pocketbooks of Californians) was a typical Republican move.  Nothing will change for the better under a Governor Conan.  Gray Davis was elected.  Californians need to abide by the will of the people, not fall through a GOP loophole. Vote no recall.

 Fair and Balanced Healthcare?

George W. Bush does get U.S. healthcare for life , including care of his face cysts, as a Presidential Benefit.



U.S. injured soldiers don't

get healthcare for life, for war related injuries, as a veteran benefit.


We Report. You decide what is fair and balanced.

Bluffton vet fights red tape
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, IN - Aug 13, 2003
Since his discharge last October, Stiffler has relied on payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs, or VA, to provide for his wife and toddler son. .. because his disabilities were more serious than doctors originally thought - he ran up against a vast medical bureaucracy. The wait for final disposition of his disability claim and appeal took seven months, a timetable that the VA concedes would have been even longer if it wasn't prompted to act by inquiries from The Wall Street Journal....

You mean all electricity isn't powered by oil? Uh, oh.

Thousands walking the streets
CNN - 8-14-03 6;01pm et
NEW YORK (CNN) -- A massive power outage ... in Ottawa, Canada, and spread to Cleveland,Ohio, Detroit, Michigan, New Haven, Connecticut, and other locations ...

Power Outage Hits New York and Beyond - 8-14-03

A massive power outage has unexpectedly darkened New York and most of New York state as well as other Northeast American cities including Toronto, Ottawa, Detroit and Cleveland.
Blackout Hits Parts of Eastern US, Canada Reuters
Dollar slips after power blackouts hit eastern US Forbes





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