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Reid ad: Angle 'too extreme'
The ad features Bill Ames, President of the Peace Officers Research Association of Nevada and a Republican, saying Angle "goes way over the line...


Georgia Republican Jack Kingston: Palin should butt out of primaries
A candidate promoted by Sarah Palin went down in Georgia's runoff election Tuesday night -- and now one of the state's Republican congressmen is saying she

Obama figure removed from NJ boardwalk game
Operators of a boardwalk game in the town where the MTV reality show "Jersey Shore" is filmed have removed a caricature of President Barack Obama.


Everyone is talking about Steven Slater, the flight attendant who cursed at a passenger, grabbed two beers, and slid down the escape slide, which may be the best resignation ever. In fact he’s so good at quitting, they’re thinking about making him the next governor of Alaska.- Jimmy Kimmel




The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Passing The Buck


Christopher Crowley, USAID director in Iraq, said the push for Iraqis to take over the U.S. victims aid program is part of a general trend for all American assistance programs here. The U.S. is "seeking a larger contribution from the (Iraqi) government to these programs so they will become more sustainable as time goes on," he said.

But the move is rankling some Iraqis. Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari has criticized the U.S. for rushing to cut ties to Iraq, saying: "Their message to us is: 'Solve your problems quickly so that we can withdraw quickly.'"


Wouldn't be surprised to discover that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are being counseled by Brett Favre. - Will Durst





Disturbing News

How To Make Enemies


 A crowd of about 300 villagers yelled "Death to the United States" and blocked a main road in eastern Afghanistan on Thursday as they swore that U.S. forces had killed three innocent villagers, officials said





Republican-Shenanigans News

Imam Outreach


The imam behind controversial plans for a mosque near the site of the Sept. 11 attacks is being sent by the State Department on a religious outreach trip to the Middle East, officials said Tuesday, in a move that drew criticism from conservative lawmakers..."We have a long-term relationship with him," Crowley told reporters, noting that Rauf had visited Bahrain, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar in 2007 and went to Egypt last January as part of an exchange program run by the State Department's Office of International Information Programs.




The National Council of La Raza honored Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) in 2007 for his work on immigration. “We are going to solve this [immigration] problem,” Graham said that night. “We're not going to run people down. We're not going to scapegoat people. We're going to tell the bigots to shut up, and we're going to get this right.”

Now, Graham talks about immigrant women giving birth in the United States as a “drop and leave” calculation — as if describing animals.

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"This flight attendant really went crazy. The good news: terrorists are now afraid to fly." –Jay Leno

Rock-The-Voter News


Gibbs Unapologetic To Lefties


White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Wednesday he might have said things differently when he lashed out at liberals he called the "professional left" and suggested some of them should be drug tested.

But he told his daily White house briefing that he's certainly not leaving his job over the remark, as at least one Democratic congressman has suggested.


The Mexican Supreme Court ruled that all Mexican states must recognize same-sex marriages registered in Mexico City. So men can now marry in Mexico, but they still can’t honeymoon in Arizona. - Jimmy Kimmel




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Biz-Tech News



They call themselves sovereign citizens, U.S. residents who declare themselves above state and federal laws. Many don't register children's births, carry driver's licenses or recognize the court system.

Some peddle schemes that use fictional legal loopholes to eliminate debt and avoid foreclosures.



Bush-Prison-Torture News


Congress has recessed until September 13th. Recess. Gotta love that. Sounds like a bunch of 8 year olds. Come to think of it, kind of apt. -Will Durst


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The annual Perseid meteor shower is already putting on an excellent show, and the celestial fireworks have yet to peak. The main event is tonight. Meanwhile, a delightfully tight configuration of planets graces the evening sky.

Rarely has there been a better time to go out, look up and enjoy easy-to-watch cosmic spectacles.

Across the Northern Hemisphere, the best time to watch the Perseid meteor shower will be tonight through the pre-dawn hours local time Friday, regardless of where you live. Weather permitting, patient sky watchers could see a shooting star every minute or so. Photo/NASA




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