August 11  2003  Monday

Iraq violence spreads
Hartford Courant, CT - 8-11-03

... gasoline stations and rationed fuel in an effort to contain the violence. ... the reconstruction and security efforts by the British-run administration in Iraq's ...
       Protests escalate in Basra on second day of violence - Kansas City Star
       Shortages, rising heat ignite fury in Basra - Toronto Star
       Southern Iraq protests grow - Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Public Citizen Launches 'White House for Sale' Website
Cybercast News Service - 8-11-03

Capitol Hill ( - A new website launched Friday will track donations to President George Bush's reelection campaign that the creators of the site claim violate the "spirit" of campaign finance laws. Campaign finance law experts call the group's complaints "much ado about nothing."

Business as Usual for Chemical Plants
Washington Post, DC - 8-11-03 By Gary Hart

In the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the Bush administration, working with Congress, moved quickly to shore up homeland security in some of our most critical areas. Airports are now safer, and some municipal water supplies are better protected. But the government has failed to plug a gaping hole in homeland security: our vulnerable chemical plants. ...

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It's been 691 days since the flightsuit-in-chief said he'd get Osama bin Laden dead or


Al-Qaida rallies as Iraq takes the heat
The West Australian, Australia - 8-11-03
... There are about 160,000 United States military in Iraq but only 11,500 in Afghanistan and the shadowy Task Force 20 - the original "Osama bin Laden hunters ...

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Bush sings "I want it now" from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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193 Candidates Will Compete in Special Vote for California Governor
Voice of America - 8-11-03
A special election campaign is under way in California, where nearly 200 candidates hope the state's residents will vote the governor out of office and choose one of them to succeed him.

Gray Davis looks for 'green' campaign support Contra Costa Times
Poll: Californians set to recall Davis CNN



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"Yellow Bush of Texas"

to "Yellow Rose of Texas"


By the Best of the Best in Dubya Humor - MadKane

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 There's a yellow Bush in Texas, that's where he loves to be.
 Where Dub can dodge the media, evading scrutiny.
 He cries so when he leaves there, it nearly breaks his heart.
Let's help him lib'ral voters, from Crawford never part.

 Dubya's hiding out in Texas, where he so loves to flee.
 He drags his top aides with him, to swelter in the heat.
 Loves to torture pals and press and staff, with runs that tax the heart.
 Survivors get a tee-shirt, but they cannot wait to part.

 Dubya keeps the money flowing, fund raising from the right.
 They pay big bucks to see him, though Dubya's not too bright.
 They know that he'll remember where he got those piles of dough.
 A promise of returns so great, their wealth will quickly grow.

 An elitist little hustler, from Texas so he claims.
 His eyes are small and squinty, they darken when he's blamed
 For his speeches which are packed with lies, and manifold misdeeds.
 Cause the yellow Bush of Texas, just cannot take the heat.

 But soon we're going to bounce him, for the man has got to go.
 We'll say good-bye to Cheney, and Ashcroft and Karl Rove.
 We'll celebrate so gaily, when we're rid of right wing hoods.
 And the yellow Bush of Texas finally's Crawford-bound for good.

 © August 10, 2003 Madeleine Begun Kane. All Rights Reserved.


"If Arnold is elected, you know who I'd feel sorry for? The people on death row. Imagine, you're about to be executed, the governor calls, you think it's your reprieve, and you hear 'Hasta la vista, baby.'" óJay Leno



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Business as Usual for Chemical Plants, By Gary Hart

The Lying and Deception Just Gets More and More Brazen. This Time It's the Perversely Named "Healthy Forests Initiative."

Bush's great American farce 8/11

GI Killed, Two Hurt in Iraq Bomb Attack 8/11

Molly Ivins: There is a feel of something more creepy than just bad policies 8/11

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Losers still trying to win the Civil War

Why do Southerners always reenact the Civil War?  Are they hoping to finally win?





The planet Earth and it's moon momentarily safe from Bush and his WMD.