July 7  2003

Is Bush a Shoo-In for '04? Not Yet

While his popularity seems unassailable now, any of several issues could still turn voters against the President if he isn't very careful
BusinessWeek - 7-7-03

... Now comes George W. Bush, the first President since 1876 to lose the popular vote and still win the office through the Electoral College. Granted, the 2000 election seems like a lifetime ago, and Bush's ratings soared to unprecedented heights post-September 11. Even today, after two wars, three years of a bear market, an economy that continues to sputter, Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction still AWOL, and U.S. troops being picked off one by one daily by Iraqi guerrillas...

 US "twisted" intelligence on Iraq: investigator for CIA - SpaceDaily

WASHINGTON (AFP) Jul 06, 2003
A former US ambassador who investigated reports that Niger sold uranium to Iraq said Sunday that the US government exaggerated the threat to justify the war in Iraq.
"Based on my experience with the (Bush) administration in the months leading up to the war, I have little choice but to conclude that some of the intelligence related to Iraq's nuclear weapons program was twisted to exaggerate the Iraqi threat," Joseph Wilson wrote in a New York Times opinion piece on Sunday...

Sky News, UK - Jul 4, 2003

... While the Americans have been unable to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the world's biggest internet search engine is also having problems.
Users who type Weapons of Mass Destruction into Google and then press the I'm Feeling Lucking option find themselves redirected to a page called These Weapons of Mass Destruction Cannot Be Found.
It is the same kind of page that is displayed when you incorrectly type in a web address.
It continues: "The weapons you are looking for are currently unavailable. The country might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your weapons inspectors mandate."
It suggests you press the refresh icon - the "regime change button" - or try again...






Don't Send me Yellow


"Instead of criticizing Presidiot Bush for his poor choice of words when he said 'Bring 'em on,' perhaps we should offer him some alternatives. I suggest Dubya should have said, 'Come to papa.'" - Anita Beer at the Dean Meetup and Bush Beatup.

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Zelda's Archives

Today's cartoon was inspired by wondering how long Americans will continue to believe Bush's lies and distortions.

Lisa and Zelda,

I firmly believe that George W. will steal another election unless we all are able to get the word to large numbers of American voter that we are in danger..

Please always remember. 'Regime change begins at Home'...

Michael W.

Dear Michael,

Thanks for writing.  I have been trying to get the word out for close to three years.  I even took in a partner, the fabulous Zelda Morgan, who is much more savvy than myself to continue this "crusade against the unrighteous right".

With readers like yourself we may be able to return to the America when votes are actually counted.



Search for WMD Finds Bomb on Internet
Mon Jul 7,2003
LONDON (Reuters) - A Web site lampooning the United States' inability to locate weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (news - web sites) has become one of the biggest hits on the Internet.
The site, which is designed to look like a genuine error message -- replete with "bomb" icon -- is the top result when "weapons of mass destruction" is entered into one of the Web's top search engines, http:/www.google.com....

"We just couldn't find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  Is that why we are in Liberia now?"








This image shows an impression of the possible scene from a moon orbiting the extra-solar planet in orbit around the star HD 70642. Astronomers said Thursday July 3, 2003 they have discovered a Jupiter-like body circling a distant star in a planetary system like ours, an intriguing discovery that raises the prospect of someday finding a planet resembling Earth.

We are not alone.