July 6, 2204 Tuesday

NY Post picks wrong running mate for Kerry
Newsday, NY - 7-6-04
The New York Post, in a front page gaffe reminiscent of the 1948 headline wrongly announcing President Truman's defeat, proclaimed Tuesday that Democratic ...

Bush-Cheney campaign welcomes Edwards to race, launches new ad
WIS, SC 7-6-04

..The new Bush ad seeks to paint Kerry's selection Edwards as a second choice. The 60-second commercial titled "First Choice" shows McCain speaking when he campaigned with Bush..


Maybe Dubya will wear his flight suit in the first debate.



Q. What's the difference between George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein ?

A. It took Saddam 20 years to get that unpopular.






I wonder who leaked that misinformation to the Post?





What do golf and Florida elections have in common?

Low score wins.


Republican Shenanigans

Media Reform Information Center

Reward veterans with better fate than homelessness
Houston Chronicle, TX - 7-5-04
There is a yawning chasm between the reverence and gratitude this country expresses for the men and women who fight on the battlefield to defend US freedom and ...

The War President


PBS News Reports More than 16,000 Wounded and Injured from Iraq War
Bill Moyers

The national press missed this blockbuster on June 18: the Pentagon confirms more than 16,000 U.S. service members have been wounded or injured in the Iraq War. DoD failed to report 11,000 soldiers who were wounded or injured. The TV networks and newspapers failed to follow-up on this major scoop….

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Good News

Senate panel faults CIA's prewar work on Iraqi arms
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - 7-6-04
Washington -- The CIA was told by relatives of Iraqi scientists before the war that Baghdad's programs to develop unconventional weapons had been abandoned ...

Odd News

A large portion of the eastern Sahara is seen during one of the two "high apogee" revolutions of Gemini XI. The view is to the eastward looking across portions of Algeria, Niger, Chad, and most of Libya. (NASA/Handout)