'We need to make America once again a beacon in the world'
Guardian, UK - 7-30-04
... And in this journey, I am accompanied by an extraordinary band of brothers led by that American hero, a patriot called Max Cleland. ...

Kerry 'a brother in arms'
San Diego Union Tribune, CA - 7-30-04
BOSTON – Max Cleland, the disabled Vietnam veteran who illustrates the hostility that many Democrats here feel toward the GOP, introduced John Kerry ...
Bush Criticizes Kerry's Achievements
Dunn County News, WI - 7-30-04
... Bush also contrasted the longtime government service of Dick Cheney to Edwards, a first-term senator. "I appreciate my running mate," said Bush. ...

It is nice to have heroes again.

"Have you heard about this movie, 'The Manchurian Candidate'? Pretty scary. It's about a guy who gets a chip implanted in his head when he was in the military and then runs for president and the big corporations tell him what to do. Do you really need a chip for that? Just send in a big campaign contribution. That'll take care of it, you don't need the chip." Jay Leno


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 Military Could Be Swing Vote For Kerry




It was gratifying to see the parade of military veterans turn out in support of John Kerry at the Democratic National Convention this week.

Kerry’s exemplary military service and the ringing endorsements from men who served with him in Viet Nam and from a cadre of retired brass should lay to rest the laughable Republican Party claim that Kerry would not be a capable U.S. Commander in Chief.

But it won’t.

This neo-con gang is the same bunch who had the brazen audacity to attack the service record of fellow Republican John McCain during the presidential primaries four years ago. They’re the same bunch who belittled the wartime sacrifice of triple-amputee Max Cleland two years ago in their vicious, deceitful campaign to replace him as U.S. Senator from Georgia.

They are of the same ilk as Sen. Joe McCarthy in the ’50s and other far right, fear-mongering demagogues before and since, who believe in one overriding political tenet: Lie, and lie often.

They believe if they throw enough crap on the electorate wall, some of it will stick. And for the 25 percent or so of U.S. voters who will back conservative candidates and causes no matter what, the attacks and outright lies about Kerry’s service record and regarding his potential as Commander in Chief will work for the neo-cons. They can count on the far right voter turnout that they already had locked up, and maybe pick up some undecided voters who don’t bother to research candidates and base their decisions on televised campaign ads.

For the other 70 percent or so of voters, the military support shown for Kerry this week should have considerable impact.

Cleland’s impassioned, stirring speech of introduction for Kerry last night will be repeated again and again on websites devoted to veterans’ causes.

The foreign policy and military strategy-tinged endorsements Wednesday night by retired generals Wesley Clark and John Shalikashvili will be noted in quiet discussion in the halls of America’s service academies and war colleges, as well as by their colleagues still serving in the highest ranks of the armed forces.

And the personal recollections by Kerry’s boat crew in Viet Nam will be conversational fodder among the enlisted ranks of today’s service personnel, as well as in V.F.W. and American Legion halls across the nation. Imagine the exchanges occurring over the bar at your local V.F.W. post.

Frank: “Kerry won three Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star and a Silver Star while commanding a swift boat in Nam.”

Joe: “My man Dubya served in the Texas Air National Guard during the Viet Nam war. But he was in Alabama most of the time working for Republican candidates’ campaigns, so nobody saw much of him on Guard duty.”

Frank: “This one sailor said Kerry saved his life – pulled him out of the water under heavy fire. Some of his crew members described him as a decisive leader who they were willing to follow because they knew he would take a bullet for them if had to.”

Joe: My man Dubya just fell off his bicycle for the second time in a few weeks.”

The military vote – active, reservist and retired – was pretty much in Bush’s corner two years ago. But it isn’t any more.

Many All Hat No Cattle readers are service members, former military or family members. They regularly e-mail AHNC to express dismay over the Bush Administration or to send articles, graphics and other material critical of the self-proclaimed “War President” and his highly questionable service record.

The swell of discontent with Bush among active and former military voters could prove to be the deciding factor in his defeat. And many of the active personnel will vote by absentee ballot, so there will be a paper trail to check.          

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"The Democrats kept mentioning that John Kerry is a decorated war hero, but did you know that Dick Cheney has a purple heart. Did you know that? It's from eating steaks, not from the military, but hey!" Jay Leno

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Chinese in uproar over attack at U.S.-Canada border

By John M. Glionna
Los Angeles Times 7-30-04

The victim is a Chinese tourist who recently was attacked during an outing to Niagara Falls, on the U.S.-Canadian border. But the suspect isn't any violent criminal or quick-hit mugger. The man who allegedly punched Zhao Yan repeatedly and doused her with pepper spray was an inspector with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security….

 Tour de Crawford by Tom Toles


"John Edwards gave his speech, and I thought he did a great job considering he was a last-minute replacement for John McCain!"
"In fact, Edwards' speech was so good, when he finished, the delegates awarded him $80 million plus punitive damages!"
Jay Leno

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"A bunch of brand new electronic voting machines down in Florida actually malfunctioned two years ago during a local election, leaving absolutely no way to do a recount and erasing any proof that anybody actually voted. You ever noticed we never have any trouble with Lotto machines? Why is that?"

"Apparently, Florida bought these new machines from the same company that makes those machines you see in supermarkets, where you try to pick up the stuffed animal with the claw." -
Jay Leno

Florida GOP Advises Some to Vote Absentee
Guardian, UK

Friday July 30, 2004 3:01 AM

By BRENT KALLESTAD Associated Press Writer

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Republican Gov. Jeb Bush has tried for months to persuade Florida voters touchscreen voting machines are reliable. His own party apparently hasn't gotten the message….

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