July 30  2003

Saudi Sunshine

Washington Post - 7-30-03

THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION'S refusal to declassify a 28-page section of the congressional 9/11 report dealing with Saudi Arabia has touched off a round of allegations -- most notably, that the secrecy protects Saudi sensibilities, not American security. The charges are not coming only from Democrats keen to criticize the administration. "My judgment is 95 percent of that information could be declassified," said Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.)...


Niagarafallsreporter.com 7-30-03

"There seems to be a systematic strategy of coddling and cover-up when it comes to the Saudis." -- Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.

DETROIT -- The coddler-in-chief, the supreme protector of the Saudi regime and the man responsible for covering up the deeds of those mangy desert dogs who breed, finance and foster terrorism is President George W. Bush...

The Kingness of Mad George
Guerilla News Network - 7-30-03


...Imagine also that 28 key pages in that report related to Saudi Arabia were blacked out. Mr. Bush's people apparently thought that redaction was the better part of valor, considering that the bin Laden and Bush families and the Saudi Oil Princes all go back so profitably for decades. The Presidency is temporary, but big oil money is eternal...


The secrecy of this White House is never ending.  It goes beyond the 9-11 report.  W still won't release the Reagan presidential papers. My bet is that there is plenty in there about the Saudi Arabia ties to the republican White Houses. 







Casino Pam of the

Sands Oasis Resort

"My name is ZeldaM and I am an addicted gambler."

"Hello, Zelda!" the crowd responded.

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The Dangers of Nose Picking

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War Criminal and now Environmental Destroyer


Bush, the rainforest and a gas pipeline to enrich his friends
Plan would enrich Bush corporate campaign contributors
By Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles 30 July 2003

President George Bush is seeking funds for a controversial project to drive gas pipelines from pristine rainforests in the Peruvian Amazon to the coast.

The plan will enrich some of Mr Bush's closest corporate campaign contributors while risking the destruction of rainforest, threatening its indigenous peoples and endangering rare species on the coast.

Among the beneficiaries would be two Texas energy companies with close ties to the White House, Hunt Oil and Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR), a subsidiary of Vice-President Dick Cheney's old company, Haliburton, which is rebuilding Iraq's oil infrastructure.

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Judge violating '11th Commandment'

By George McEvoy, Palm Beach Post Columnist

I wouldn't presume to edit the Ten Commandments, but sometimes I wish there were an 11th, reading: "Thou shalt not mix religion with politics."

For instance, there's Roy Moore, who is chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. He is seeking to bring his fight for his religious views -- symbolized by a 5,300-pound chunk of Vermont granite -- all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court...

This is an aerial view showing a Palestinian village inside the West Bank, surrounded partly by a fence Israel is building. The first 245 kilometer (150 mile) barrier is actually cutting off thousands of Palestinians from their land and jobs on the other side of the fence. Palestinians accuse Israel of using the fence, which is built largely on thousands of acres of seized Palestinian farm land, to annex territory in the absence of a final peace agreement.

Jewish Settlements Lead Israeli Growth
Wednesday July 30, 2003 4:19 AM

JERUSALEM (AP)- The population in Jewish settlements in the West Bank - a major focus of contention between Israelis and Palestinians - grew three times as fast last year as in Israel as a whole, the Central Bureau of Statistics said Tuesday...

...Under the U.S.-backed ``road map'' peace plan, Israel is obliged to stop construction in its 150 West Bank and Gaza Strip settlements and dismantle all the settlement outposts it has erected since March 2001.



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   SUBJECT: Email from yesterdays issue


I had to send that jackass from Motorola a note...thought I would share it with you so I am pasting it in here...

While you are pursuing all those who threaten life and liberty you need look no further than the right wingnuts you seem to fancy. They would stifle free _expression, as the Bush administration and their ilk erode the Bill of rights...what, we must sacrifice our freedoms in order to protect and preserve them? Who are the Nazis in this country...those who rule by coercion and fear (phony terrorist alerts) and obsession with secrecy (Bush's executive order granting executive privilege to the Vice president, thus obscuring the role the current (and former i.e. VP Bush) office holder has had in manipulating government policy for personal gain...that's who. I guess you just prefer fascism to Liberalism.

hi girls hilarious.... you have my permission to publish my email
to william and his response....

dear william


saw your email at all hat and no cattle website. I would like to know more about liberal/democrat/nazi connection. that sure seems a distortion of reality that has not even tiny bit of basis. some would call it psychotic.



It was on a talk radio show. I don't have any specifics as it was several weeks ago but many of the correlations between liberal Democrats (especially the Clintons), what they said in speeches and things that they stood for were represented and compared to the Nazi party and were strikingly similar.
That's all. Sorry I cannot give any specifics as I cannot recall all of them. I was just stunned as the examples were being given. I don't want to use my work email for things like this as it may have repercussions. I sent the email to this site the other day because I was opposed to it's content and felt strongly enough to do so. Motorola allows use of their email and Internet on breaks as long as they are within guidelines and I may have overstepped those so I do not wish to continue with these emails. Please understand, thank you.

Will Rosensteel
-"Rosensteel William-MGI3410" wrr@motorola.com
Motorola Systems Analyst

"Life, liberty, and the pursuit
of all who threaten it."

I received several emails from Motorola employee Will Rosensteel yesterday, they are posted below - Lisa


I would appreciate it if you would remove my email address from the post that you so nicely pasted on your website. Had I known you were going to show it to the world with my return email address I would not have even bothered. I cannot be taking or fielding email messages while I'm at work. And yes, in answer to your question, Motorola does allow me to view these sites as long as it is on my break and I'm not viewing anything inappropriate.

Will Rosensteel
Motorola Systems Analyst
"Life, liberty, and the pursuit
of all who threaten it."


Dear Motorola employee,

What? You don't want to be responsible for what you do? Remember, you wrote me.

I take responsibility for what I say and do, online and offline.

I suggest you do the same.



BTW - I'm a registered Libertarian and you never said you were going to post it to the world. If you want to leave the email up - fine, do so, but please remove the reference to my work email.

Will Rosensteel
Motorola Systems Analyst
"Life, liberty, and the pursuit
of all who threaten it."


Whatever is sent to me or any other website belongs to the receiver.
You give Libertarians a bad name---most Libs I know show a higher degree of repartee and surely they know how the Internet works.

I have received many responses to your posted email.
Tune in tomorrow.



Maybe so, but I don't think you have a right to post my email message without my prior knowledge. I'm not going to get into this with you as I am now basically defenseless because I made the mistake of using company email. I'm asking you to please remove my email address from your site. You can keep the post all you want. I work for the I.T. dept here, I can easily have my email changed by our admin if you are unwilling to do this. And no, I will not tune in tomorrow or any further from this point.

Will Rosensteel
Motorola Systems Analyst
"Life, liberty, and the pursuit
of all who threaten it."

I didn't bother answering the last email from Will at Motorola.  Will seems to think that an email he sends to me is his private property.

All I can further say about Will is that he seems to be masochistic.  He keeps writing me and others using his computer at work.  Anyone know the price of Motorola stock?  If he has the time to answer all these emails, I might consider working for Motorola and then I could publish my website while at work.

I received many more emails about Will at Motorola but only posted a sampling . I bet he got his email changed today.








The planet Jupiter and four of it's moons. Will is being transferred there by Motorola.