TGIF/Weekend edition - July 3-5 , 2009



Cheney discussed media inquiries into Plame leak
The Associated Press - 7-3-09
WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Dick Cheney talked with top White House officials about how to respond to reporters' inquiries into who leaked the identity


Republicans to Bachmann: Fill Out the Census
CBS News - 7-3-09
Bachmann, a Republican, complained the forms are "very intricate" and "very personal." She also expressed concern about the possible involvement of the

Palin clashed with McCain staff over secessionist party
Seattle Post Intelligencer - ‎7-3-09
Tensions between Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and senior staff on Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign staff are in the news again this week

The world would be a safer place without Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman.

A Republican Governor Quits! And it's not Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina

ABC’s Fall Lineup to Feature ‘Real Angry Wives of Politicians’

Governor Sanford has admitted to more indiscretions. Most of the pundits agree that he is not gonna be able to tango his way out of this mess. - Laugh Lines



The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Meanwhile Back In Iran


A top Iranian cleric said Friday that some of the detained Iranian staffers of the British Embassy in Tehran will be put on trial, and he accused Britain of a role in instigating widespread protests that erupted over the country's disputed presidential election.





Disturbing News


Dear GOP: "Turn out the lights, your Party's over..." - Grant "Brad" Gerver


Messengers Refuse To Be Shot


Here is a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. Washington Post business side marketers are apparently promising lobbyists "access" to journalists and public officials -- at dinners at Publisher Weymouth's house -- in exchange for big money, about $25,000 per meal..

But a newsroom spokesperson now says the editorial side knew nothing about it and would not take part.




Republican-Shenanigans News

Mrs. Sanford Speaks


"Mark showed a lack of judgment in his recent actions as governor. However, his far more egregious offenses were committed against God, the institutions of marriage and family, our boys and me," Mrs. Sanford said in a statement



In the past few days Michael Jackson died, Farah Fawcett died and now Karl Malden has died. You know, I think this is God’s version of “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!” - Laugh Lines




Republicans are upset over a comedian becoming a senator, but they had no problem with a B-movie actor becoming president?- Laugh Lines


Rock-The-Voter News

Imitation Is The Highest Form Of Flattery, Republican Style


 Les Otten, a 2010 Republican candidate for the governorship in Maine, is getting slammed by the state's Democratic party for launching a campaign Web site that looks eerily similar to that of Barack Obama's 2008 campaign Web site.





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Biz-Tech News

Lost Then Found


British researchers have announced the discovery of a rare original copy of America's Declaration of Independence — just in time for the Fourth of July.



Bush-Prison-Torture News

So What's The Father of Sarah Palin's Grandson Up To?


When Levi Johnston strolls through the lobby of the Mandarin Oriental on a recent morning, even the well-trained hotel staff can’t help but giggle. He emerges from the elevator carrying a giant hockey bag and two battered, taped-up sticks.




Go-F**k-Yourself News



Today is Friday, July 3, the 184th day of 2009. There are 181 days left in the year.

On July 3, 1863, the three-day Civil War Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania ended in a major victory for the North as Confederate troops retreated.

In 1971, singer Jim Morrison of The Doors died in Paris at age 27.


In 1988, the USS Vincennes shot down an Iran Air jetliner over the Persian Gulf, killing all 290 people aboard.


One year ago: The Pentagon announced it had extended the tour of 2,200 Marines in Afghanistan, after insisting for months the unit would come home on time.




I had a thong tattooed on me so I'll never need underwear. - Seriouskidding Bumper Sticker Division




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Odd News

To Help You Deflate Photo



The winner of 'The Best Job in the World' competition, Ben Southall (L) of Britain, carries his girlfriend Breanna Watkins in their house on Hamilton Island, about 950km (590 miles) north of Brisbane, July 1, 2009. Southall beat 15 other finalists in the tourism promotion competition aimed at attracting visitors to Australia's northeast tropical state of Queensland. He won A$150,000 ($110,000) and the role of 'Island Caretaker' on the Great Barrier Reef for six months. Photo/Queensland Tourism/Eddie Safarik


Happy Fourth of July America!





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