TGIF/Weekend edition - July 28-30, 2006



Rice shares ASEAN stage with furry green frogs
Reuters - 7-27-06
KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - It began with a head-butt and ended with Asian domination of the world -- and in between ...



Bush Cites Iran's Role in Lebanon Conflict
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 7-27-06
WASHINGTON - President Bush declined Thursday to criticize ... Hezbollah guerrillas in southern Lebanon, and gave a sharp condemnation of Iran's role in the ...

Blair to visit Bush over Mideast turmoil
San Jose Mercury News,  USA - 7-28-06
... Snow said it was likely Bush and Blair would discuss strategies for ending the crisis, including proposals for the makeup and mandate of a ...


Too bad the Israelis and Lebanese people couldn't enjoy Condi's piano recital, but it would have been so hard to hear over the exploding of bombs.



Condi Rice refused to agree to a cease-fire in Lebanon at a summit in Rome Wednesday. She really stood her ground. If we have learned anything, it's that this administration stands for certain principles, and cease fire isn't one of them. ---- comedian Argus Hamilton







The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


You'd think that with all the disasters overtaking the world, Condi Rice would be far too busy to play Brahms or Shostakovich at a piano recital (and to do all the practicing essential to ensure a respectable performance.) But apparently Condi has some time on her hands:

Hey Condi, When They Asked You To Be A Hands-On Secretary of State, This Isn't What They Meant
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Like Rice, I'm a well trained musician.
But if I were in Condi's position,
I wouldn't think it vital
To play a recital,
When working t'wards peace was my mission.

My Condi Rice song parody is here and my music related humor is here.






“Condi shops for couture on 9/11,” a hypothetical - By Margie Burns



Gayety Not Allowed


A gay sergeant with vital Arabic language skills was expelled from the US army after an investigation based on anonymous email rumours, it has been claimed.
Bleu Copas, 30, says his dismissal was unjust even within the terms of the military's controversial "don't ask, don't tell" policy, a compromise
introduced by Bill Clinton in 1993 after he failed to lift the ban on gay people in the armed forces.



"You know Ann Coulter? She was on CNBC today and she said 'Bill Clinton is gay.' Please, just because she's the only woman on the planet he wouldn't have sex with doesn't make him gay." --Jay Leno




Hmm, Check the Photo and See the "Gesture"


European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana (L) gestures as he chats with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at the 13th ASEAN Regional Forum in Kuala Lumpur.


Link repaired!




Disturbing News


Conservatives Without Conscience



John Dean, the White House lawyer who famously helped blow the whistle on the Watergate scandal that drove Richard Nixon from office, says the country has returned to an "imperial presidency" that is putting the United States and the world at risk.

In his new book, Conservatives Without Conscience, Dean looks at Republican-controlled Washington and sees a
bullying, manipulative, prejudiced leadership edging the nation toward a dark era.


"A Tomahawk cruise missile fell off a truck in the Bronx this week. A cruise missile, isn't that unbelievable? You know what that means? There are now more weapons of mass destruction in the Bronx than there are in Iraq." --Jay Leno


Republican Shenanigans



Where's Jeb's Influence?


When President Bush signed the military base closing plan last year, Eglin Air Force Base looked like a winner with the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter set to bring in 2,400 new jobs.

But local leaders and Gov. Jeb Bush's office now say they were misled into thinking the Base Realignment and Closure plan was the last word on major changes at the state's bases. They say were surprised when a plan to move up to 3,400 jobs from Eglin to California's Edwards Air Force Base quietly surfaced this month.



"Condoleezza Rice was in Rome and she visited the Vatican and all the priests were very happy to see her. And everybody kept asking her 'What's it like to be celibate?'." --David Letterman



Rock-The-Voter News






Mike Palecek, former federal prisoner for peace, small-town newspaper reporter, editor, publisher, and the Iowa Democratic Party nominee for Congress, Fifth District, 2000 — will appear on Arts Magazine on WBAI
radio, New York City.

The interview will run Tuesday, Aug. 1 at 2 pm.

Palecek will talk about his new novel, "Terror Nation".

Review in Intervention Magazine by Russ Wellen









Saw this on


An Anthem for Our Times:
"Oh, a storm is threatening
My very life today
If I dont get some shelter
Oh yeah, Im gonna fade away
War, children, its just a shot away
Its just a shot away
War, children, its just a shot away
Its just a shot away..." ~ from Mick & Keith's "Gimme Shelter"





Tie His Tubes


Mocked by comedian and host of "The Daily Show" Jon Stewart for calling the Internet a bunch of tubes, U.S. Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens said on Thursday he is open to appearing on the popular cable television program for a rebuttal...."I have a letter from a big scientist who said I was absolutely right in using the word 'tubes,'" he told reporters. However, Stevens said he had not been invited to appear on the show to respond.


Good News



SOS: John Bolton on a Shingle for sale on ebay!


Click here to see John Bolton on a shingle!


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Katherine Harris Meltdown Update



U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris demanded an apology Thursday from Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean, who during a speech this week likened the senatorial candidate to former Soviet ruler Joseph Stalin...Dean said in Wednesday's speech that Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson is "going to beat the pants off Katherine Harris, who didn't understand that it is ethically improper to be the chairman of a campaign and count the votes at the same time. This is not Russia and she is not Stalin."



New World Order: CHAOS, MURDER, & MAYHEM  -- Grant Gerver






Biz-Tech News



Unsecured Judges


Threats against federal judges are on a record-setting pace this year, nearly 18 months after the family of a federal judge was killed in Chicago...The most notable change that grew out of last year's killings was the decision by Congress to set aside $12 million to install security systems in judges' homes.

About 1,700 judges have asked for the home alarms. Fewer than a third of those, about 500, have received them.

Bush-Prison-Torture News



"How 'bout that Saddam Hussein? I'm beginning to think the guy's wacky. He announced that if he's found guilty he would like to be shot. Sounds like a job for Cheney." --David Letterman




Photo sent in by Susan S.



Take a Bite Out of Brownie



A Mississippi congressman hit back at Michael Brown on Thursday after the former FEMA director described him as "that little twerp."... For that little twerp to claim I didn't recognize death and suffering - he can just bite me, for all I care."


Go-F*ck-Yourself News



The Weather Channel reported Wednesday that the United States was experiencing its hottest July in recorded history. The national weather map looks like an orange hunting vest. We may be frying alive but at least we're safe from Dick Cheney. ---- comedian Argus Hamilton



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Odd News


'Miss Cicciona' : A contestant (not an Italian sausage) takes part in the 18th beauty contest "Miss Cicciona", held every year at Forcoli near Pisa in Tuscany. (Photo/Tiziana Fabi)


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