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Audit: US can't account for $8.7B in Iraqi funds

The U.S. Defense Department is unable to properly account for over 95 percent of $9.1 billion in Iraqi oil money tapped by the U.S. for rebuilding the war ravaged nation..



US Military Investigates Leaked Afghan War Documents
The United States says it is launching an investigation to find out who leaked tens of thousands of classified documents about the last six years of the war in Afghanistan, one of the largest security breeches in US military history.

So, Mr Bremer, where did all the money go?

This article is from July 2005

At the end of the Iraq war, vast sums of money were made available to the US-led provisional authorities, headed by Paul Bremer, to spend on rebuilding the country. By the time Bremer left the post eight months later, $8.8bn of that money had disappeared.


You know, just about every thing that has gone wrong in this country IS Bush's AND the Republican's fault, from the economy, to two failed wars and most obvious to me, a failing health care system.



Do you remember when George Bush gave Paul Bremer  the Medal of Freedom for his handling of the Iraq Reconstruction?




"President Obama and his family are going on vacation in the Gulf Coast next month. Of course, the Gulf Coast is a lovely place to sit back and relax — just ask BP." –Jimmy Fallon



The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

More Energy Wars? Sigh.


The Hezbollah militant group has blared warnings that Israel plans to steal natural gas from Lebanese territory and vows to defend the resources with its arsenal of rockets. Israel says the fields it is developing do not extend into Lebanese waters, a claim experts say appears to be correct, but the maritime boundary between the two countries — still officially at war — has never been precisely set.



"Between the oil gushing, and the collapse of Wall Street and people wishing for the failure of our president, we are doing a much better job of destroying ourselves than a terrorist ever could." - Bill Maher





WikiLeaks has posted over 90,000 classified documents about the war in Afghanistan. The Pentagon is outraged, the White House is furious, but British Petroleum is relieved: “Finally, a leak we had nothing to do with.” - Jay Leno




Disturbing News




"There's a report that Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin are taking their families camping together in Alaska. And it must be true, because Sarah Palin hasn't refudiated it yet." –Jimmy Fallon





Republican-Shenanigans News


Boehner Begs GOP Not To Get Caught


John Boehner begs GOP congressmen to stop partying with pretty lady lobbyists
The House minority leader tells his members it's not appropriate to attend after-hours lobbyist parties



Looks like Tony Hayward is getting his life back. Lot of us thinking too bad he couldn't have gotten Charles Manson's life back.-
Will Durst




Shirley Sherrod Lays Down Condition For Return to USDA

By Don Davis


Rock-The-Voter News


"Democratic Congressman Charlie Rangel was charged with multiple ethics violations. Members of Congress were stunned. They had no idea there was more than one ethic." –Jay Leno




Haiti's New Leader?


Singer Wyclef Jean is considering a run for president of Haiti but has not decided whether to seek a five-year term as leader of the quake-ravaged nation, the musician's family said Monday.


Ads by Google



Biz-Tech News


"Facebook now has 500 million users. The previous record holder was heroin." –Jimmy Kimmel




Target Stores Backs Republican


Here's something Target Corp. isn't advertising in its Sunday circular: The discount retailer is now a major donor to a group backing the Republican candidate for Minnesota governor.


Bush-Prison-Torture News

Commentary: For reporters, the rules at Guantanamo change daily

Read more: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2010/07/26/98146/commentary-for-reporters-the-rules.html#ixzz0usq5l7Yd


The Massachusetts GOP criticized John Kerry for berthing his yacht in Rhode Island saving half a million dollars in taxes. Sounds to me like fiscal responsibility. -
Will Durst

Family Feud, Oklahoma Style


 An Oklahoma judicial candidate is fending off a political attack from his daughter, who has taken out a local newspaper ad urging voters: "Do not vote for my dad!"




Go-F**k-Yourself News


Violence struck at Comic-Con when an argument between two men resulted in one being arrested for stabbing the other with a pen.  There were 80,000 guys dressed as superheroes and no one stepped in to save him. - Jimmy Kimmel



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Odd News

To Help You Deflate Photo



In this picture issued by Decca Records showing the Nuns of the Abbaye de Notre-Dame de l'Annonciation. The Benedictine nuns have signed a major record deal with Universal Music, the company behind Lady GaGa. I hope to God, the nuns, who took an oath of poverty, did not sign over the rights to the Vatican.
Photo/Chris O'Donovan/Decca




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