July 27, 2003 Sunday


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Time for White House

to pin tail on right donkey
Troy Record, NY - 7-27-03

What George Bush's intelligence professed about Iraq seeking to buy uranium from
Niger; how the White House used that information in his now controversial ...
       Bush needs to accept responsibility - Denver Post
       'Iraq Watch' grows from 1-man protest - Billings Gazette
       Demos grow critical of Bush's military policy - San Antonio Express

Democratic failure - Bush , Blair and missing evidence
Jamaica Gleaner, Jamaica - 7-27-03

PRESIDENT GEORGE Bush ... Blair are under serious scrutiny on claims that they deliberately misled their people in attempting to justify the war against Iraq ...
       Italian Troops to Head for Iraq - Deutsche Welle
       OUR CARIBBEAN : No diversion from lies for a war - Barbados Daily Nation


Rice accused over Iraq briefings
The Age, Australia - 7-27-03

... Referring to an annex raising doubts about Iraq's nuclear program, the official
said Mr Bush and Ms Rice "did not read footnotes in a 90-page document . . . ...

       CIA head should be fired for error - Salem Statesman Journal
       Edwards criticizes president on Iraq - Des Moines Register
       Bush Adviser Apologizes Over Iraq Claim - Wilkes Barre Weekender


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"Not all the laundered, drug money in the world can buy some votes." - Queen Thorazine of Presidiot Bush's nightmares.

Dead Man's Cursor - Gruesome Tales of Democracy

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I will beat George Bush in the West . . . in the East . . . in the North . . . in the South. I will beat George Bush in Florida, and I will not need the United States Supreme Court to cast the last ballot.

-Senator Bob Graham (D-Florida)

read his column in the Washington Post

 Jeb Bush's Shenanigans Continue

Jeb Bush signs bill deleting 2004 primary runoff The Tallahassee Democrat

...It is the second consecutive election year that Bush and the Republican-controlled Legislature have suspended the runoff - which has catapulted many of the state's best-known Democratic politicians to office in the past half century.

Traditionally, Florida has held the runoff primary if no candidate received more than 50 percent of the vote in the first primary. However, many GOP lawmakers favor doing away with it permanently - something that could happen in the 2005 legislative session.

Democrats unsuccessfully sought to keep the primary in September, but Secretary of State Glenda Hood, a Bush appointee,...

It looks like Florida is screwed again.

Aren't you looking forward to the 2004 Elections?  I sure am.

Jeb Bush (R-Extreme Nepotism)

Great Flash Animation

Grand Theft America by Eric Blumrich

Christy Musumeci - News Anchor on MSNBC

10:55am central time 7-27-03 Sunday

I was watching her introducing a segment called HOT SHOTS.  As she introduced HOT SHOTS, with a huge smile on her face, I was expecting to see some things similar to the purple panda bear that has been in the news lately.  Instead, I was horrified to see shootings, explosions in Liberia, Iraq.  Flood and earthquake victims...etc.

My God, what have we Americans become when a TV anchor introduces such horror with a smile on her face?

Weird News


Woman Banned for Criticizing Bush's Legs
Fri Jul 25, 8:14 AM ET

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. - A Borders Books & Music store has banned a Baltimore singer-songwriter from performing there after she made an unflattering comment about President Bush (news - web sites)'s physique during a concert at the store last week.

Julia Rose, who is also a fitness advocate, told the audience, "George Bush has chicken legs. He needs to pump some iron."

Sent in by Editerette

Bible Verses Back Up at Grand Canyon
Fri Jul 25, 9:52 AM ET

PHOENIX (Reuters) - The bible is back at the Grand Canyon -- at least for now.

Three bronze plaques inscribed with biblical passages that were removed this month from scenic overlooks at the canyon's South Rim have been reinstalled pending legal advice, David Barna, a National Park Service spokesman, said on Thursday.

Bear Nabbed on Penn State Campus
Sat Jul 26, 6:10 PM ET
Penn State officials had a bear of a day when a young black bruin made its way onto campus....

By the way, AHNC was asked permission by Penn State University, to use a cartoon and website access in one of their political courses online this fall.  I am truly honored.  I hope I'm not used as a BAD example! If not, then I must say GO NITTANY LIONS! ('cept if and when you play Florida State)

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