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Report: Coleman considering bid for Republican National Committee chairmanship
...Coleman lost by 312 votes last year in a grueling seven-month recount, is reportedly flirting with the possibility of running for chairman of the Republican National


Sherrod: Breitbart stirs racists
Former Department of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod said Thursday that Andrew Breitbart knew exactly what effect posting an edited video of her would have with the "racist people he's dealing with."

Glenn Beck Calls NFL Star, Brian Urlacher a "Neo Nazi"
Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck may have just gotten on a very big man's very bad side.
After compiled 33 celebrities and newsmakers in a listed titled "The Blackest White Folks We Know" -- which also included Beck --

Glenn Beck University has opened online. Beck U. Sounds both like what you say and what you resort to after flunking out of Clown College.
- Will Durst




The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam


"The brother of former President George Bush, Jeb Bush, is running for president. Yep, and the campaign slogan is, 'I'm going to finish what my brother started.' So Jeb Bush is running for president. I don't know about the rest of the country, but thank God, ladies and gentlemen, the comedy recession is over!" —David Letterman


BP's Latest Move: Bribing Scientists


LONDON (AFP) – The head of the American Association of Professors accused BP Friday of trying to buy the silence of scientists and academics to protect itself after the Gulf oil spill, in a BBC interview.




Disturbing News

Limbaugh Rants Against Shep Smith At Fox News


Rush Limbaugh is mad as hell at "poor old Shep Smith" and Fox News for falling into a carefully orchestrated liberal trap over the Shirley Sherrod firing: "I hate the fact that these people put me in a bad mood."



Republican-Shenanigans News

Sharron Angle Said God Told Her To Run, Then God Must Really Love Senator Reid


Republican candidate Sharon Angle refuses to answer questions at her own press conference




Rock-The-Voter News


"Political experts and pundits and people who know the Bushes are saying that Jeb Bush is smarter than his brother. That's damning with faint praise, isn't it? Who the hell isn't smarter than his brother, for God's sake?" —David Letterman


I Wonder What The Quarrel Was About?


 A group of US military counter-terrorism advisers have been withdrawn from the southern Philippines after one of them quarreled with a local soldier at a bar, the US embassy said Friday.





Subject: Glenn Beck's eyes


Hi Lisa …
Bob in Ohio is right about Glenn Beck and Ben-Gay. When Beck needs tears on cue, Ben-Gay does the trick.
But Beck’s eye problems are probably not due to Ben-Gay. Risk factors for age-related macular dystrophy include genetics, smoking, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, a diet low in omega-3 fatty acids and dark leafy green vegetables, race, and age (Source: Merck Manual). But not Ben-Gay.
The Merck Manual info leads me to think that Beck is probably not in imminent danger of going blind. In purely human terms, that’s good. Still, I confess I was looking forward to Beck’s having a guide dog that howled along as his master cried, and would snarl and growl at any mention of liberals, Democrats, or Obama.
My guess is that a year from now, Beck will tearfully announce that, thanks to a miracle from God, he has not gone blind. That can only mean one thing: God WANTS you to watch Glenn Beck and Fox News; in fact, your very salvation may depend on it. (He wants you to buy gold, too.)
If Beck does go blind, he will probably be crying at the thought his mother was right: “Put that thing away, Glennie; if you keep doing that, you’ll grow hair on your palms or go blind!”
Do you think his eye doctor is Rand Paul?
Hang in there,

Rick in Connecticut


I found this about the ingredients in Ben-Gay


Methyl-salicylates and menthol are found in many over-the-counter pain-relieving creams.

Symptoms & Signs of overdose
Airways and lungs
No breathing
Rapid breathing
Shallow breathing
Eyes, ears, nose, and throat
Eye irritation
Loss of vision
Ringing in the ears
Throat swelling
Kidney failure
Nervous system
Other (from eating the poison)
Rash (usually an allergic reaction)
Mild burn (in extremely high doses)
Stomach and intestines
Vomiting, possibly with blood


I'm sure Beck has other uses for Ben-Gay which would explain his delusional ways.



Bristol Palin is getting married to Levi Johnston. Sarah Palin is so excited that she can't even make up words to express how thrilled she is." -David Letterman



Selfish Is As Selfish Does


 The Gulf oil spill has replaced most of the shrimp, oysters and crabs flowing into this sleepy coastal hamlet with cash — gobs of it. But if this is a boomtown, it's a bitter one.

Bayou La Batre, population 2,313, has received $8.5 million in BP grant money, more than any other place on the Gulf Coast, but boat operators idled by the spill complain that some of the cash intended to keep them working has gone instead to recreational fishermen and the mayor's brother.



Ads by Google



Biz-Tech News

Shhh. You Might Wake Up The Oil Platform Workers


Vital warning systems on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig were switched off at the time of the explosion in order to spare workers being woken by false alarms, a federal investigation has heard.

The revelation that alarm systems on the rig at the centre of the disaster were disabled – and that key safety mechanisms had also consciously been switched off – came in testimony by a chief technician working for Transocean, the drilling company that owned the rig.




Dumbest Political Quotes of 2010 (So Far)



As Long As There Is Mucho Dinero In Drugs, The War On Drugs Will Never End


 A Mexican law enforcement official who worked with U.S. authorities was charged with passing along classified information to drug traffickers and arranging the arrests of his drug boss' rivals, according to an indictment unsealed Friday.

Jesus Quinones, a liaison to U.S. law enforcement with the Baja California attorney general's office, was among 43 defendants named in the complaint that alleges murder, kidnapping and other crimes.

Chinese View of Sarah Palin





Subject: Idiots


Picture the U.S. as a school bus. The driver is the president and we are the passengers.

When the driver is a republiCANT then the fine, compassionate, conservative passengers sit quietly as the bus cruises along, praising the driver as he speeds, naps , texts his buddies and takes an occasional nip from his hip flask. The democrat passengers will do some backseat driving if they don't like the way the driver is operating the bus but other than some constructive complaining they stay in their seats and hope that the driver will straighten up because they want to get where they are going as safely as possible.

When the driver is a democrat, the republiCANTS run amok, screaming at and picking fights with the other passengers, throwing tantrums in the aisles and take turns covering the driver's eyes with their hands while shouting that they hope that he fails and drives the bus off a cliff.
They evidently don't realize - or care- that their actions impairs the driver's ability to drive and therefore endangers everyone on the bus.

Are they really that stupid and ignorant?

Rick in Texas

Excellent comparison.
Are they that stupid and ignorant you ask?
Hell, yeah.

Republicans have repeatedly crashed the bus. And are doing so now

I just look at Palin, Bachmann, and their ilk and my fears all come to fruition. Now, Palin is making up words? Refuidate? Or some such nonsense.

If the Tea Partiers get out of hand, as Ross Perot did in the 1994 presidential election, the threats will happen. The Perot threat had everything. Perot said he was threatened by the Papa Bush campaign with porn pix of his daughter before her wedding and there was even a fall guy for Bush, who worked for Perot. Perot must have been quite satisfied when Bush lost to Clinton. Or maybe not, considering how wacky Perot can be.

I'm sure they have ammo on Palin, not that she needs any. But even she isn't bullet proof. It'll be interesting to see what she does if she runs for office. I wonder if she realizes that her best allies are the GOP, not the Tea Bags.




The Safest Babysitters In The World. Secret Service Included.


– President Barack Obama's daughters might be growing up in White House, but that does not mean they have to miss out on a rite of passage for American girls -- a babysitting job.




I hope you had a good time today.


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 An undated artist's impression of a concept design released July 8, 2010 shows the exterior of The Mirrorcube, designed by Tham & Videgard Architects,to be constructed on the site of Treehotel in the Swedish village of Harads.
A lofty new hotel concept is set to open in a remote village in northern Sweden, which aims to elevate the simple tree house into a world-class destination for design-conscious travelers. Treehotel, located about 60 km south of the Arctic Circle, will consist of four rooms : The Cabin, The Blue Cone, The Nest and The Mirrorcube. I wonder how the hell do you get up there?

Photo/Bertil Harstrom/Treehotel





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