July 23,  2004 TGIF Edition

The 9/11 Report: Bad News for Bush -- David Corn

The 9/11 report says,

The President was seated in a classroom when, at 9:05, Andrew Card whispered to him: "A second plane hit the second tower. America is under attack." The President told us his instinct was to project calm…

In the Moore film, Bush hardly looks as if he is projecting "calm." To me--and, of course, this is a highly subjective view--he has a what-the-hell-should-I-do expression on his face….


Bush Ducks a Bullet -- For Now
Washington Post, DC - 7-23-04
... on the campaign trail in Illinois, Mr. Bush brushed aside criticism in the report, insisting the commission endorsed the administration's actions since 9/11.". ...

Iran, Saudis Feel Vindicated After Report
ABC News - 7-23-04
TEHRAN, Iran July 23, 2004 — A powerful Iranian politician told anti-American worshippers Friday there was nothing in the US Sept. ...

Come on, November 2!

 “President Bush said today, because of the war in Iraq and the war on terror, the moon is now safer than it's ever been.”  Jay Leno


Dave Casey

The Large Editor - AllHatNoCattle.net






If the Republican Party rebellious ever succeed in dumping crudely-spoken and Halliburton-stained Dick Cheney from the ticket, it raises intriguing questions.

Not just who, but how and when?

Let’s start with the usual suspects. The GOP would love to ensnare John McCain as VP candidate, but the war hero and political icon knows he stands too strong a chance of winning the presidency in his own right in the next eight years to risk linkage to the sins of the Bush administration.

And Colin Powell as VP could secure the election for the Republicans, but he and Bush are light years apart on too many issues for that to happen. It’s far more likely that Powell will be shown the door by the administration or bow out gracefully from his cabinet post if Bush is re-elected, rather than serve as his number two.

So the Republicans likely would have to settle for a far dimmer star who also is without significant controversy or scandal in his past. Let’s see; that eliminates Trent Lott and many other stalwarts of the party’s right wing. That means we might see a Johnny Whitebread-type like Bill Frist or Dennis Hastert.

Or might Republican power brokers get really innovative and try a woman candidate? The party has a plethora of robotic Stepford Wives out there to choose from for such a gamble, ranging from office-holders at state and federal levels to media talking heads. Imagine Peggy Noonan writing her own speeches instead of the patriotic puffery she churned for the Gipper. Imagine Peggy gazing adoringly at Bush as she walks alongside him to state functions. Imagine … no, I can’t go on.

What about the how of VP replacement?

I’ve heard a few longtime Republican friends muse that the most convenient thing (except for the vice president) would be for Cheney’s troubled ticker to take its last tock. They say this in muttered whispers after a few drinks, then glance about furtively to make sure no one from the party apparatus or Department of Homeland Security is listening.

Then the GOP could merrily anoint a replacement out of natural necessity – instead of because of a rising mire of suspected corruption and fear of what offensive, bullying tripe Cheney will utter next.

Or could the vice president actually come to his senses and withdraw for the good of the party? Nah … this snarling, opportunistic street-fighter will go the final round for his continued political existence, vowing to take others down with him if he’s forced out. He’d become the prosecution’s key witness before falling on his own sword.

And when might the big bounce occur? If it does happen – and that’s a big if – would it be at the Republican convention in five weeks or before?

This gets at both the how and when issues. Some political prognosticators say if it happens, if must be soon, as long before the looming convention weekend as possible. Give the fetid air of Cheney’s record a chance to clear before the GOP gala gets underway. A replacement then can be trotted out for public review – and hopefully not much scrutiny – either just before or at the convention, while Cheney is whisked away to an undisclosed location.

Or will the Republican insurgents continue to build their case against Cheney right up to convention time, hoping that outrage within the ranks will swell to sufficient momentum for change?

I don’t pretend to know any answers to these questions, but speculating on them is fun. After years of watching fragmentation in the Democratic Party, it’s great to see cracks appearing in the bulldozing political monolith that the Republican Party had become.    

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"As you know, the presidential conventions are coming up. You know how much time the major networks are going to devote to convention coverage? Three hours. Three hours total. One hour a night for three nights ... to pick a president. That's about one-tenth of the time we devote to finding an 'American Idol.'" Jay Leno

Disturbing News

 Nursery Crimes

George be humble,
George repent,
George change from war
to peace president.

John Grant - Japan

Republican Shenanigans



"President Bush spoke with the Amish. He didn't want to, but it was the only group he could find that wasn't upset about the high price of gas."  Jay Leno

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"The Bush administration announced they want to lift the ban on logging as part of their No Tree Left Behind program." Jay Leno

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“President Bush said he also played a lot of sports as a child, but somehow the records were either lost or destroyed.”  Jay Leno


Subject: Homophobic Republican Hijinks


There is an anti-Kerry web video making the rounds called, "Dems In Love." Over romantic music,
we see animations of Kerry & Edwards holding hands, kissing, etc. Perhaps the abundance of easily
PhotoShop-able campaign pictures was a temptation too strong to resist, or maybe it was the fact that it's beyond the powers of the human mind to imagine Bush or Cheney loving or being loved by anyone.

Still, it's a telling indictment of the Republicans that not only do they oppose gay marriage and gay rights, but, led by their illustrious Ahnold Gröpenfuhrer with his "girlie men," they believe that "gay" is an insult to be freely hurled at anyone whom they dislike. (My 10th grade male students do the same thing.)
Kerry and Edwards should openly call the Repubs on this one — publicly state that they stand for equal rights for all and dare Bush to disavow this video. It's more offensive and potentially more dangerous than the MoveOn.org video with pictures of Bush & Hitler (not to mention much less accurate).
So, are Repubs so pathologically homophobic because of their narrowminded religious values, or are they just emotional 10th graders in a state of arrested sexual development — permanent adolescents?
Does it really matter?

See the video at: http://www.noedesign.com/dev/KerryEdwards/index.html
Two still excerpts attached for your reference.
Peace Now,


Rightwingers are so imaginative, eh?

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Swinburne University of Technology's center for micro-photonics have constructed a model of the Sydney Opera House, seen in this undated photo, that is about half the diameter of a human hair. With dimensions of 64 x 38 x 41 micrometers, or more than a million times smaller than the real Sydney structure, the model was built from a hybrid material of glass and polymer by firing intense laser light into the matter in a liquid state to create what to the human eye appears as an almost imperceptible dot, but under an electron microscope it contains the detail and the beauty of the iconic Sydney harbor side structure. (Swinburne University)