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Lou Dobbs and the canard over President Obama's birth
Los Angeles Times - 7-22-09
Dobbs suggested he had reached no conclusions, before barreling ahead with questions about why Obama hasn't produced "his birth certificate, the long form,


Investigator: Palin Broke Ethics Rules
CBS News - ‎7-21-09
At least 19 ethics complaints have been filed against Palin, most of them after she was named the running mate for Republican presidential candidate John


Palin fights back against ethics charge
Politico - 7-22-09
Sarah Palin is aggressively pushing back against reports that claim an independent investigator has found evidence she



"According to a new poll, 42% of Americans say they would vote for Sarah Palin for president in 2012. They also said they'd support her decision to step down in 2013." --Conan O'Brien


The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Cyber Wars


-- The federal government is at risk of being unable to fight off attacks on the nation's computer networks unless it strengthens its cyber-security work force, according to a report released Wednesday.


"The governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, is stepping down from office. Will no longer be the governor of Alaska on Sunday. So right about now, Sarah Palin should be taking her grizzly bear head off the wall and packing it in bubble wrap." --David Letterman




Disturbing News

Pentagon Propaganda


The Pentagon did not violate a federal prohibition on propaganda by using retired military officers to tout the Bush administration's war policies in the media, congressional investigators said Tuesday.

At the same time, the report by the Government Accountability Office said the use of military analysts by the administration prompted legitimate questions from members of Congress and the news media about whether defense contractors with commercial ties to the retired officers received favorable treatment in procurement decisions.


"Happy birthday to former Senator Larry Craig from Idaho. Sixty-four years old. And if you are wondering where the celebration is, well, it's in the stall with the yellow balloons." --David Letterman



Republican-Shenanigans News


"Gov. Sanford is still trying to recover from his sex scandal. This is the latest. This weekend, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford wrote an editorial apologizing for his behavior. I'm not sure he's sincere, though, because it starts out, 'Dear Penthouse.'" --Conan O'Brien

The Sad Effects of Conservative Constipation



Former Miss California Carrie Prejean, who got canned from her beauty queen job for not showing up to her contractual obligations, is writing a book.

It will be called “Still Standing" and it's due out in November.

"Still Standing," despite, we assume, those nasty winds that exposed her breasts during that photo shoot.

Wanna bet the book is about her being the victim of a liberal media that hates beautiful conservatives like her and tried to make her look really, really dumb?




Rock-The-Voter News


Ads by Google



Biz-Tech News

Bush Going To South Korea


 Former US President George W. Bush will visit South Korea next week to speak at a forum on the global economic crisis, organizers said Wednesday.

Bush will be a special guest at the meeting hosted by the Federation of Korean Industries in the southern island of Jeju from July 29 to August 1, the federation said in a statement.




"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the United States will build two nuclear plants in India. And here's the weird part about those power plants. They're going to outsource all the jobs to Americans." --Jimmy Fallon

Bush-Prison-Torture News




"It was that fateful day in July that we planted the Stars and Stripes in the lunar surface, officially claiming the moon as America's space Puerto Rico. It was all ours. It was the culmination of a dream. ... It took us ten years, astronauts' lives, billions of dollars, and all we did is hit a f***ing golf ball? ... I can't help but think, if only there'd been Moon Indians. By now, we'd probably have hourly shuttles to the moon casinos that we had to give them as an apology for the terrible Earthpox epidemic of 1973." --Jon Stewart


Go-F**k-Yourself News




Subject: Health care costs


Hey Lisa,
I'm not really sure why there is so much controversy to paying for
health care. I have paid for public education for all of my adult life
even though I don't have kids and never gave it a second thought because
I realize the alternative: ignorance. Just my opinion, but I consider
the right to health care in the same league with education. Everybody
should have it. Not really sure why the government can mandate car
insurance but not health insurance. As I said, just my opinion.


P.S.- Hope your son is good


I couldn't say it any better: Not really sure why the government can mandate car
insurance but not health insurance.


And yes, my son is good. The excellent healthcare he is receiving in China is a small fraction of what it would have cost here.





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Uros people stand near their reed homes as they watch tourists visiting the Uros island on Lake Titicaca June 24, 2009. The Uros islands are a group of 70 man-made totora reed islands floating on the lake, the world's highest navigable lake at over 4,000 meters above sea level. Lake Titicaca, on the border of Peru and Bolivia, is top on the second phase of an online public poll for the globe's "New 7 Wonders of Nature" campaign.
Photo/Mariana Bazo




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