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US had forged documents in 2001
Australian Financial Review Jul 22 03

... Forged documents which are at the centre of a dispute over the quality of Washington's intelligence in the build-up to war with Iraq were passed on to the United States as early as the end of 2001, a US lawmaker said in an interview on Sunday.

US President George Bush used the documents, now shown to be clearly false, as evidence that Saddam Hussein's Iraq sought to procure uranium for an alleged nuclear weapons programme from the west African country Niger.

The opposition Democrat lawmaker Henry Waxman told the Italian daily La Repubblica he had spoken to a variety of different sources who had shown him that the documents were passed on to Washington at the end of 2001.


Berlusconi May Tighten Grip on Italian Media (Update1)
Bloomberg - 7-22-03

... Berlusconi, through his Fininvest stake, earned about $163 million in 2002 dividends from his three publicly traded companies, according to Bloomberg calculations. Mediaset dividends represented two-thirds of the total. The media tycoon is the world's 45th richest man, worth $5.9 billion, according to Forbes magazine's 2003 rankings.


Bush stays close to home and raises $7 million with new speech
International Herald Tribune, France - 7-22-03

... Bush could not resist tweaking the members of the news media as they stood in the blazing sun awaiting a glimpse of a Crawford tradition: the president, driving his white pickup truck, arriving to pick up his guests. As he passed a collection of sweating American and Italian reporters, Bush, showing his compassionate-conservative side, rolled down his window, waved, and said, "Let me turn down my air conditioner - how y'all doing out there?"








Mount Menopausal

"I find myself irresistibly attracted to Pat Robertson. Is he married or single? I want a date with him. Did you know he owns his own diamond mines? And to think I once considered a charge account a Zales as a high point on a man's list." - Anita Beer at Zelda Morgan's "I am now a gold-diggin' forty-niner" Hash and Stash Birthweek Bash By the Sea.

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Lying about taking our country into a dirty war pales compared to the nightmarish horror of lying about a blowjob.

The uranium from Niger letter was a lie. They lied to the United Nations in our name. Does this compare to covering up and denying a private frailty in a
public arena?
-Zelda Morgan May 10, 2003
Damn Terriers column


Zelda was way ahead of the U.S. media on this story, eh?


"I think all foreigners should stop interfering in the internal affairs of Iraq.
Those who want to come and help are welcome, those who come to interfere and destroy are not."
-Paul Wolfowitz (R-Foreign Invader)


Bush taking money from U.S. POWs to rebuild Iraq

Judge puts limit on spending of Iraqi money to protect claims of tortured POWs
Monday, July 21, 2003

Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON -- A federal judge ordered the government to retain for now more than $650 million from assets taken from the Iraq government in order to guarantee compensation for 17 American former Persian Gulf War POWs tortured by their Iraqi captors.

A Treasury Department spokesman said Saturday the order, restricting almost half the roughly $1.4 billion in Iraqi money still held in a New York account, will have no affect on transfers to Baghdad already scheduled as operating expenses for the emerging Iraqi government.



UK scientist inquiry could topple senior figures
MSNBC -7-22-03
The 72-year-old judge has begun an inquiry into the apparent suicide of a government scientist caught up in a row over the case for war in Iraq, which has become the biggest political crisis of Prime Minister Tony Blair's six-year ...
The witch hunt against the BBC Working for Change
Independent Inquiry Will Probe Death Of UK Adviser Cybercast News Service


I overheard this comment at a recent "cocktail party" I attended. " The UK scientist was probably approached by MI5 (the Brit's version of our CIA) and he was told to either commit suicide or we will eliminate your family."

Here's an interesting story I found in a Scottish newspaper about close friends, and their reactions, of the dead scientist.

Gloves off in village that wants answers on death


SOUTHMOOR is one of those English country villages which fits the description tranquil like a glove. Yesterday, the gloves were off...




It was Bill Clinton's fault!


...Speaking up for the Bush administration, House Speaker Dennis Hastert said on the same program that the decision to include the sentence "was made by the speechwriters and by the folks in the White House" using various intelligence sources that were thought reliable. If it wasn't, he said, much of the blame falls on former President Clinton...










European Space Agency's handout photo issued Sunday July 20, 2003 of a view of the Earth and Moon pictured by Europe's Mars Express spacecraft on its way to the Red Planet from a distance of 8 million kilometres (4.97 million miles). The dramatic picture was taken on by Mission controllers pointed the spacecraft's high-resolution stereo camera towards the Earth as they carried out instrument checks. The image shows true colours, revealing the blue Pacific Ocean and white and grey clouds. Mars Express is due to reach the Red Planet in December, when Beagle 2 will detach from the mothercraft and parachute down to the surface. The landing is scheduled for Christmas Day. The Earth and Moon picture was taken on July 3, 2003. (AP Photo/European Space Agency, HO)