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Judge accuses CIA officials of fraud, unseals secret files
Kansas City Star - 7-21-09
US District Judge Royce Lamberth also ordered former CIA director George Tenet and five other CIA officials to explain their actions or face potential..


Pair gave Secret Service 'fits'

Yahoo! News - 7-21-09

Underage drinking, disregarding "strong suggestions" from the U.S. Embassy, regular appearances in Vogue fashion spreads — the Bush twins made more than their fair share of national headlines

Limbaugh: "I want to be known as the man who saved America from subprime health care"

Media Matters - 7-21-09

From the July 20 edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Rush Limbaugh Show:


"President Obama recently said that the best way to pay for his health care plan is to raise taxes on people like him. As a result, the government is raising taxes on all half-Kenyan, half-Kansan presidents who were born in Hawaii." --Conan O'Brien





The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam






Concealed Weapons


A measure taken up by the Senate Monday would give people the right to carry concealed weapons across state lines as long as they obey the concealed gun laws of the state they are visiting.


Disturbing News

Have A Beer, Get Flogged


 An Islamic court in Malaysia has sentenced a Muslim woman to be flogged with a rattan cane for having a beer in a nightclub, a court official said Tuesday.

It is rare for a woman in Malaysia to be sentenced to caning — a punishment usually reserved for men in various crimes ranging from rape to bribery.




"I know where I'm going to go on my next break. I'm going to the C Street House in Washington, D.C. You know what this is? It's kind of a frat house for Christian congressman, where they live and pray together and counsel each other on how to adhere to the nine commandments." --Bill Maher




Republican-Shenanigans News

Another Day Another Ethics Complaint


 Another ethics complaint was filed against Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on Monday — less than a week before her resignation — alleging she failed to submit complete gift disclosure forms in a timely manner.

The complaint filed with the attorney general is the 19th ethics grievance against Palin, who responded via Twitter postings that the filings came from a "serial complainer" intent on abusing the political process.





"Yesterday, Sonia Sotomayor's questioning finally came to an end. Sotomayor said that she had received a 'gracious and fair' hearing. Her exact quote was, 'Thanks a lot, you old honkies. I'm outta here. You can kiss my a**.'" --Conan O'Brien

Rock-The-Voter News

Obama Says He's Frumpy


Sometimes even one of the most powerful men in the world has to answer to the fashion police..."I hate to shop. Those jeans are comfortable. And for those of you who want your president to look great in his tight jeans, I'm sorry. I'm not the guy," Obama added.





Nixon always said that Reagan was a dumb son of a bitch. And, you know, I think that he was...and I really think George W. is dumber. – Oliver Stone


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Biz-Tech News


Over the last 30-odd years, Democrats have moved to the right, and the right has moved into a mental hospital. - Bill Maher




"I got the fried chicken and potato salad!" – Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, joking about how he might bring more diversity into the Republican Party.

Bush-Prison-Torture News


'We Do Not Advocate Attempting to Glue the Leader of the Free World to His Chair' - Gorilla Glue Company




Go-F**k-Yourself News


"It looks like healthcare reform really is gaining momentum and is going to happen. Now of course Republicans say the plan is too confusing, too convoluted, but you know, these are the same people who say they can make sense out of a Sarah Palin speech." --Bill Maher



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A Navy jet from the Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia passes an apartment building during tactical demonstration flyover as part of the 2009 Chrysler Jeep Superstores APBA Detroit Gold Cup race, Sunday July 12, 2009 along the Detroit River in Detroit.
Photo/The Detroit News, Steve Perez





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