July 21  2003 Monday

Intelligence quagmire: How to gauge the new IQ
Christian Science Monitor - 7-21-03

... CIA Director George Tenet has accepted responsibility for the most controversial assertion - Bush's ... and in some areas expanding," WMD programs. ...
       Bush missed WMD dissent in report - The Statesman
       Report shows experts had reservations about claims - Duluth News Tribune

Genuine anti-Bush is Graham

Palm Beach Post, FL - Jul 19, 2003

... The problem is George W. Bush." He accused the administration of secrecy on every issue, beginning with Vice President Dick Cheney's energy task force, and ...

Democrat ad questions Bush credibility
CNN - 7-21-03

... The Democratic National Committee has been raising money through an e-mail campaign
that started July 10 to help pay for an ad that sharply questions President ...







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" ... Solution number 1137: Everybody send a case of pretzels to the White Palace. Solution number 1138: Require all presidents ride Segways. Solution number 1139: Ask the White Palace to make another stem-cell decision ..." - Anita Beer during the Reading of the Solutions Ceremony, an integral part of any Scrawl Brawl. Over twenty-two hundred solutions were offered this year.

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From: ADavis1527@aol.com

Not too funny

I agree that the weekend toon wasn't funny.  Not all political cartoons are meant to be funny.  Thanks for writing and visit us again---we really are funny most of the time.


I would say I love you two,but that's just another four letter word to me,so let me say how much i respect your intelligence,
live long and prosper,in all that you do.

Kathleen's husband

ps You make me laugh,keep it up.

Dear Kathleen's husband,

We are ready, willing and able to make you/us laugh.  The above email felt otherwise--oh well, probably a republican.

At your service and Kathleen's too,




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A combination of cartoon and great rhyme

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 Elephants Demand GOP Mascot Change

I asked the question below around noon and quite a few responses--I also located a recent website where you can comment on the cartoon  (see below)

Has anyone seen the story or cartoon of Bush with a gun to his head, taken from this  famous Vietnam photo? I saw a report on CNN but didn't catch the cartoonists name?

Email if you have a link please.  lisa@allhatnocattle.net

The cartoon is a Ramirez cartoon in the LA Times for July 20th, and can be viewed at their web site.


Thanks for the quick and accurate reply Steve.  click the button

Two coiffed anchors on MSNBC were discussing the Ramirez cartoon, when the male co-anchor said to the female co-anchor, "That cartoon was taken from a Vietnam era cartoon, right?"  The bimbette answered "That's right.", gleefully, I might add.  MSNBC should hire people who actually have a sense of history or the sense not to make an incorrect statement concerning one of the most well known photos out of the Vietnam War.


Howdy Ladies!

I found the cartoon you requested from a link on www.mediawhoresonline.com  (another admirable site) zap to Drudge zing to The LA Times. Read the

Drudge suggests that the Secret Service may be investigating a "threat".

A "threat" to free speech, no doubt.

Enjoy the "shock and awe" of the artist with the cajones (and the paper to publish). Let freedom ring!

Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much.  We have such fabulous viewers!

When I saw the MSNBC report, those over-coiffed anchors did mention something about the Secret Service wanting to investigate but their details where vacuous. I guess editorial cartoonists are on the Homeland Security  list.

Uh oh.

Post your opinion at the site below:

LA Times stirs up controversy with cartoon
Infoshop News - 7-21-03
Has the LA Times taken a bold step for freedom of speech, by printing a cartoon in their Sunday depicting the assassination of Emperor Bush? Will the incompetent goons at the Secret Service get all bent out of shape over this editorial cartoon? What does it say about the deepening crises surrounding George W. Bush when major American newspapers are boldly dissing the president?



Artist Convicted of 'Blasphemy'
A Polish artist who exhibited an image of a man's penis attached to a cross broke the Roman Catholic country's law on blasphemy, a court has ruled, according to Poland's top-selling daily on Saturday.










Mars Global Surveyor image of the Charitum Montes mountain range. Earth and Mars will come as close to each other as they ever can on August 27, in a rare astral meeting which occurs only ever 60,000 years (NASA File)