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Saddam's weapons bluff aimed at Iran - FBI reports
Reuters - ‎7-2-09
Saddam Hussein believed Iran was a significant threat to Iraq and left open the possibility that he had weapons of mass destruction rather than appear vulnerable, according to declassified FBI documents on interrogations of the former Iraqi leader.


Sanford backs out of vow to release records to AP
AP - 7-1-09
COLUMBIA, S.C. - South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford has backed out of a promise to release personal financial records to the media proving he did not use state money for trips to see his mistress...

Limbaugh suggests Jackson died because of Obama
Salon - 7-2-09
Thanks to the eternal vigilance of radio host Rush Limbaugh, we already knew that President Obama has the US on a march towards socialism


 “President Obama was so upset about the Iranian crackdown…that he told the Iranian diplomats that they would not be invited to the Fourth of July party. … And I said, well, by God, that will teach them right there.” - David Letterman




The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam


"I think it's become very clear that Dick Cheney is now in full blown stage 4 Balzheimers. I believe that his nuts now may be the size of baby elephants." - Jon Stewart




"Where we go we will stay, and where we stay, we will hold, build and work toward transition of all security responsibilities to Afghan forces." — Marine Corps Brig. Gen. Larry Nicholson on a major operation involving 4,000 U.S. Marines to clear out Taliban insurgents in southern Afghanistan.



Ode to Mark “Sweet Talker” Sanford
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Dear Sanford, you need to stay mum
Cuz your statements are dumb as they come.
Tell me: Why would your wife
Take you back in this life,
When your soul mate’s another? You bum!




Fox News Will Destroy America (With Bin Laden’s Nukes?) To Save It - Wonkette



Disturbing News




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Republican-Shenanigans News


Republicans fail to see the humor in a comedian elected to Congress, but they have no trouble supplying the late night comics with material. - Laugh Lines




I'm A Runner: Sarah Palin - Slideshow from Runners World



Let's not all act shocked that the new Miss California is also against gay marriage. Of course they're conservative. They're beauty pageant contestants. If they were liberals, they'd be in college. - Bill Maher



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Just What Florida Doesn't Need, Another Ethically Challenged Governor


Attorney General Bill McCollum and Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, Republican and Democratic rivals respectively in the 2010 race for governor, are now the targets of ethics complaints charging that they used state airplanes for personal travel.







Rock-The-Voter News

The Christian "Skull and Bones" Society?


 For years, the brick facade of a three-story house near the Capitol has functioned as a shield for the lawmakers who live and pray there, offering sanctuary from the temptations of political life — and discretion for those who succumbed.

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford blew away much of the privacy of the place over the past week, revealing he had confided in his "C Street" friends, a collection of current and former lawmakers




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Biz-Tech News


"Here, the message must be sent that Mr. Madoff's crimes were extraordinarily evil and that this kind of irresponsible manipulation of the system is not merely a bloodless financial crime that takes place just on paper, but it is instead ... one that takes a staggering human toll." -- U.S. District Judge Denny Chin after sentencing Bernard Madoff to the maximum of 150 years in prison


Interesting Business Move By Putin


 Russia closed down its casinos overnight as gambling was banned nationwide...Vladimir Putin, now prime minister, came up with the idea in 2006 when he was president after the Interior Ministry linked several gaming operations in Moscow to Georgian organized crime.

The Kremlin plans to restrict gambling to Las Vegas-style gaming zones in four rarely visited regions deemed to need investment



Bush-Prison-Torture News


"Eradication is a waste of money. ... It might destroy some acreage. But it just helped the Taliban." _ Richard Holbrooke, the U.S. envoy for Afghanistan, in announcing the U.S. was phasing out its drug eradication efforts in Afghanistan in favor of interdiction and alternate crop programs



Compare and Contrast: A Woman With Pneumonia Goes to The Local Clinic



Go-F**k-Yourself News


An artist in Wales received a $33,000 grant to create plaster casts of women’s buttocks which will be shown in an exhibition about cultural attitudes towards female tushes. The museum hosting the buttocks exhibition is appropriately called the Guggenheinie.

 - Laugh Lines


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Odd News

To Help You Deflate Photo



Anna Kane, 5, of Alton, Ill. lays down on 'The Ledge,' the new glass balconies suspended 1,353 feet (412 meters) in the air and jut out 4 feet (1.22 meters) from the Sears Tower's 103rd floor Skydeck Wednesday, July 1, 2009 in Chicago. The Ledge will open to public on Thursday.
Photo/Kiichiro Sato





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