July 18  2003 TGIF

Blair Under Fire as Speech 'Undermines Legal Case for War'
icNorthern Ireland, UK - 7-18-03

...But Baroness Williams told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "I wish that it had been made clearer, when he walked away from the WMD argument, that that, of course, for the UK at least, undermines the legal basis on which we went to war."...

Body found matches description of British weapons adviser David Kelly
CBC News, Canada - 7-18-03

...David Kelly acknowledged speaking to a British Broadcasting Corp. journalist who reported claims that government aides doctored intelligence on Iraqi weapons to strengthen the case for war. The government, which denies the claims

Bush aide had role in speech, CIA officer says
Charleston Post Courier, SC - 7-18-03

... The account of how the State of the Union speech came to be worded, according to intelligence officials, was given by Alan Foley, a top CIA expert on weapons of mass destruction, during a closed-door hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Wednesday. Foley's account conflicts with the account of how the speech was drafted provided by the White House in recent days. ...

Today's cartoon was inspired by the two funny British women we ran into at the Las Vegas airport after our Bambi Hunt investigative report.  We all agreed there seems to be a lack of intelligence in both Bush and Blair. And we don't mean Intel.



To be led by this brain-dead Dictator,
was NOT the plan of OUR Creator

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The Banality of Lying,
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BuzzFlash Exclusive: White House State of the Union Web Page is Titled: "Denial and Deception." We are Not Making This Up!


Intrigue in Britain: "Police searching for Dr David Kelly, an official adviser on Iraqi arms at the centre of a row about a government dossier on weapons of mass destruction, found a body today." 7/18


Just Call Them What They Are: Scumbags. White House Uses Drudge, Who is Gay, To Try and Smear ABC Reporter Who Interviewed Disgruntled GI's. The White House Smear: The ABC Reporter is Gay, and, Worse Than That, is CANADIAN! Disgusting and Bizarre. 7/18


Hot Buzz Alert: Judicial Watch Obtains Some Cheney Energy Task Force Documents, Including Maps of Iraqi Oil Fields and List of “Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts.” 7/18

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Lisa, I know you have links to this website, just wanted to make sure you've seen this. This guy is talented!


Jenny L.

Thanks Jenny. Eric Blumrich sure is talented and quite accurate. I posted the graphic I did of Katherine Harris (R-Jeb's Moll) in November 2000.



Quotes from Comedians

"Americans are angry over President Bush falsely claiming Iraq bought Uranium. They want to know what George Bush knew, and when Dick Cheney explained it to him." —Craig Kilborn

"British Prime Minister Tony Blair flew to the United States to meet with President Bush. This way they can get their story straight." —Jay Leno

"There is a new book out now that lists all the foreign countries that hate or resent the United States. It's called the World Atlas." —Jay Leno

Last January White House lackeys lionized Bush's State of the Union Address as "unforgettable." Thank goodness they were finally right about something. --Barry Crimmins




Good Day Lisa,

With all due respect, I think AHNC went way too far over the line in poking fun at those d*ckless idiots, who think shooting paintballs at nude women is anything other then a heinous crime.
Remember a few years ago when several teenaged Nazi wannabe's were caught shooting African Americans w/paintball guns in drive-by shootings, and videotaping themselves in the act?
Were you shocked? Angry ? Were you ashamed to think you lived in the same country, or century for that matter, with brainless, inbred, louts who would commit such an outrage? Did you think these psycho kids -- and maybe their parents -- should be put away for the rest of their lives?
If you experienced any or all of these emotions upon learning of this horrible hate crime, then you'll understand why I can't find anything even remotely amusing re. this Bambi crap.

It's distrusting!



Dear Tom,

I hear ya.  But remember this is a comedy site and we make fun of the idiots out there.


Sure we stepped over the line---no one would laugh if didn't.


I would love to give my son a half hour, stalking the naked Mr. Bambi Hunter sicko with his paintball guns (WGP Outcast Autococker and Smartparts Impulse).  I doubt Mr. Bambi Hunter would be walking much the next few months.


I want court ordered anger management courses for these paintball abusers, administered by Anita Beer.


Please trust us, Tom, we wanted to help you digest these bozos by putting ourselves in extreme danger, by participating in the Bambi Hunt.  Our intent was not to upset you.  Mr. Bambi Hunter even stiffed us our $1000!


Take care and we still love you.


Clintons Lose Appeal for Whitewater Legal Fees

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court on Tuesday rejected a request by former President Bill Clinton (news - web sites) and his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (news - web sites), for reimbursement of all their legal fees during the Whitewater independent counsel investigation.

Of more than $3.5 million in legal fees during the investigation that dogged Clinton's presidency, the three-judge panel said the Clintons would be reimbursed for $85,312 for a single, unique item -- the amount spent reviewing and responding to the independent counsel's final reports.

The Whitewater investigation by independent counsel Kenneth Starr began in 1994....


The Republicans investigated the Clintons for six years and all they came up with was impeaching a president by publicly unzipping his trousers.  I think not only should we fully reimburse the Clintons, but we should give them medals of honor since that is all Ken Starr could find.

James Carville (D-Cajones)







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