July 16   2003 Wednesday

Beating around the Bush
Guardian, UK - 7-16-03

... It was President Bush, that paragon of accountability, who ... and by the way, "The CIA director, George Tenet... suggesting Iraq was in the market for yellow-cake ...
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The press gives Bush a free ride on his lies
Boston Globe, MA -7-16-03

I'M GLAD THAT the press is finally making an issue of President Bush's knowing use of a faked intelligence report on Iraq's supposed nuclear weapons program. But most of the press keeps missing the behind or who actually benefits from the tax cuts or what kind of drug coverage the administration's Medicare amendments will really provide or how the Bush Clear Skies Act actually degrades clean-air standards, the press has given the administration an astonishingly free ride.

Bush Gets Battered
Washington Post - 7-16-03

...Whether the administration is fully to blame or not, the economic woes come as the press is still hammering the president over Uraniumgate (as well as the continuing daily carnage in Iraq). The botched charge against Saddam has echoed into a daily drumbeat, despite the efforts by White House spin controllers to 'move on,'






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"It may not be Green Acres, but I got Gomer and Goober living on one side of me and Larry, Darrell and Darrell on the other. In Mississippi, we think The Beverly Hillbillies is a serious drama." - Anita Beer at the Bush/Cheney Impeachment and Hastert Inaugural Celebration Planning Committee Meeting.

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Bush is Certifiably Insane - Invoke the 25th Amendment!

Sit down for this one, folks. On 7-14-03, Bush answered PentaPost
reporter Dana Milbank's question about the Niger Uranium Hoax as follows:
"The fundamental question is, did Saddam Hussein have a weapons program?
And the answer is, absolutely. And we gave him a chance to allow the
inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in. And, therefore, after a
reasonable request, we decided to remove him from power..." First, if Saddam
"absolutely" had a WMD program in 2002 -  as opposed to 1991 - then why
has the US military been unable to find a SHRED of evidence after
combing Iraq and interrogating its officials? But more importantly, how can
Bush say Saddam "wouldn't let [UN inspectors] in" when EVERYONE in the
world knows this is not true? This is no longer a question of spinning
or lying - Bush has crossed the line into INSANITY. As "West Wing" fans
know, the 25th Amendment allows a President to temporarily resign for
medical or psychological reasons. Bush is INSANE - invoke the 25th!


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Certifiably Insane or Certifiably drunk?

Manufacturing the "Daily Drumbeat"
Washington Dispatch - 7-16-03
... ABC promoted Howard Dean and his demand for resignations, including Dick Cheney's,
if necessary. "Untruth & Consequences," screamed the Time headline. ...

Iraq: Who takes the blame?
Asia Times Online, Hong Kong -7-16-03
... has become distinctly testy, while Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz seems
almost to have disappeared from public view, and Vice President Dick Cheney ...


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Pat Robertson Calls for Justices' Retirement
Infoshop News - 7-16-03
VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson urged his nationwide audience
Monday to pray for God to remove three justices from the Supreme Court ...

Sodomy Brings Pat Robertson To His Knees
365 Gay.com - 16 hours ago
by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff. (Virginia Beach, Virginia) Religious broadcaster
Pat Robertson has dropped to his knees praying for God to remove three justices

Here's an AHNC link to one of our archived cartoons with Pat Robertson   American Taliban


"There is book smart and the kind of smart that helps do calculus.  But smart is also instinct and judgment and common sense.  Smart comes in all kinds of different ways."

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