July 15  2003   Tuesday

16 Words, and Counting
New York Times - 7-15-03

... wrote a month ago about the Niger uranium ... spooks, issued an open letter to President Bush ... during a TV interview, presumably when George ... It was only 16 words ...
       Truth, Blame, 16 Words: Important questions worth asking about ...  - Detroit Free Press
       Bush Uranium statement accurate - Daily Democrat
       Administration says Bush's uranium statement was accurate, ...  - San Francisco Chronicle

Who forged the uranium documents that bamboozled the US?
Slate - 7-14-03

Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet took a bullet for the president last week, accepting responsibility for the now-discredited "16 words" in Bush's January State of the Union address about Iraq's efforts to purchase uranium in Africa.

"These 16 words should never have been included in the text written for the president," Tenet said in a statement Friday.

       US officials defend Niger reference - The Hindu
       Democrats criticize, Bush advisers qualify `16 words' about ...  - Centre Daily Times


Truth, Blame, 16 Words: Important questions worth asking about ...
Detroit Free Press, MI - 7-15-03

The White House is trying to be dismissive of the controversy over Iraq's supposed efforts to obtain uranium from an African nation to build nuclear weapons. But what we know raises questions about what we need to know, about the threats facing this country, and about the basis on which the White House pursues a foreign policy that affects all the world.
Here's what we know:
About 18 months ago, reportedly at the behest of Vice President Dick Cheney, the CIA ...

This cartoon was inspired by the march of the republican pundits on our cable and airwaves reiterating "It's only 16 words...blah blah blah..."

Well, 8 words got a president impeached. "I never had sexual relations  with that woman." And no one died because of those 8 words.







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US Troops to Get Longer Stay in Iraq
KFSN, CA -7-14-03

The Army said Monday it has extended the deployment of thousands of 3rd Infantry Division soldiers in Iraq due to increased attacks against coalition forces, dashing hopes that the troops would be home by September.

The 3rd Infantry Division deployed 16,500 troops to Iraq and was a leading force in the assault on Baghdad. The division suffered 36 deaths more than any other unit in the war and some of its troops have been in the region since September.




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