Thursday edition - July 13, 2006


Former CIA officer sues Cheney, Libby, Rove over leak
CNN - 7-13-06
In a lawsuit filed in US District Court, Valerie Plame and her husband, Joseph Wilson, a former US ambassador, accused Cheney, Rove and I. Lewis "Scooter ...


Israeli warplanes attack Beirut airport
Sarasota Herald-Tribune, FL -  7-13-06
...After warplanes punched holes in the airport's runways just south of Beirut, Israel's army chief Brig. Gen. Dan Halutz warned that "nothing is safe" in Lebanon.

General Sees Need for More US Forces in Baghdad
New York Times- 7-12-06
BAGHDAD, Iraq, July 12 — Gen. George W. Casey Jr., the senior American commander in Iraq, said today that “terrorists and death ...


I dare call it treason AND sorry ass behavior going after the wife of a political critic you employ, CIA employee or not. We went to war after all based on this. Let the lawsuits begin! Is Vegas taking bets on this going all the way to the Supreme Court?



President Bush says we should be patient with North Korea and use diplomacy and not rush into any kind of military action. So you know what that means? No oil over there!-  Jay Leno





The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


President Stand Up Comedian


Q Thank you, sir. Just to follow up --

PRESIDENT BUSH: Follow up on?

Q On both of these. Does it concern you that the Beirut airport has been bombed? And do you see a risk of triggering a wider war?

And on Iran, they've, so far, refused to respond. Is it now past the deadline, or do they still have more time to respond?

I thought you were going to ask me about the pig.






Subject: Billboard


Hi Lisa,

Did the Billboard in Downtown Baghdad Photo get taken off of the Yahoo
I can't seem to get to it. Sometimes the link goes to a different
picture, & sometimes it says the page isn't found. Please repost the link, I'd
like to see the photo. On the plus side, I certainly have found a lot of
interesting articles while searching for it. :o) Keep up the good work, you
are a gem.

Best regards,


Thanks for writing Leslie!

Click here for the link


"The security of the world is threatened by Kim Jong-Il, a nerdy pompadour, platform shoe wearer who looks like something you would put on the end of your child's pencil." --Jon Stewart




"President Bush announced that the federal deficit is actually $296 billion less than originally forecast. It's less, yeah. The president credits low unemployment, high job growth, and the fact that he did the math himself." --Conan O'Brien


Disturbing News





"Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was in Afghanistan today where he promised to defeat the Taliban. Didn't we do that already? He's also sworn we will soon capture Saddam Hussein." --Jimmy Kimmel



Rumsfeld Loses Peripheral Vision


Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld arrived on an unannounced visit to Iraq today and proclaimed: "Each time I come to Iraq I see progress."

Iraq is a nation disintegrating into homicidal chaos. It is a country whose leaders acknowledge is on the brink of all-out civil war. But, the President's Pentagon appointee, the man controlling the fate of 129,000 U.S. soldiers in Iraq, stands up and flat out misleads the troops who don't get to go home to the U.S. at the end of the day, like Rumsfeld does.




Republican Shenanigans



Bush Comments on Putin


Mr. President, were you surprised by President Putin replying to Vice President Cheney's criticism, saying that it was an "unsuccessful hunting shot?"

PRESIDENT BUSH: Did I think it was a clever response? It was pretty clever. Actually, quite humorous -- not to dis my friend, the Vice President...My own view of dealing with President Putin, though, is that nobody really likes to be lectured a lot, and if you want to be an effective person,
what you don't go is scold the person publicly all the time.




Rock-The-Voter News




"Earlier last week the leftist candidate was declared the winner in the Mexican presidential election. Then after the recount, the conservative candidate was named president. Apparently, they had some problem with the ballots. They had what they called 'Hanging Juans.'" --Jay Leno



Only In America


Halliburton Stock Unshaken When It Loses Army Contract.


Wall Street seemed unfazed Wednesday by the news that the U.S. Army will not renew Halliburton's contract to house and feed soldiers in Iraq.




"The annual G8 summit of the wealthiest nations gets underway tomorrow. Officials say this year the hardest part will be keeping the leader of France from head butting the leader of Italy." --Conan O'Brien



Biz-Tech News




"Japan says they're now considering whether attacking North Korea's missile sites would violate their Constitution. Imagine that. Government leaders worried about violating their Constitution. That's something you don't see anymore." --Jay Leno




Subject: Bush and Putin


Oh, you are a wicked girl. Those monkeys are adorable. But they do look like their namesakes!!

By the way, the San Francisco Chronicle has a wonderful cartoonist who has been on a year's sabbatical. He has now come back to the paper and is publishing his cartoons again. He is wonderful and he not only calls a spade a spade but sometimes a goddamm shovel!!. I hope you will watch for his cartoons and hopefully be able to use some of them. His name is Tom Myer.

What about old flabby lips Novak? What an SOB that guy is. Wouldn't it be fun to be able to corral Cheney, Novak, Coulter, Ms. Harris from Florida, Rove, and Tom De Lay together and watch what would happen? If I could vote in Texas I'd vote for Kinky Friedman!

Every week the world seems to get crazier. I'm about to dig an ostrich hole in the back yard to stick my head in.
Cheers - Alice


Old flabby lips Novak! roflol


Now that Israel is bombing the Palestinians and Lebanon, Kim Jong-Il is dinging his Taepo Dong, Bush blowing up whatever he can,  I've had thoughts such as -- "Gee, a bomb shelter could also protect me from tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires too."





Another Enron Related Death


It began as a fraud investigation, turned into a political hot potato amid accusations of U.S. arrogance and now has taken a tragic turn with the discovery of a dead witness in a park.

The case of the "NatWest Three," a trio of bankers who face charges in the United States in an £11-million fraud related to the collapse of energy giant Enron, has galvanized and now shocked the British public.



"This just in from hell: Ken Lay swindled al-Zarqawi out of his pension." --David Letterman






Bush-Prison-Torture News



Meanwhile, Back In Saddam's Cell


Saddam Hussein and three of his co-defendants have been on a hunger strike for nearly a week to protest what the defense says is a lack of security for their attorneys, the U.S. military said Wednesday.





"Today is a historic day. On this day in 1804 Vice President Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton. A vice president shooting a guy? I mean, luckily something like that couldn't happen today." --David Letterman


Go-F*ck-Yourself News





"This week Geraldo Rivera went to Philadelphia to investigate what he says was a plot to kill him. So far, Geraldo has narrowed down the suspects to anyone who owns a television." --Conan O'Brien


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Odd News


In a breathtaking blaze of glory, Nature put on one of its most spectacular sky shows over the Washington-Idaho border June 8, 2006. Reds, oranges, blues and greens create a flaming rainbow that stretches above the clouds. It occurs when sunlight passes through ice crystals in high cirrus clouds.
It is one of 15 types of ice halos formed only when the most specific of factors dovetail precisely together. This blanket of fire, covering hundreds of square miles, is the rarest phenomenon of them all. Photo sent in by Paul/AHNC viewer





Think Peace.