July 13  2003


CIA takes blame for Bush's wrong claim on WMDs

Bush still has confidence in CIA
AP, Reuters, Washington - 7-13-03

CIA Director George Tenet is trying to put to rest a burgeoning credibility problem by taking full blame for allowing President Bush to make allegations about Iraq's nuclear weapons programme later found false.

In a carefully scripted mea culpa, the White House on Friday blamed the CIA for its January misstep and Tenet finished the job hours later with a dramatic statement accepting responsibility...


Bush overplayed Saddam, Al Qaeda ties, analysts say
Toronto Star, Canada - 7-13-03

... by overplaying links between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda ... On Friday, Bush retreated from his uranium claim ... him; hours later, CIA Director George Tenet ...

Too many dead . . . Bush support slips
Arab Times, Middle East -7-13-03

WASHINGTON, (Agencies): Over half of 1,006 Americans surveyed said the level of US casualties in Iraq was unacceptable, a new poll by ABC News and the Washington Post said on Friday.
The results of the survey pointed to rising concern over American casualties in Iraq, falling confidence in the Bush administration, and increasing doubt over whether the war launched by US-led forces in March was worth fighting. The poll was taken July 9-10

Today's cartoon was inspired by how the truth eventually comes out in Washington DC.  The Republicans impeached Clinton for lying about sex.  The Republicans should now impeach Bush for lying about Iraq and the loss of life of our troops caused by those lies.  That is a truly impeachable offense. 

Zelda Morgan






Hi, Zelda:
Here's a merchandise idea for your strip mall: Zelda Morgan Mercenary Journalist "Dirty Laundry Done Dirt Cheap" Laundry Bag.
I can't thank you enough for your website: The humor is helping many people. We'll beat Bush in 2004.

Steve Jutila


Dear Steve,

What a great idea!
I have to admit before I opened your mail, I expected some right winger telling me to stuff it all in a dirty laundry bag or something of that nature.
I am pleased to meet a new friend.

Create Peace!





EMAIL ZELDA zelda@allhatnocattle.net

Tony Blair: The New Bush Poodle Breed

20 Lies About the War
Independent, UK - 7-13-03
More lies are being used in the aftermath ... After repeated false sightings, both Tony
Blair and George Bush ... May that two trailers found in Iraq ...

CIA apologizes for attacking Iraq - NDTV.com


Like-minded radicals, middle of the road activists and the "scared as
hell of the crazy right-wingers" dance club,

I plan to be upgrading my political blog, HOWARD BEALE'S GHOST, in the
next week to include graphics and other new snappy internet items. More
as it happens but here's the beautiful new banner by artist
extraordinaire, Charlie Largent.

Sam I am




Well, I was in despair again tonite (like, who isn't), having watched George Tenet suck it up for the Lyin' King, having re-read the quote from the Carlyle Group partner laughing about how incompetent the Dauphin was when he was put on their Board of Directors (because Daddy asked them to) -- all he could do was tell dirty jokes before he was finally asked to step down -- then reading various "news" outlets where this peabrained privileged prevaricator is actually taken SERIOUSLY on a daily basis...........soooooo, I was all set to go upstairs and start ragging on my weary husband about moving to Vancouver before we see the light of one more day...........when a stroke of genius on my part led me back again to your site. Thanks, ladies...once more you have saved my marriage and my sanity. Bless you.

Nancy J.

Dear Nancy,

We feel your pain.  Our husbands are patient with our devotion to this website (most of the time)---hang in there and when the Bushistas become unbearable, come on down to AHNC and we will regurgitate the right wing spin into visual reality.

Always at your service,


The U.S.S. Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier was named in honor of this Republican


Navy's newest carrier replacing still-useful ship
Springfield News Leader, MO - 7-13-03
USS Constellation, upgraded in the '90s, to sail into the sunset as
the Ronald Reagan takes over. Steam from the catapult envelops ...

What a perfect legacy for Ron Reagan, continued wasteful spending starting with his huge deficit as President and now retiring a newly upgraded carrier.  Way to go GOP .



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Thanks for writing Stephen.

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Hubble photograph of a black hole.  Recent polling picked this location for George Bush's next vacation.